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  1. redkitty

    Happy birthday, texasgirl!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Make sure you eat some yummy cake (of course PIE would be better though) :)
  2. redkitty

    Announce it Stacy!

    Congrats Stacy!!!!!!
  3. redkitty

    Ready, set, blog.

    Good luck with your blog!! :)
  4. redkitty

    I bought a Mac

    Oh and I also use the istatpro widget :)
  5. redkitty

    I bought a Mac

    Sweeeeeeet! I'm so happy to hear you came over to the Mac side! We both love our macs and I know you will too! Congrats!! :)
  6. redkitty

    What is your Halloween Costume?

    So cute GB!!!!!!!!
  7. redkitty

    Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

    Well it was a quiet non-violent Halloween in the city last night. It was raining so that seemed to keep a lot of people inside at house parties. I didn't get one trick or treater last night!
  8. redkitty

    What's the last movie you watched?

    I watched a crazy Canadian independent film called Hey, Happy with my housemate the other night. And let me say .... it was crazy!
  9. redkitty

    Do You have a Blog site?

    I started a blog when I moved to England. It was so good to have a place to vent about my struggles of leaving home and living in a foreign country. Im back home now (finally!) but I haven't been keeping it up since my return. I prefer using Typepad because I love their company. I might...
  10. redkitty

    What is your Halloween Costume?

    I am volunteering at a huge party this weekend on Treasure Island and I'm wearing a super cute Eskimo girl costume! Its going to keep me warm when I work the door at 2am!
  11. redkitty

    Happy Birthday Bethzaring

    Beth! I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!! :)
  12. redkitty

    Happy Birthday Quicksilver

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!
  13. redkitty

    How much are you paying for gas where you live?

    $3.19 in San Francisco today! YAY!
  14. redkitty

    What's the last movie you watched?

    Garden State....such a great movie.
  15. redkitty

    Happy Birthday Crewsk

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
  16. redkitty

    Phish Is Back

    I agree with DW, you should GO!!!!!!
  17. redkitty

    Happy Birthday Goodweed of the North!!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  18. redkitty

    Happy Birthday Maverick2272!!!!

    Happy Birthday Mav!!!
  19. redkitty

    Where are you from

    Born and raised in Santa Clara, California Lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for 6 years Moved to San Francisco where I lived for 2 years until I moved to Bristol, England Just moved back home to SF....and I won't be leaving anytime soon!! Eventually I would love to get out of the US and move...
  20. redkitty

    My Home is in a Magazine!

    Wow Beth!! SO awesome!!!!
  21. redkitty

    Back from Burning Man!

    Hahahaa! I'm the type alright! Thanks, it was such an amazing year. Already counting the days until next year!! :lol:
  22. redkitty

    Back from Burning Man!

    Nothing like Sturgis! Try reading around on The Burning Man Project :: Welcome Home
  23. redkitty

    Back from Burning Man!

    I haven't had time to tag any of them yet but here they are. My large group of friends have been putting on a theme camp for 7 years and this was our last year. It was so fun but also emotional. I will start tagging photos this weekend and putting captions in. I hope you enjoy! I'm still...
  24. redkitty

    Back from Burning Man!

    Hey kids!! Well my 5th year on the playa was absolutely life changing. 6 days spent in the heat with 2 nasty dust storms but still had an amazing time! It's so hard returning to regular scheduled life! I took loads of pictures of the most amazing art, will post them online soon for anyone...
  25. redkitty

    Boca Burgers

    They are also great cooked then cut up in a salad. :)
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