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  1. abjcooking

    ISO Beef Jerkey Marinade

    I found a beef jerkey marinade recipe a long time ago that I use to make all the time. Everyone went crazy over it and I now can not find it. It is possible that it came from this site. Here are the ingredients as I remember them, I think. I might have doubled the recipe here. Any help...
  2. abjcooking

    Checking back in, it's been a long time

    Hi all, It's been a VERY long time since I've been on here. Unfortunately, I lost my passion for cooking as I have since had a child and funds are very tight. Cooking has become a chore for me. I don't get home until 6:30 every night and then have to get a healthy cheap dinner on the table...
  3. abjcooking

    Free Company Tastings

    Are there any catering companies or restaurants in NYC that will come to your office to do free tastings?
  4. abjcooking

    Great place in lower NYC for groups

    Although I live in NYC and am familiar with a lot of the restaurants I am not familiar with places where it's easy to go or reserve for a group of about 9-12. I'm asking our friends if they want to meet up for dinner for my birthday. I am working in SOHO so anywhere around 14th street down is...
  5. abjcooking

    Tuesday March 22nd. Dinner???

    leftover chili
  6. abjcooking

    Need Help With Measurements

    Figured that out an hour into baking. Oh well, I just turned up the heat and cooked it longer; texture came out ok, flavor was great.
  7. abjcooking

    Need Help With Measurements

    Thanks, I guess I can just put it into a big pasta pot then. It's only rice, liquid, veggies and spices. May add it to some eggs and make a fritatta out of it with some cheese for lunch tomorrow.
  8. abjcooking

    Need Help With Measurements

    I am cooking a casserole dish tonight and I am worried that if I double the recipe it might overflow the 9x13" casserole dish. The original amounts is: 28oz. ground sausage 1 cup uncooked long grained rice 28oz. can crushed tomatoes 2 cup chicken broth I know the rice will expand when...
  9. abjcooking

    Tuesday's Dinner Table 11/30

    Leftovers from yesterday. I couldn't decide between spaghetti or lasagna so I decided to combine the 2 and made a baked spaghetti lasagna with italian sausage. Will make some more garlic bread tonight.
  10. abjcooking

    Monday's Dinner 11/1

    tied some bacon on a roast, set on top of onion rings. Slowly cooking in oven. Going to make a onion gravy with the drippings. Serving with roasted fall root veggies also some mushroom rice.
  11. abjcooking

    Bottom Round Roast-Rare?

    Thanks, I'm going with a slow roast with onion gravy, I'll pick up another cut of meat to cook rare.
  12. abjcooking

    Bottom Round Roast-Rare?

    Can I cook a bottom round roast rare? I've done it with a top round, but from some of the recipes I'm reading it's suggested to cook it low and slow, more like a pot roast style. My plan was to tie on some bacon set the roast onto some sliced onions, cook at high temp to sear the outside, turn...
  13. abjcooking

    Thursday's Dinner Table 10/14

    Since it's just me I'm fixing a fried baloney sandwich with bacon, mayo, cheese, and lettuce on toasted white bread. Depending on how hungry I am I might warm up some tater tots to go with it. Wish I had some cole slaw.
  14. abjcooking

    Cuban Chicken Recipe Needed

    Thank you both. Merstar, I had actually found a recipe for Chicken Fricassee right before you post. It wasn't exactly the recipe I was looking for, but really good and it got a big thumbs up. It's a keeper. I served with fried plantains, yellow rice and black beans. - Recipe - Cuban...
  15. abjcooking

    Cuban Chicken Recipe Needed

    I recently went to Margon, a Cuban restaurant, in Midtown Manhattan and had their chicken with yellow rice, black beans and plantains. It was basically a cut up chicken that had been simmered until falling apart in spices. They just call it a roast chicken, but I don't think it's like how we...
  16. abjcooking

    Freezer Recipes

    This probably includes more than beef but wasn't sure where to put it. I'm heading out of town for a few weeks and am wanting to have a marinated piece of meat ready to go in the frige where it can just thaw and be cooked. I would love some recipes like one I found on fresh direct that was a...
  17. abjcooking

    ISO help/tips making creme fraiche

    Thanks for all the help. I went ahead and used the ultra-pasturized cream and it worked perfectly. I put in, I believe, 3T with 2 cups cream that was warm. Let it sit at room temp for 24 hours and then in the frige for another 24 hours.
  18. abjcooking

    ISO help/tips making creme fraiche

    So I was going to try making creme fraiche by just warming some heavy creme and adding the buttermilk, however the instructions say to use pasturized heavy creme, not ultra-pasturized. I accidentaly bought the ultra so I'm wondering if there is a big difference and if I can still use it. Is...
  19. abjcooking

    Why are rolls soooo hard to make

    Double Quick Dinner Rolls
  20. abjcooking

    ISO suggestions for eateries in NY's upper east suggestion

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good but reasonably priced restaurant on the upper east side in the 50's,60's,or 70's?
  21. abjcooking

    Need help with turkey gravy

    thanks for all the ideas, I am going to keep this for next year. Since I'm in the process of moving and I didn't have too many ingredients to work with I kept it as simple as possible. I took your advide in removing the fat from the drippings, using some of that to mix in with the flour...
  22. abjcooking

    In need of ideas for quick and easy soup

    For health and price reasons I like to take my own lunch into work. I'm tired of fixing sandwiches all the time. I am looking for quick and easy soup ideas that I can prepare the night before and take into work with me the next day. My ideas were a type soup using pre-cooked shrimp or chicken...
  23. abjcooking

    Need help with turkey gravy

    This will be the first year I'm actually cooking my own turkey. There is only 2 of us and I don't want to go to all the trouble of making a complicated gravy, does anybody have any suggestions on how to make a decent gravy that is quick and easy, can I just add flour to the drippings and then...
  24. abjcooking

    ISO TNT Japanese noodle soup?

    I really enjoy some of the noodle soup that I can get at a resaurant here in London called Wagamama's which has now become a chain. I was wanting to make some myself, but there are so many recipes out there it's hard to know where to begin. I thought I would see if anyone on here had some TNT...
  25. abjcooking

    ENGLAND - London ... recommend some really good restaurants?

    Here are a few from the same neighborhood. We have so many great restaurants that I don't need to go far. Topkapi- Great turkish, even better than what I ate in Istanbul. on Marylebone high street. Le Relais de Venise - Home Only one dish served, all you have to do is let them know how you...
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