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  1. Uncle Bob

    Do you use pickle brine in cooking?

    Dill pickle juice. Brine chicken breast for an hour or so. Fry. Make a sandwich. Chic-Filet.
  2. Uncle Bob

    Best perfume for men or women?

    Soap and water........
  3. Uncle Bob

    Regional Sauces

    Then there are those of us who prefer just dry rub.
  4. Uncle Bob

    Soup Season, anyone got any upcoming soup plans?

    There will be the normal vegetable beef along with several gumbos.
  5. Uncle Bob

    Healthier to eat no meat at all?

    If eating meat was bad for you, the species would have died off thousands, if not millions of years ago. Try a Mississippi Pot'll put a bounce in your step!
  6. Uncle Bob

    Good Journey Chief Longwind

    Sad, sad news. Will miss his post/knowledge. Peace to his family.
  7. Uncle Bob

    Happy Birthday Chief

    Happy Birthday Chief!!!
  8. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  9. Uncle Bob

    What is your favorite mayonnaise?

    Raised on Blue Plate....Switched to Hellman's (good stuff) Now it's Dukes for years. Tried Miracle Whip once Gave to an enemy! Kewpie is interesting but not one I would go out of the way for.
  10. Uncle Bob

    Tool for Smash Burgers It can be had for less money.
  11. Uncle Bob

    Lodge Deep Skillet - Cooking dessert

    The Lodge deep skillet your wife requested is commonly refereed to as a "chicken fryer" ~~ It can be used for many recipes/cooking methods. ~~ I suggest before moving into desserts use the 'pot' to fry foods....chicken, fish, french fries etc. Also use it for baking biscuits, cornbread etc...
  12. Uncle Bob

    Rejuvenated dutch oven - Questions

    If you store it with the lid on, place a paper towel inside and leave a small portion of the towel outside. This will wick any moisture to the outside of the pot.
  13. Uncle Bob

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    Tomato sandwich. Bread lathered with Duke's mayonnaise.
  14. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  15. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  16. Uncle Bob

    What have you had for a snack lately?

    Milky Way
  17. Uncle Bob

    Cast Iron Skillets etc. That Are NOT Black

    Perhaps it was a carbon steel pan. New ones still can be had today. They darken, but don't turn completely black. Cast iron in it's raw state is gray, but blackens with proper seasoning and use.
  18. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  19. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  20. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  21. Uncle Bob

    What Are Our Favorite Hot Sauces?

    Crystal, Louisiana, and Tabasco are on my table at all times.
  22. Uncle Bob

    My Favorite Egg Recipe

    Two over easy in butter and a little bacon drippings. Slide them out on a plate with hot buttered grits!
  23. Uncle Bob

    Word Association Game

  24. Uncle Bob

    How do you make your Pigs In The Blanket?

    Andouille sausage cut to size wrapped in a Pillsbury Grand biscuit. Well browned.
  25. Uncle Bob

    Jambalaya how to?

    I've never cooked this exact recipe. I posted it as a how to/method of cooking a jambalaya. I tend to prefer larger than necessary pots/bowls/pans when I cook. So I would use a 8 qt cast iron. More room to roll the rice at the end. It might fit in a 6 1/2. HTH
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