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    Question about new microwave size

    Hmm.... From what I've seen, all microwaves in the USA have turntables in them that are supposed to be left in. Perhaps some of the larger, fancier ones don't have them but those are too big for my cabinet anyway. The plate will sit on the turntable and still turn, there's room for that. I just...
  2. K

    Question about new microwave size

    I need a new microwave and the choices are very poor. There's one I really like but the turntable/tray is smaller than my plates. The turntable is just a smidge over 10" (10.04" or 255.016 mm) and my plates are 10.75" or 273.05 mm. The internal dimensions of the microwave are around 13" X 12.5"...
  3. K

    Old sell by date on milk - curbside pickup - Should I be annoyed?

    I feel stupid for asking this. I purchased my groceries online for curbside pickup. I have severe anxiety and it's so much nicer not to go in the store. I ordered a gallon of milk that has a sell by date of September 19 (today is the 22nd). This will go to waste before I can use it. Normally...
  4. K

    ISO Cheap and Easy Pizza Alternative

    Every Sunday from September to February, my family has cheap frozen pizzas for supper. Due to inflation, I'm looking for alternatives and was hoping to get some help because I'm having trouble finding anything. I'm looking for a recipe that can be prepared maybe early Sunday morning or...
  5. K

    Can I refreeze this ground beef?

    I took a 1 lb. roll/chub of ground beef out of the freezer to thaw in the refrigerator. I intend to make two dishes with it. The problem is I want to make one dish Thursday 7/21 and the other dish Thursday 7/28. Should I just wait for it to thaw just enough to be able to cut it in half...
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    Can I Use Aluminum Foil in Electric Frying Pan?

    I have an old electric frying pan from the '70s that's inside surface (Teflon, I think) is in bad shape. It's at a point where I can't tell if the Teflon is peeling or if it's dirty. I believe the pan is made of cast aluminum. I don't use this pan very often and I don't want to buy a new one at...
  7. K

    New Canned Food Has Bulging

    Thanks for the responses. I definitely was not going to use them. I just thought it was extremely odd that I get 3 bulging cans in a 2 week period when I have never seen a brand new bulging can ever. One is human food and two are pet food. That's even more strange. With the vegetables, it...
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    New Canned Food Has Bulging

    I purchased (via curbside) two cans of Walmart brand pet food in mid January that had bulging at the top and bottom. Then a few days ago I purchased (via curbside) four cans of Walmart brand canned vegetables, one of the the four had mild bulging at the top. Is it safe to assume these are bad...
  9. K

    Damaged Food Box - Ok to Eat?

    I wasn't sure where to ask this. I purchased a fairly big box of those instant potato flakes for my dad. He loves mashed potatoes but can't be bothered to cook the real thing. I ordered them curbside pickup. When I got them home, I noticed that there was basically a 1-2 inch cut at the top...
  10. K

    Dish Cleaning Tool for Vision Impaired?

    Can anyone recommend a general purpose dish cleaning tool for an older person with failing vision? My mom washes dishes by hand and she's leaving food stuck to some of them. Yesterday I found a fork in the drawer that looks like it was put away dirty. One of the tines had yellow-brownish food...
  11. K

    How Do I Keep Turkey Breast Moist While Cooking?

    Thanks everyone. Great info here and I'll definitely refer back to this thread for Thanksgiving. I actually decided (based on what someone else posted) that since this was a Butterball turkey breast that had already been injected with a sodium solution, I wasn't going to do anything to it. The...
  12. K

    How Do I Keep Turkey Breast Moist While Cooking?

    Thanks everyone. Lots of great suggestions. I'm definitely saving them all for Thanksgiving. The bird is in the oven. Now I will have more room in the freezer for ice cream. :lol: :yum: Definitely going to need it. There's some hot, humid weather heading my way. :unhappy:
  13. K

    Need Something to Separate Hard Pieces from Pureed Food

    I would estimate between 1/8"and 1/16". I would say it's closer to 1/16" than to 1/8". It's hard to measure. I originally tried using a blender, but that was bad, so bad. Too much splatter and difficult to get all the food out. The mini food processor is so much better. I've thought about...
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    Need Something to Separate Hard Pieces from Pureed Food

    I've been meaning to ask this for a long time, but I always forget. I remembered today. I'm not sure what tool I need to accomplish what I'm trying to do. On the rare occasion my pets get sick and need to be syringe fed, I usually puree their wet/canned food in my mini food processor. This...
  15. K

    How Do I Keep Turkey Breast Moist While Cooking?

    Sorry for asking but I'm in a time crunch. I decided last night (Tuesday) that it was time to cook a Butterball turkey breast I was given last year. I'm not really a fan of turkey and just want it out of the freezer because it's taking up valuable space. This is the last day before the weather...
  16. K

    Storing Food Storage Containers and Lids

    Do you keep the lids to your containers (Tupperware, Glad, etc.) with your containers or somewhere else? In my kitchen, we keep all the lids in one drawer. If I store the lids with the containers, it seems to take up more room. Either that or stuff starts falling out of the cabinets. Just...
  17. K

    Is the Family Cook/Chef in Charge of the Pantry?

    Thanks for the advice. He has a whole cupboard full of his stuff. He's got so much junk in the refrigerator that I couldn't even make Thanksgiving dinner, and he doesn't understand why. Where am I supposed to store the leftovers? Duh! He fixed a pot of beans Wednesday night/Thursday and put...
  18. K

    Is the Family Cook/Chef in Charge of the Pantry?

    I live with other family members, they own the house not me. I do the cooking and household grocery shopping. The "man of the house" started cooking for himself maybe two months ago (leaving a mess on the stove everytime) :mad: and has just started messing around in the pantry. I have stuff...
  19. K

    How Long Should I Bake This Chicken?

    lol. I learned something new today. I didn't know threre were instant read thermometers. But now I know why I've had some of the problems I've had when cooking meat. I'll have to order one. Thank you! Is analog or digital better? Or is it really just a matter of personal preference?
  20. K

    How Long Should I Bake This Chicken?

    I was given a bag of Schwan's breaded chicken breast tenderloins and I would prefer to bake them in the oven but there is no instructions for that. I have really bad acid reflux and I cannot eat foods that are cooked in oil, that's why I want to bake them. Based on Tyson's instructions for...
  21. K

    What's the Difference Between Minced, Granulated and Powdered Garlic?

    Aren't they all the same except powdered is smallest and minced is the biggest? I LOVE garlic and usually use McCormick's minced garlic on all sorts of things like spaghetti, vegetables, toast, soup, and hummus. I've always thought powdered garlic was bland. I've never tried granulated. I'm...
  22. K

    9 Day Old Chicken Soup Cause Vomiting?

    On December 21, my cousin's wife sent me home with a container of her homemade chicken soup. I took it and shared it with my parents, we all three had big bowls of it that night. On the 24th, my mother suddenly started having stomach pain, nausea, and ended up vomiting. She still felt ill the...
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    How Do You Tell if Ground Sausage is Still Good?

    Update: I recently bought the exact same brand of sausage (Gwaltney) from the same store and it smells the same. This one has a use by date of 1/9/21. It's Jan. 2, and the sausage smells, looks, and feels the same as the previous one I thought was bad. I decided that maybe it's the brand and...
  24. K

    Deep Dish Pie Plates

    Where can I get a deep dish pie plate for pumpkin pie? More importantly, what size should I be looking for? My biggest pie plate is 9", but it won't hold/make a deep dish pumpkin pie. I can't find any pie plates that look bigger than what I already have. Well, I found a 9.5" pie plate, but I...
  25. K

    Whiskey and Moonshine

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I've had whiskey shots before and I've never seen the big deal. It burns a little, tastes kind of nasty, but nothing really happens. No different than shots of vodka or tequila (nothing really happens). Am I missing something? I ask because a relative was...
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