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    ISO help finding flat bed pillows

    lots and lots of advice. here's a kicker: find a pillow that despite the "height"/"thickness" works for feel&texture to the sleeper. rip open one end, remove the 'feather'/'foam' stuffing, to achieve the thickness deemed acceptable, sew/baste/install zipper on the opened end.....
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    Raised Garden Beds?

    for a couple bunches of tomatoes, and a couple bunches of peppers or a bunch of onions in a circle . . . . instead of raised beds, consider "tubs" / barrels / one-plant-per-thingie. a farm store will have a large selection of tubs, etc. - just remember you must drill drainage holes! no...
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    Help needed identifying Kitchen tools from mid 1900's

    the Oxo does not cut any metal - the wheels physically pull the seam apart.
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    The best pancake recipe

    ". . . my biological CPU is giving me a hard time." but on the bright side, it is auto-correcting. methinks you got it right. baking soda will have ingredient: "sodium bicarbonate" perhaps with some mystery "flow agent" baking powder is more complex - longer list of ingredients. single acting...
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    The best pancake recipe

    just a note . . . baking powder and baking soda are not the same 'items' the recipe may call for one or the another, sometimes both - but that would be unusual for pancakes (in my experience)
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    The best pancake recipe

    flour plays a role - T55/Euro550 recommended baking powder does not stay "good" forever. some sites recommend replacing it every six months, I go more to a year. if the batter is not rising 'as expected' weak baking powder would be my first suspicion. this has good tips...
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    Best pan for baking bacon

    reading this thread, it appears to the casual observer . . . there's more than one way to cook bacon. or? years back with bigger family eating . . . tried the rack-in-the-oven method. sorta' kinda' works okay - but what a clean up mess.... toothpicks and rack cleaning . . not good . . . . got...
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    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    yes, I like the design - note that it's the first and only 'auto cap' I've had.... the one issue that may happen with the Wobe.... olive oil will accumulate and over a 5-8 month period get a bit sticky. the counterweight design helps "open" - the Wobe depends (? methinks..) on flow pressure...
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    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    @taxlady - yes, that's a DIY design/block. rock maple, weighs several tons.... the oil bottle . . . usually they have a cap, which usually gets lost... this one has a counterweight (the round thingie) so it opens/closes "automatically" when tilted. still available...
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    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    no ring. frankly, I only need T, T/2, t, t/2. I can estimate the rest.... had mine on a pin - of course, and one you wanted was buried on the pin . . . being an old cranky geezer, I decided to fix that - so (having outgrown my knife block....) I did me a new one with knives, the shears, my...
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    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    I've has a set of these for years - well made, not flimsy. I even bought a spare set 'just in case' one got lost....
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    Poorly Designed Measuring Cup Warning

    I use measuring cups all the time. I put them on the scale, zero it out . . . .
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    McDonald's burgers cooking method in Israel compared to other places

    tip for happiness in life: don't believe the advertising. inside video - see 2:00+ for burger patty prep
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    HELP - Oneida Tri-Ply 10 Piece Hammered Copper Cookware Set

    BarKeeper's is the best I've found. here's a before / after cooking on gas one gets two flavors of coloration - one from a bit a sulfur in the gas, the second from just from heat. if you intend to use these daily and intend to keep them shiny, buy Barkeeper's by the case.
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    Center cut pork chops

    USDA prior recommendations were to cook pork to 165'F - to kill trichinosis. cases of trichinosis from commercial pork have been non-existent for several decades, USDA finally decided cooking pork to 145'F is enough. I take it to 140'F over cooked = dry / tough / hard that's it, that's the...
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    A device to safely slice vegetables.

    my Oxo slide is not hard to use - one is advised to read the directions. depending on what I'm madelin-ing, I may do a bunch without the safety slide - but when I'm doing other stuff, I use the safety slide. think - then do.....
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    Petty Vents

    classic reaction to rip off appliance "insurance" schemes. save the money - you'll come out way ahead. as they say, Las Vegas was not built on winners. the House wins - the insurance companies don't pay their overhead by doling out claims.
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    A device to safely slice vegetables.

    the mandolin safety caps/pushers/etc, are not suited to cut carrot round slices. if you are a woodworker . . . make a block, bit wider than the mandolin slide, route/cut out the center so the block slips over the slide and there is a slight gap between block center at blade (at desired height...
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    Can I reheat cookies in a microwave?

    there are some people who deny the fact that microwave ovens have a power setting . . . they think it's ON or OFF which is not true. Microwave ovens can do wonders for/on all kinds of things using low power levels, and - for high fat stuff - resting time between low power bursts. it takes...
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    Recreating a pickled vegetable recipe with apple cider vinegar?

    for pickling you must use a known/tested recipe - 'winging it' can produce food poisoning up thru death. vinegar strength must be at least 5% in modern recipes, older recipes assumed a 10% vinegar. see for the...
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    The last 2022 Costco run

    the package of four was 3.95 lbs /1792g - essentially 16 ounces/454g per steak - which for two old geezers is simply too much for one. besides, it works out well for us as I prefer rare-to-medium and DW prefers medium. so I sear for crust&color, finish in oven . . . half way thru I cut the...
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    The last 2022 Costco run

    for empty nesters, shopping at Costco is essentially "How much room do we have in the freezer?" even our local Giant specializes in giant size packages/quantities . . . . we did pick up some Prime ribeye - 1 lb each - so one steak does for two but my fav is the pork chops - loin&rib - i.e. bits...
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    Prime Rib

    . . . the thermometer shot was "in progress"
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    Prime Rib

    roasting a standing rib roast aka prime rib has as many approaches as boiling an egg. Andy nailed it. cooking by the clock is seriously deficient. Point #1 to the: (billion) degrees then off/low for x hours - this could work if your fridge and oven are precisely in sync with the 'author' -...
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