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  1. meshoo96

    Has it really been almost a year?

    Hi all! I cannot believe it's been close to a year since I last logged in. How have you all been? Have I missed anything HUGE in the past year?
  2. meshoo96

    Our Community Featured on Killer Startups!

    I made my comment before I read the others and then went back and felt the need to address the negativity. I meant what I said in those comments and will defend our forum here to the end. You guys have been so wonderful to DH and I. So for the naysayers... Be gone with you. Negativity need not...
  3. meshoo96

    Butter instead of shortening?

    Now I want brownies too... have been craving them for 3 days... now I have to make them AND the cake today....
  4. meshoo96

    ISO cake decorating tips

    The wilton's books are really easy to follow to be honest. I'm about to start teaching the classes. I've watched you tube videos and honestly, I find while some are good to get ideas, they aren't always easy to follow. It definitely takes practice, though. Get some parchment paper and practice...
  5. meshoo96

    Frosting for lemon cake

    DH and I made a lemon cake and used orange cream cheese for the filling. It was good. Nice and citrusy... add some orange zest for some added texture too. You might also try lime.
  6. meshoo96

    What are you baking today?

    The fondant just gets harder and harder as we go. I am about to post some cake pics DH and I have done over the last few weeks.
  7. meshoo96

    What are you baking today?

    I am making a strawberry coconut pecan cake today if it kills me. I made it a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday, but we didn't cut it so i don't know how it tastes other than tasting the delicious batter...
  8. meshoo96

    What are you baking today?

    Not sure if baking is the term I'd describe to explain what we did today, but DH and I have been making fondant roses for the last week or so... If I see any fondant roses in the near future, it will be too soon....
  9. meshoo96

    Double Letter Game

    zippity doo da
  10. meshoo96

    Whipping Cream

    Yeah, it's heavy cream. Watch the prices, though. I find that buying the quart is cheaper than buying 2 pints and if you want to make it and then have some on the side it is better to get the quart. As far as brand, I've tried several and don't find much of a difference enough to actually say...
  11. meshoo96

    What do you do for work?

    I love SC. The forecast for this week is beautiful... the lowest we will be at is 71 for one day and the rest of the week is high 70s and low to mid 80s. As far as the business, it's been slower going than I had hoped, but the time we get to spend is great. I suggest starting local, do some...
  12. meshoo96

    What are you baking today?

    Thanks! I'll have to try this. Haven't been able to cook in the last week. Stuck in bed with a hurt back again...
  13. meshoo96

    What is your favorite drink?

    If you like long island iced teas, you should try a new drink i had a couple weeks ago. The alcohol is called firefly and it tastes like sweet tea. Mix that with lemonade and it is absolutely delicious.
  14. meshoo96

    What are you baking today?

    That would be great... everyone talks so much about it i want to try
  15. meshoo96

    What are you baking today?

    I see this on here a lot. I'm not familiar with it. Can someone explain what's so special?
  16. meshoo96

    Word Association Game

    dust... bunnies
  17. meshoo96

    What do you do for work?

    Operations Support Analyst here, but in the process of starting my own business with DH doing some catering and baking, party planning, murder mystery parties, etc. ... it is so hard to find a good bake/pastry shop here where I live and it's outrageous what the cake shops charge for wedding...
  18. meshoo96

    Double Letter Game

  19. meshoo96

    Celebrity Name Game

  20. meshoo96

    Word Association Game

    Allergy ... Pollen
  21. meshoo96

    What's for dinner Tuesday April 7?

    He used the rosemary from his herb garden. The taters were good, but the steak was perfect. Just what i needed after a day in the ER.
  22. meshoo96

    What's for dinner Tuesday April 7?

    Thanks. It's a problem I've had for 3 years and even had the shots for. With moving to SC, I have to find a new doc that is willing to make an appointment to see me BEFORE they review my paperwork and then decide if they want to take my case or not. In the meantime, DH makes dinner and spoils me...
  23. meshoo96

    What's for dinner Tuesday April 7?

    I asked DH to do some kind of steak and new potatoes with rosemary tonight. I also think I'm going to make some crab and cheese wontons for an appetizer. I didn't eat yet today, so I've got room and after this past weekend with a death in the family and throwing my back out again, the diet for...
  24. meshoo96

    Rice Cookers ... Please give me your advice/ideas.

    have a black and decker rice cooker and although I like that the rice doesn't burn, there is a hole in the lid and I end up with hot, starchy water everywhere in the kitchen when I use it. I used to have a proctor silex one and it was great. I wouldn't buy the black and decker brand again.
  25. meshoo96

    ISO Chinese Food Recipes for dieters

    This is dinner tomorrow I think. Thanks.
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