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  1. Piccolina

    The 'or' Food Game

    Canadian (in a club sandwich!) Whole wheat bread or rye bread?
  2. Piccolina

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Welcome to DC, it's great to have you here with us, Aegean! :chef:
  3. Piccolina


    A big warm welcome to DC, from one canuck cook to another!
  4. Piccolina

    Hello from Basingstoke

    A warm welcome to DC, it's terrific to have you here with us! :chef:
  5. Piccolina


    A warm welcome to the friendliest cooking site in all the land! It's great to have you here with us :chef:
  6. Piccolina

    hello from Aku Gourmet Resto Philippines

    A big welcome to DC! It's great to have you here with us! :chef:
  7. Piccolina

    Happy Birthday Half Baked

    May you have a truly wonderful year filled with all the things that bring your heart happiness!
  8. Piccolina

    The 'or' Food Game

    Mild (Lol, I actually have a jar of "extra mild" in the fridge right now :rofl:) White/yellow corn chips or blue ones?
  9. Piccolina

    The 'or' Food Game

    Wow, that's a toughie! At least for today I'm more in the mood for Mexican :smile: Grape juice or peach juice?
  10. Piccolina

    How tall are you?

    I agree, Kadesma...While I'd love to have the $$ to be able to even think about affording a $100 of pants (or any item of clothing for that matter), I would still be happier to find ones that fit right off the rack.
  11. Piccolina

    Hello to all

    You're very welcome. I think it's so nice how you're thanking people for their welcome messages. Yes, I'm sure we'll chat often on this forum, I'm something of a veteran here :lol:
  12. Piccolina

    The 5 Second Rule:

    While I'm the first one to admit that, yes, I do invoke the 5 second rule all the time :biggrin: I recently watched an episode of the show "Myth Busters" where they proved that dropped food can become contaminated the moment it hits the ground (I know - what spoil sports :lol:).
  13. Piccolina

    How tall are you?

    Good to know that I'm not alone! If I can find something with a 28/29" in-seam and am wearing heels, I'm usually okay, but it seems like the average length on womens pants is about 31". I've never heard of that chain of stores - are they is the States only? Actually just this week I treated...
  14. Piccolina

    Muffins without a muffin pan?

    That's a great idea mish! Though it's not a cooked dessert, I've made (British) summer pudding in a large soup can, and it works wonderfully :smile:
  15. Piccolina

    The 'or' Food Game

    Hot fudge! :smile: Strawberry milk shake or strawberry pie?
  16. Piccolina

    Spinach - Overcoming a bitter taste

    I've found that just a tiny drop of liquid honey (1/2 a tsp...a tsp at most, unless it's a big batch of spinach) will help to mask the bitterness that cooked greens sometimes have. If there are other flavours (onions, garlic, herbs, etc) in your finished dish, you shouldn't actually end up...
  17. Piccolina

    Green Beans with a Bite

    Sounds fantastic...Feta is one of those cheeses that I try to usually have one hand, and green beans are on sale everywhere this time of year. Thanks for the recipe :smile:
  18. Piccolina

    Vegetarian Spaghetti

    I love using carrots in spaghetti sauce. My mom always did it when we were kids (along with bell peppers), and so if they're not there it almost doesn't taste like spaghetti sauce to me :smile:
  19. Piccolina

    How tall are you?

    I'm 5"2, and I just love my height. Though it can add to the trouble of finding a well fitting pair of pants (which don't require a tailor), I adore my height a lot and was not upset when I peaked at it around the 8th/9th grade.
  20. Piccolina

    Hello to all

    A warm welcome to our wonderful group. It's great to have you here with us! :chef:
  21. Piccolina

    What can I make with these ingredients?

    If you bought eggs, you could whip up several different types of cookies, such as chocolate chunk and snickerdoodles. Or you could make chocolate chunk muffins and fill them with a spoonful of nutella, for a chocolatey centre.
  22. Piccolina

    Muffins without a muffin pan?

    I've seen recipes in UK cookbooks and cooking mags that simply used two muffin wrapper cups. Though I've not tried this "free-style" (aka, not in a tin) method myself. Good luck with whatever you do try :smile: (One thought, if you have a loaf tin, you could probably make a loaf cake with your...
  23. Piccolina


    This web find eggplant recipe remains one of my favs, simply because it strays a tad off the path (aka, usually pairing eggplants with tomatoes): Scalloped Eggplant Grilled eggplants can also be pureed and turned into a lovely soup with the addition of things like cream/yogurt, veggie stock and...
  24. Piccolina

    Tomato Salad-rec.ideas

    Simply gorgeous! Your tomato ideas read like a top-notch menu, Kadesma :smile:
  25. Piccolina

    Chocolate eclair dessert

    We really need a drooling smiley face here:biggrin: I'd be tempted to omit the crackers and use thin layers of sponge cake instead, just to give it a tad more stability. But that said, it does sound scrumptious as is!
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