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  1. no mayonnaise

    Expensive ingredients vs. cooking skill

    I couldn't even tell you what dried basil tastes like. I don't think anyone else could either.
  2. no mayonnaise

    Sandwich tricks???

    I like hummus sandwiches.
  3. no mayonnaise

    Vegetarian soup ideas to try out my new Soup pot. Any suggestions ??

    Hello fellow veg-head! I like to go international for soups when I need something new. The usual suspects (butternut squash, split pea, tomato, etc.) get kinda played out for me. Turkish Mercimek. I like to dress it up with a drizzle of mint oil and hot pepper oil at the end. Borscht...
  4. no mayonnaise

    Making a better stuffed pepper

    Fish sauce is one of my most coveted ingredients. I've been on the fish sauce bandwagon for years. When used right, it elevates dishes so much. The secret is to cook the fish sauce for about a minute or two directly in the pan before adding other liquids. MSG is another one I've been using the...
  5. no mayonnaise

    Fail to make cheese sauce for pasta

    Try this ratio: 70g butter and 84g flour to 3 cups milk. Cook the butter and flour for a minute or two over medium low heat. Whisk in the milk, and whisk it frequently over medium heat until it thickens. I add like a 448g of cheddar cheese off the heat to my sauce once it gets thick. Yeah, full...
  6. no mayonnaise

    Need Help Flipping Omelette

    The fattiness of milk will definitely add body to the eggs. As long as what's added has enough water to steam up and give the omelette fluffiness.
  7. no mayonnaise

    Should lentils simmer covered or uncovered?

    That sounds reasonable but have you actually tested this to see if the real dollar value saved is significant? Either way you simmer lentils, not boil. Besides, lentils turn out a lot better in a pressure cooker anyway.
  8. no mayonnaise

    Butter or margarine?

    I think margarine tastes better for making toast & jelly. I think regular butter tastes pretty bad on toast. Everything else gets butter because it tastes better.
  9. no mayonnaise

    Should lentils simmer covered or uncovered?

    Uncovered. Concentrates flavor a bit. I can always add water if needed to thin it out.
  10. no mayonnaise

    Need Help Flipping Omelette

    I finish my omelette under the broiler. It gets nice and fluffy that way. At about the same point you'd want to flip the omelette is when you put in any filling ingredients and throw it under the broiler. Haven't had a fluffier omelette.
  11. no mayonnaise

    Dream Fridge and Stovetop

    I don't care about the frige as long as it's big enough to hold my stuff. The stove would have restaurant-grade gas lines (way larger than home standard = more BTU) run to it, a real wok burner, open grill, 3x3 flat top, a water faucet with reverse osmosis water running to it, five gas burners...
  12. no mayonnaise

    Why do you cook?

    It's safer than cave diving.
  13. no mayonnaise

    Pie or dessert bars | peoples choice

    I didn't think it was a one-or-the-other kind of thing but I'd prefer the bar because it's easier to eat.
  14. no mayonnaise

    Mac & cheese

    If it were dry and non-creamy, that just sounds like bad macaroni and cheese. You have to take into account a couple of things. 1. The pasta will continue cooking in the oven as it bakes because the pasta should not be completely cooked through when it goes in. It'll absorb moisture from the...
  15. no mayonnaise

    Flavour problems

    I'm only a little sure that this recipe is supposed to be some kind of soup. I'd sweat my aromatic vegetables with my herbs and possibly some of the spices depending on what's going in, add tomato paste and cook a couple minutes more, add wine and reduce to a syrup, add water and oxo cubes, a...
  16. no mayonnaise

    Mac & cheese

    I like regular old cheddar for mine. Bechamel, cheddar, cayenne, black pepper, salt, penne cooked just shy of al dente. Top with a thin layer of breadcrumbs seasoned with grated cheddar and Cajun seasoning. Bake at 350-375 for 10-30 minutes until browned on top.
  17. no mayonnaise

    3 questions about pizza.

    Shrimp, cherry tomato, red onion, jalapeno, scallion, yellow curry sauce, cilantro & thai basil garnish Escargot, leek, garlic, morels, ricotta, saffron-cream sauce, parseley Shrimp, bacon, mozzarella, green bean-mustard sauce, spicy peach salad garnish Crab, spam, roasted corn, grilled...
  18. no mayonnaise

    ISO the Best Tomato Sauce

    I wouldn't add anything acidic to a tomato sauce until the very end if it's too sweet and then I'll add some citric acid I keep around for adding acidity without too much extra flavor. Adding anything sweet or acidic to a tomato sauce before it's done cooking is unwise because tomatoes vary in...
  19. no mayonnaise

    ISO the Best Tomato Sauce

    I feel the opposite about long cooking a tomato sauce. The longer a tomato cooks in sauce, the less tomato flavor it retains. It loses its bright fruity flavor and turns darker, murkier. I don't put meat in a tomato sauce ever, though. Twenty to thirty minutes is the longest it goes for me.
  20. no mayonnaise

    Chorizo Recipes

    Try this. Cook some minced aromatics in reserved chorizo drippings, add in some balsamic, strain if you want, and whisk to make a warm chorizo balsamic vinaigrette. Keep it in a squirt bottle, try it on pretty much anything it's like liquid gold. kale, portabella mushrooms, salads, French fries...
  21. no mayonnaise

    Off the wall sandwich ideas?

    Whatever you do OP, make sure an overeasy egg is an add-on option for your sandwiches. I, for one, will order an overeasy egg on my sandwiches 99% of the time if it's offered. And people will pay $1-2 all day for an overeasy egg, when your cost is only cents per egg.
  22. no mayonnaise

    Help! Can this cookie dough be saved???

    My friend and I were baking some cookies. I told him the recipe called for 2 sticks of butter, each being 113 grams, for a total of 226 grams. So he weighed out the butter while I was preparing the dry ingredients. It turns out he only put half of the needed butter in and I didn't even really...
  23. no mayonnaise

    Green mac n cheese for St. Patty's help

    ^^^^ I was going to offer the exact same suggestions but then I thought the green pasta may look odd in a sea of white-yellow cheese sauce. Probably less green looking by then. You'd have to use a LOT of food coloring to get the pasta green enough I'd think. Also never seen any spinach pastas...
  24. no mayonnaise

    Green mac n cheese for St. Patty's help

    I think pesto has a few problems. It doesn't stay bright green when it gets warm so it'll probably turn brown before too long in the mac I'd think. The other thought is that the pesto would separate with heat and make the macaroni and cheese oily, and a green oily ring could make its way...
  25. no mayonnaise

    How do you like your cheese?

    My favorite cheese is blue cheese. I just wish it melted better. My favorite way to use it is I make veggie burgers with blue cheese, crispy shallots, BBQ sauce, dijon, lettuce, tomato, spicy pickles, and a fried egg. Sesame seed bun. It's so fire.
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