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    Chief's White Lasagna

    Following the authentic Italian recipe.
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    Chief's White Lasagna
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    Worth it to buy meat from a butcher and/or deli?

    Better to support the local farmer or import?
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    Your Preferred Ravioli

    Its many types yes, using Italian sources to find all the recipes and Italian chefs on youtube find how they make their food, using YT translater when its needed.
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    Chief's White Lasagna

    Ofcourse its normal across the world, diffrent regions in Italy arent pizza common just like Spaghetti Carbona Romana. All regions have their own style. You cook and make so it authentic you can and get the ingredients from that country as well, if you have been to diffrent places in Italy then...
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    Question about olive oil

    You have cold pressed and hot pressed Olivenoil both have diffrent characteristics for diffrent use. And can handle diffrent type of heat for cooking.
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    Chief's White Lasagna

    It all depens what is normal to with that recipe in that country, i listet above some authentic greens that are used in Italy. Please link that discussons that have ben made in this forum. What poeple think is normal to substitute/change the recipe will not always apply in the homecountry and...
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    Japanese Curry/Authentic Ingredients Question

    Why use sources from your own country? Most likely not to be correct. Same with Norwegian sources to recipes from outside our country almost all the time incorrect with the recipe from the homeland.
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    Chief's White Lasagna

    I only use authentic recipes from the country of origin that recipe is from in respect for the countrys food and culture.
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    Hei from Norway

    Hello from Norway Im all about authentic cuisine from all around the world and trying to cook as authentic food as possible with the rights ingridiens from the those countys. More people like me that is busy cooking authentic food from the countrys origin? Using authentic recipes from that...
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    Price of Beer

    Think that beer is cheap in the US, here in Norway is expensive.
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    The basics of pasta

    Giallazaffarno page should help you alot, looks like you are Italian?
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    Chief's White Lasagna

    Italians have many green lasagnes they made when the diffrent greens are in season. Example with; Mushrooms, Zuchini, Asparges, Broccoli, Leek, artichoke, Pesto, Pistachio.
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    Your Preferred Ravioli

    Preferred is the authentic Italian way
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    Strozzapreti ai funghi (porcini)
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