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  1. kitchenelf

    Happy Birthday kitchenelf

    Awwww... thanks so much!! It sure is good to see my old friends!!
  2. kitchenelf

    We must say "Farewell" to one of our own.

    CJ loved her family and we were all lucky enough to be included in her heart. To her family, know that she holds a very special place here and we will miss her every day. She loved you dearly and we could feel her beam when she spoke of you. What a gift she was to so many.
  3. kitchenelf

    Roller Coaster Breakfast

    Lost the recipe and came back to make a copy! Sure am glad I posted it here! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!! LOVE to all.
  4. kitchenelf

    Happy Birthday kitchenelf! guys are so sweet!! Thanks for remembering me and I DID have a great birthday!! You guys made my day!
  5. kitchenelf

    What is Sunday's Grub, Bub? July 22nd

    Harry...I LOVE Picpoul!!! Gumbo for dinner (shrimp and sausage)...aren't you proud of me, Uncle Bob? :chef: And a big "hello" to my friends here!
  6. kitchenelf

    Storing Ginger?

    hahaha... You know me! its so good to see you BT!
  7. kitchenelf

    Storing Ginger?

    Dry sherry method for me...keeps FOREVER (well, close to it) simply sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. (Hi good to see faces from the past.)
  8. kitchenelf

    Revisiting DC

    Hi Kylie! So good to see you. Yes, those little guys don't leave you much spare time. It all evens out eventually, though. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing his pictures and WHAT progress he is making!
  9. kitchenelf

    "Oh Dennis" in Racine, Wisconsin

    I love good babyback ribs, but, that Frenched ribeye would have had me torn!!
  10. kitchenelf

    Menu ideas for cod

    I know you said you were doing roasted potatoes, but, if you didnt' you could do a cilantro rice - I feel sure there are tons of recipes out there to Google. I just made a jicama, granny smith apple, radish, and red pepper slaw. There are recipes out there for that too...just google jicama...
  11. kitchenelf

    New new ideas for chicken salad

    I look for recipes without mayo for something different. I did a search for Asian Chicken Salad Recipes and then one for Chicken Salad with pineapple...LOTS of stuff comes up. From there I feel sure you can refine your search or search until sometime next year! LOL
  12. kitchenelf

    Hi ya'll.... from Linda Sue :)

    Hi Linda Sue, Welcome to Discuss Cooking. I won't ask 'cause I don't bake. But, you threw the bait in so, someone is GOING to ask :lol: DC is a great place...pull up a chair and stay awhile.
  13. kitchenelf

    Cook'n Recipe Organizer ver 8.2

    I'm like Andy...I have been using WORD for years. I used to have a 3-ring I have a 5-drawer filing cabinet :lol: I have my folder set up something like this: APPETIZERS then once I name a recipe with the word APPETIZER I follow with a hypen and the name, like this: APPETIZER -...
  14. kitchenelf

    First year growing Kale....any recipe ideas?

    My favorite way to use kale is in soups...veggie, ministrone, potato, kielbasa/cabbage...the list goes on. I really can't think of another way I've used it, except as a garnish.
  15. kitchenelf

    What's been happening in my life (Beth's Story)

    Words come and go and I can't seem to form the right sentences ... I'll simply say that my heart and my prayers are with you and Rich. The pictures are wonderful; thanks for sharing them. They are truly a gift for all of us!
  16. kitchenelf

    Anybody up for a try?

  17. kitchenelf

    What is your latest food "discovery"?

    Roasted beets!!!! I forgot just how wonderful they are...and EASY too! I saute the beet greens in some "stuff" and set the beets right on top. They are our latest addiction. Claire - a few goat cheese crumbles on the beets is heaven!
  18. kitchenelf

    Avocado Dressing TNT

    Sounds wonderful cj!
  19. kitchenelf

    Half leg of lamb question

    I'm sure it was delicious! I've just never cooked it that long. Glad it turned out!
  20. kitchenelf

    Greetings From Sunny Aruba!

    Andy...have a great time and enjoy!! More pics to come I hope!
  21. kitchenelf

    Short Cake

    Google is ALWAYS on my mind! LOL Good luck and enjoy your shortcake!
  22. kitchenelf

    Pork Soup???

    Amen sista! msmofet...browning in the oven will work just fine. Take them past the point where you think they are "done"...more flavorful the browner they are. That soup looks wonderful Dave
  23. kitchenelf

    Short Cake

    If you have the box of Bisquick near you it will have a recipe on it. Unfortunately, I'm out of Bisquick. I also put more sugar into my biscuit than it calls for :rolleyes: I feel sure you could Google Bisquick Shortcake Recipe and come up with it though.
  24. kitchenelf

    Half leg of lamb question

    I've always cooked my lamb to rare/med-rare. Do you know what the internal temp is?
  25. kitchenelf

    The Great Mystery of Sushi

    CC - GREAT first try. I haven't read the replies since you posted pics so forgive me if this is a repeat. What I see that will help is: Your rice isn't compacted enough. Take a ball of rice, baseball size, and squeeze it in your hands into shape. It helps to moisten your hands with water so...
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