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  1. VickiQ

    Dropping in to say hi....

    I hope all have been doing well- it has been a VERY long time since I checked in here but, I was thinking about many of my friends here today and decided to give a quick hello. Life has been -well busy and strange.We became grandparents in October to a little girl named Kylie Jamison. She has...
  2. VickiQ

    I'm a grandma again. Yeah, hooray!

    (((Katie))) Congrats!!!!Lots of best wishes !!!Love and energy, Vicki
  3. VickiQ


    Just wanted to bring all my friends here some love and energy.Life here has been interesting at best- although we have had some pretty amazing things to be greatful for (celebrating Jimmy's 50th in Vegas, Kier's college graduation and we're going to be grandparents for the first time in Nov.)-...
  4. VickiQ

    Barbara is in the Hospital

    ((James and Barbara))) sending you lots of love and energy, Vicki
  5. VickiQ

    Our friend Barb L is gone

    Sending much love and energy to Barb L's family and to our family here at DC who will feel her loss deeply.May we all feel comfort in knowing she will live on in our hearts and thoughts and prayers.
  6. VickiQ

    Holiday Greetings!!!

    It has been a long time since I have been able to post- too much LIFE going on to explain now. I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone her the best of holiday seasons filled with family ,good times ,good food and of course lots and lots of love and energy, Vicki
  7. VickiQ

    Pumpkin Muffins with Chocolate Glaze

    I made these muffins this morning. My daughter and her boyfriend were eating them before the glaze set and were really enjoying them. While they were baking the house smelled heavenly!! Thanks for posting this recipe. Love and energy, Vicki
  8. VickiQ

    Good Wishes and Prayers Needed

    sending lots of love and energy, Vicki
  9. VickiQ


    I wouldn't say my house is "haunted" just visited. Mostly from my son Jymm who passed in 1999 and my mother-in-law who passed in 2001. My son will let us know he's around with the scent of cigarette smoke and playing with the volume on the radio and he used to do funky things with his brother's...
  10. VickiQ

    Where are you from

    Another Once upon a time long Islander here... I was born in Queens ( Cambria Heights),NY from there moved to West Hempstead,LI,NY then to the Bronx (don't ask!!) then to Rockland County(Monsey),NY, then to Voluntown, Conn,then back to Monsey,NY, then to Sloatsburg ( again Rockland County),NY...
  11. VickiQ

    Happy Birthday Urmaniac13

    Lots and lots of love and energy for a great birthday and happy healthy year!!!!! Vicki
  12. VickiQ

    Hey, Can You Cook?! 3

    (((Dina))) Lots and lots of luck- I'm rooting for you!!! Love and energy, Vicki
  13. VickiQ

    Happy Birthday Middie!

    (((Middie))) Hope you have a great birthday week right through next weekend!!!!Love and energy, Vicki
  14. VickiQ

    More Pet Food Recalls

    Thank you for posting this-I hope no one here (or anywhere for that matter) is going to suffer because of this. A sick pet like a sick child is no fun!!! Love and energy, Vicki
  15. VickiQ


    I love Lemoncello and it is stored safely in the back of the fridge. In the freezer we have Van Gogh's double espresso vodka, Jose Quervo tropical tequila and a bottle of Ketel one- I remember a time when we used to keep frozen veggies in the freezer but, that was before the kids left for...
  16. VickiQ

    What's for Dinner, Thursday, September 4, 2008?

    Eggplant stew with spaghetti squash and multi-grain bread. May everyone enjoy whatever it is they have for dinner. Love and energy, Vicki
  17. VickiQ

    I have shingles :(

    OH ((JKath))) I know how they hurt!!! I had a bout with shingles several years ago and it is VERY painful!!! Hopefully it will pass soon for you!! Love and energy, Vicki
  18. VickiQ

    In Remembrance of Our Dear Friend Buck

    (((Katie)))On Tuesday when Jimmy and I were at the fair, I was thinking of you and Buck. Jimmy and I were holding hands throughout the day-whether it be in a cow barn or crafts tent or watching dockdogs jump in the water. I was imagining that the two of you would probably have done the same...
  19. VickiQ

    Happy Birthday VickiQ!!!

    Thank you all for your best birthday wishes- I had a GREAT birthday-Jimmy and I went to the Dutchess county fair- a feast for the fair food lover.Jimmy had made me a key lime pie (one of my favs) which we had after going to my favorite Greek Restaurant-(The Greek Village in Northvale,NJ) for...
  20. VickiQ

    Hello Friends!!!!

    :wink:Just a quick hello. Everything went very well with Jimmy's hernia surgery and recup- He's going back to work on Aug 20.He was expecting to be alot more uncomfortable because he was told he would be but, he had very little discomfort and is already back to riding his bike. he credits this...
  21. VickiQ

    Old Venting Thread

    ok so the last of my clients is coming in a few minutes. I was able to visit with my "families".Thought everything would be smooth sailing and then get an e-mail from my brother that my 81 year old father is in the hospital for a plethora of reasons and is recieving a pacemaker today and an...
  22. VickiQ

    I'm Bummed!!!!

    AWWW (Sattie))) This is so sad.We tried to save many a baby bird around here only to have them succumb to be a neighbor's cat's snack :(.I'm sure that in the big scheme of it all your kindness will be noticed!!!;) Love and energy, Vicki
  23. VickiQ

    What's for dinner Tuesday July 15?

    Ground chicken breast.Dh is still looking to lose 10 lbs after his initial loss of 35.He loves these "burgers".Love and energy, Vicki
  24. VickiQ

    What's for dinner Tuesday July 15?

    Tonight was chicken parmesan burgers with roasted parmesan coated green beans.It was really good - if I do say so myself!I'm hoping tomorrow night to go to one of my favorite restaurants The Waterwheel- I've been craving their amazing house salad-it's actually the balsamic dressing that makes it...
  25. VickiQ

    Old Venting Thread

    I honestly, truly love you all!!! expatgal- your words of wisdom-I fight with daily but, know that you are 100% right!! fisher's mom-thank you for your kindness and prayers jkath-as always a spirit that brightens this whole family Love and energy to you and yours, Vicki
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