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  1. Katie H

    February 1, 2023 what's for dinner?

    In the 20's here. We had beef and barley soup with buttered homemade French bread baguettes, along with mixed berry pie for dessert
  2. Katie H

    What have you had for a snack lately?

    My best snack is a handful of cherry or grape tomatoes. Just ne.
  3. Katie H

    2023 Edition - What are you baking?

    Made 2 French baguettes and 2 loaves of plain loaf bread. The house certainly smelled good!
  4. Katie H

    Wednesday, 25th day of the year 2023 - supper

    Tried something new with a steak for supper tonight. I saw a bit by someone on Facebook but I didn't save it. However, I did try to remember it as best as I could. Whoa! Turned out great. Took 2 small to medium onions and cut them into eighths, same for 4 large cloves of garlic. Set them...
  5. Katie H

    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    Excellent point and, no matter what, great gift. Mine get a full workout regularly. Love them as I've already stated.
  6. Katie H

    Help needed identifying Kitchen tools from mid 1900's

    Andy is right on, although the left part of the tool could be used to open bottles.
  7. Katie H

    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    No rings for me. Use them for something else.
  8. Katie H

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    I experimented today since I had some dumpling dough leftover from our chicken and dumplings. I heated up my usual chicken broth to a near nuclear temperature, then added some bits of the dumpling dough, pressed flat in my palm, into the broth. WOW! Chicken broth with dumplings. Loved it!
  9. Katie H

    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    I've had a set of these for years and understand how you like them, especially measuring a teaspoon of an ingredient out of spice jars.
  10. Katie H

    Saturday supper January 21, 2023

    It was unusually cold for our area, so I made chicken and dumplings, along with a mixed berry bread pudding for dessert. All warmed and satisfied both of us. Best of all, there's plenty left for tomorrow. Gonna be crappy cold again.
  11. Katie H

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    Have been enjoying something I'd forgotten about from my much younger years...a cup of chicken bouillon with pieces of chopped Swiss cheese in it. Love it and have been eating this for lunch the last month or so. Love what the warm/hot bouillon does to the cheese. Yummy to me. A handful of...
  12. Katie H

    Hand surgery.

    Have had carpal tunnel on both wrists, along with basal joint reconstruction on both thumbs. Both were wonderfully on target. The basal joint reconstruction took care of some horrid weakness I had in both hands. Couldn't be happier and the recovery was short-lived and not very painful. Both...
  13. Katie H

    Getting Glass Bakeware Clean?

    I've been a long time pillager and plunderer of yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, etc. and have come across some pretty gross glass cookware/bakeware. I learned a long time ago that glass can be easily cleaned by coating it with oven cleaner (spray on or brush on) and placed in a...
  14. Katie H

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    I've become addicted to books by Fredrik Bachman and am currently into The Winners. We are the Bear Town Bears! That's what I have been chanting since enjoying the Bear Town and Hed rivalry. Ice hockey has been part of my life for a long while...not playing it but living in northern Minnesota...
  15. Katie H

    What's For Dessert?

    Love, love, love raspberries.. Oh, did I say I'm fond of raspberries?! At any rate, our Kroger had some of the prettiest fresh raspberries on sale so I purchased 2 containers. Had had a recipe for a dessert I'd been wanting to try. Omigosh! Delicious and easy. And as George Carlin said to...
  16. Katie H

    In the kitchen..what are you very good at and which areas of cooking not so?

    I have had to pay attention to cleaning as I go because, most of my life, my kitchens were small enough to accomodate mosquitoes.
  17. Katie H

    In the kitchen..what are you very good at and which areas of cooking not so?

    Okay...I'm in my 70s and, for my whole life, biscuits have been my nemesis. They either turned out like hockey pucks, which was good as long as I lived in Minnesota, or were of a fine quality to shingle a roof. Truly. Until recently. I conquered the nasty biscuit beast and couldn't be more...
  18. Katie H

    What are your favorite store bought buns/rolls and where do you buy them?

    I rarely, mostly never, buy commercially-produced bread products because I've made all of our bread products for years. However, in our area, there is a very fine old-fashioned bakery that is stellar and has been around since 1873 with anything made of yeast, along with all manner of cookies...
  19. Katie H

    Which wool socks last without getting thinner quickly?

    It's been my experience that any wool socks from L.L. Bean are excellent. Now, after nearly 20 years, the ones I have are just like new. Just wash in cold water and dry on low temp.
  20. Katie H

    What's for dinner Monday, January 2, 2023?

    We had steamed jumbo Argentine red shrimp, along with baked sliced Idaho potatoes with shredded Swiss and Parmesan cheese and lightly drizzled with a little butter. Homemade rice pudding for dessert. Fortunately there is a lot of pudding left. Yum!
  21. Katie H

    What's your weather like right now? 2023 Edition

    Unseasonably warm here today. At the moment it's 70F. I have shorts and a tank top on and am perfectly comfortable. Supposed to be this way tomorrow and the next day then things will chill down. Mother Nature surely has an attitude this season!
  22. Katie H

    Happy New Year ~ Dinner Thread for January 1, 2023

    Had yummy bone-in grilled pork chops, along with pencil-thin asparagus and polished off the last of the holiday cookies/candies. Will start anew tomorrow. Clean slate.
  23. Katie H

    Almonds in Hummus?

    The almonds sound like a good addition.
  24. Katie H

    Does anyone know what this is??

    I don't care about the device, I just want some of those yummy-looking cookies. LOL. P.S. I notice you have some Boopie glassware. Very popular in the 1940s.
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