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    What To Do With Easter's Leftover Ham?

    That's what I do. Ham freezes well.
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    Safety of raw meats

    I won't eat store bought ground beef raw, but will make tartare with chopped meat I chop myself. Any pre ground meat is subject to too many indeterminents for my comfort.
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    Food Tweezers

    I use hemostats I got from my doctor. Generally far higher quality than what is labelled for cooking.
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    Improving store bought pasta sauce?

    Store bought can certainly be modified to suit your personal taste. I add garlic and black pepper. Sometimes other things. Canned clams, sausage, ground beef, peppers. spicy spices. It should be noted that not all commercial sauces are equal. Give the one you have a taste and decide what is...
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    Everyone else likes it!

    Tofu I don't eat, but it's not on my won't eat that others enjoy list. That list is short. Grits, and Vodka.
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    White Wine used for Poaching

    Throw it away.
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    Best use of a cast iron skillet?

    Corn bread. Nothing adds flavor to corn bread like a CI skillet. I also make brownies in a CI skillet.
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    Nonstick Injera grill, Versus oil treated carbon steel?

    will toever I doubt you will be able to create a non stick surface on tin lined copper. Next question is why bother? Copper w/tin is fairly non stick requiring a minimum amount of oil.
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    ISO a French Press coffee maker

    If you want a sturdy unbreakable one, say for camping, Dicks carries one. I break the carafe occasionally and keep a spare. I've not found much difference between cheap and Bodum. The last two I bought were at a Goodwill. two or three bucks. One was brand new Bodum.
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    Best Kitchen Scales

    That's the type I would buy. I've never bought a bad OXO product.
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    Best Kitchen Scales

    I have a Sharper Image. It's been a good product with two problems. If I buy another I will consider a higher capacity. 11 pounds is adequate for baking, but mine gets used for more than baking. Large items on scale hide the display. Again not really a problem for baking only. But...
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    Best blade for chopping onions?

    That's not a nakiri. That's a large petty or a small chef's. A nakiri is a rectangular blade.
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    Reverse Reverse Searing

    That's the way I do mine. In a CI skillet which goes directly into the preheated oven.
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    Can you cook steak in a microwave/convection oven?

    Why are you trying to get info on a Convection oven in a near a year old thread when by your own admission the OP was Convecion/Micros? Start a new thread. It's not that difficult to do.
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    San Marzano vs San Marzano?

    It's my understanding that San Marzano is a variety of tomato which originated in or around Marzano, Italy. As such, there may be two things going on. The variety and the location in which it is grown. I'm sure the area would like you to believe theirs is the one true SM tomato, and therefore...
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    Another Cast Iron Thread

    I won't buy Lodge because of the unfinished interior and the so called pre seasoning, but for the same $160 you can purchase 8 or 10 quality non collectible Griz or Wag. Seems a wee bit overpriced to me.
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    Cooking Advice

    I'll agree with stock pot. Buy a grinder and whole peppercorns. The flavor is far superior, not to mention the one size fits all grind size doesn't work for me.
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    My laptop is bulging!

    Better yet, if the laptop is bulging, get a trained professional to make the change. Battery acid under pressure is not to be messed with. What brand of laptop do you have?
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    How to light a charcoal brazier.

    When I used a charcoal grill I bought manufactured fireplace logs and sliced them an inch or so thick on the band saw. One slice on the bottom, charcoal on top, takes just a few minutes for charcoal to ignite. I would think that would work well in a small round burner.
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    Best blade for chopping onions?

    Nakiri's are double bevel, generally with different angles each side. Usubas are similar in shape but single bevel. My Nakiri is roughly the same thickness as my santoku. Non flexibility is important in a vegetable knife.
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    Lifetime National Park Pass

    Some state parks are non pay for seniors. The pass is acceptable as ID in the ones I have visited.
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    Lifetime National Park Pass

    You can get them at park ranger stations including some but not all park entrances. I got my first at a toll booth. A word to the wise. They are not replaceable. You lose you pay. I know this from personal experience.
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    Lifetime National Park Pass

    The pass is not going away. The cost will increase to $80. I've had one for years. It has paid for itself many times over.
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    Do brined meats take longer to cook?

    Oven trmperature Something I've suspected but never bothered to confirm. I'm not sure all ovens are consistent in their internal temperatures. It seems at times that something I've done the same way forever occasionally yields different results. I'd love to have an oven with an internal...
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    Anodized aluminum pans?

    cast iron Something doesn't look right with. that pan. It's definitely not cast iron. It doesn't look like carbon steel. And the seasoning is nowhere close to what it should be. Correctly seasoned iron or carbon steel is black. Not blotchy, and runs all the way to the rim. Is it possible...
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