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    Pineapple-Orange Cake

    When I was a kid, there was a regional soda company in our area that had wonderful soda-pop. My favorite flavor was pineapple-orange. I saw a video recently of a cake made with orange slices and sugar covered with cake batter ala upside-down cake and decided to try it. I was unhappy with the...
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    Surprisingly Tasty

    I saw someone doing a corn dog in a waffle iron on some cooking/travel show and I thought, now that looks great! They just put two dogs on sticks side by side on the iron and poured the cornbread mix on them. I usually think the cornbread layer needs more cooking next to the dog even though...
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    Mixing Cake Batter

    I`ve made cakes from scratch without following all the rules about dry and wet. Maybe if I were in a bake-off or some cake expert were going to judge the results, it would be apparent to them, but the world never quit spinning or the sky fall in, so.... I`ve never had any complaints about how...
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    An Unusual Blueberry Pie

    That looks delicious and who says a pie has to be baked in a round pie pan anyway! I love a pie (cobbler made with pie crust) baked in an iron skillet, but then I`m a country boy, so... Chief, have you ever tried rhubarb combination with the blueberries? Unlike strawberry-rhubarb, it doesn`t...
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    What's For Dessert?

    I didn`t make any dessert today, but this a frequent favorite. French Apple Cake.
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    Help - Slippery grates on gas stove top!

    My easiest and cheapest solution to this problem was a cast iron trivet on the burners. I was looking at burner alternatives online and there was one that was for reducing burners for very small pots. They referred to it as a trivet and I thought hey, I`ve already got a stack of those...
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