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    Doneness through touch...

    Looll, Hold your left hand as though making a fist. Relax it completely. Now with your right hand press the area between your thumb and forefinger. That's medium rare Flex it slightly and you have medium I hope that helps
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    any tips for storing ginger?

    Carnivore, I freeze my ginger and grate it with a fine grater whenever I need it. I grate the peel as well. Works great.
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    What sauce to use?

    I made dinner last night using a chicken breast pounded flat and then I layered on prochuto (sp) ham and homemade pesto (basil and sun dried tomato) before rolling and holding it together with toothpicks. I browned it in a pan and finished it in the oven. Next time I'd like to add a sauce. Any...
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    Grill Vs. Griddle

    Hi all. I'm a newbie to this site and would like your assistance if I may. A search didn't not answer my question so here goes: I am currently designing a new kitchen and have room for a 36" range which comes with 4 burners and either a grill or a griddle. Which would be more usefull. We live...
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