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    Taco Tuesday or something else for supper 2023 January 31?

    Sundyay/Monday was one dinner, Wednes/Thurs another, so I had to think of something small and quickly. It was turkey salad! I baked some bok choy and there was a big salad too.
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    Oven mitts versus towels

    I am actually the Original Poster here but couldn;t figure out how to access that account so I made a new one. I still use oven mitts. I got a great pair from China made completely from silicon since my material ones would mold so. Not just covering the hands, all the way up the arms!!!
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    Dairy free cake? Please help.

    I am glad you got cake, at least!
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    Dairy free cake? Please help.

    You don't get Duncan Hines? What about Aldi or Lidl?
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    Monday dinner, January 23, 2023

    broiled chicken hot dogs, red potato salad, pickles and homemade buns from king arthur.
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    Dairy free cake? Please help.

    cake mixes are fool proof! you can get frosting in a can, too.
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    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    i give them as wedding presents - well, not the whole present of course. I know what it's like to get junky measuring stuff. People need to start out with The Real Deal!
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    I think I better check this forum often

    Charlie, any update?
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    Peanut Butter for diabetes 1

    I got the kind without sugar. I like it!
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    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    Prince Harry's "Spare".
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    Question about new microwave size

    I've never had one with a turntable. That's to prevent hot spots, right?
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    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    Is anyone on Goodreads and wants to be friends there? I read about a dozen books a week.
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    ? about Indian food

    i never add msg to anything. ever.
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    What kind of stove do you have in your kitchen?

    Gas with an electric starter. It's digital and about 15 years old.
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    Washing grapes

    i only wash mushrooms which have visible dirt.
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    do you like me?

    Very much!
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    What do you do with high quality toasted sesame oil?

    you can keep oil in the fridge? doesn't it get solid?
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    What do you do with high quality toasted sesame oil?

    also, you are best off with a small bottle as it won't last forever. and keep it away from the warm oven and stove!
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    What do you do with high quality toasted sesame oil?

    you can use it in a salad too.
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    3 Ingredient Chocolate Pie:

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    Petty Vents

    That's pretty funny. My daughter is a RDH.
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    2022 Edition - What are you baking?

    just got some rye bread in the bread machine!
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    Black beans and Sweet potato, great combo

    we eat a lot of sweet potatoes!
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