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  1. Just Cooking

    Saturday's Dinner - 6/25

    We had a big French toast & bacon breakfast with daughter so not too hungry later. Jeannie made us, delicious, fried egg sandwiches for dinner. I made us a banana cream pie for our dessert. Ross
  2. Just Cooking

    Greetings From Fabulous Las Vegas

    Welcome to DC, Deb. :smile: Ross
  3. Just Cooking

    Thursday's Dinner - 6/23

    We enjoyed cube steak and potatoes, topped with gravy. Also garlic green beans. Banana pudding was dessert. Ross
  4. Just Cooking

    Leaving the ethnic cooking to the ethnics

    Thank you, CG. :smile: Two interesting methods. I have made them, much like the first method, except I have not used corn flour. I've never baked them but, I do like the idea of doing so and cutting out a lot of oil. I prefer them not too dry. We do love crispy noodles. :yum: Ross
  5. Just Cooking

    Best recipe for a very simple parota dough

    Perhaps he means " paratha dough" Ross
  6. Just Cooking

    Chief's stove top deep brown beans

    Thank you. :smile: After responding, I remembered ( old age can be frustrating) that I have recently discovered/enjoyed peruano beans. I now make refried beans with those. So creamy and mild flavored. I have copied your recipe and will use those beans. Ross
  7. Just Cooking

    Chief's stove top deep brown beans

    Sound good, Chief but... can you suggest a substitute for the garbanzo beans? We don't care for them. TIA Ross
  8. Just Cooking

    Wednesday's Dinner 6/22

    Jeannie had linner out with an out of town friend. Being left to fend for myself, I made a yummy hot dog. Jeannie brought me a slice of peach pie so, all was well.. Ross
  9. Just Cooking

    Petty Vents

    When our Smart TV lost its sound, we found that to repair it was more than we wanted to pay. We bought a new TV and gave the older one to a grandson. He bought an inexpensive sound bar and its fine now. You might check to see if a sound bar would work for your laptop. Ross
  10. Just Cooking

    Leaving the ethnic cooking to the ethnics

    We lost good Chinese food when we moved from Cali to MO. Nothing is the same here. Not one place here serves a good Chow Mein. Crispy noodles are not heard of here. This is Lo Mein country and even that's not good here. This town is known for its "Springfield Style Cashew Chicken". Its...
  11. Just Cooking

    Tuesday's Dinner - 6/21

    We had country style pork ribs, cole slaw and garlic/parm bread. Watermelon and cantaloupe chunks for dessert. Ross
  12. Just Cooking

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    Our Aldi store has those. It was hard for me to resist buying one. Ross
  13. Just Cooking

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    It was in one of the pic dumps I frequent. No information was given tho. Ross
  14. Just Cooking

    Official Dinner Thread for Monday the 20th©

    I started country pork ribs in the slow cooker but, they were not ready when we got hungry. We went to Steak 'n Shake for burgers. Ribs will be dinner Tuesday. Lemon pudding was dessert. Ross
  15. Just Cooking

    Today's harvest

    Welcome back, pepperhead. :smile: Ross
  16. Just Cooking

    Father's Day Dinner - 6/19

    D & SIL took us to breakfast for Fathers Day. Then on to a casino, down the road a bit. We had lunch ( hot dogs & burgers) there. Had a great time and didn't leave too much money @ the casino. :ermm: Jeannie and I snacked the rest of the day/evening. Ross
  17. Just Cooking

    Chief's Tip of the Day:

    I think that's just a kb0000 thing.. :rolleyes::wink: Ross
  18. Just Cooking

    Official Dinner Thread Saturday the 18th©

    My mind wouldn't accept that it was 90 degrees out so, I thawed some beans with pork and baked a small corn bread. Of course I had a small beer with the meal Ice cream was dessert. Ross
  19. Just Cooking

    Friday's dinner - 6/17

    Had a craving for catfish so we to a local Cajun food joint. Jeannie had a club sandwich. Ice cream was dessert. Ross
  20. Just Cooking

    How to oil a potato without oiling my hands?

    Well stated, karadekoolaid. My life guide is moderation, in all things. Ross
  21. Just Cooking

    Thursday's Dinner - 6/16

    Yes. They are known by many names. From Google.. "Commonly known as Peruvian (Peruano), canary (canario) or Mexican yellow beans, Mayocoba beans are medium-sized, oval-shaped and pale yellow." The result is creamy, mild tasting refried beans, enhanced with Mexican oregano, cumin, white onion...
  22. Just Cooking

    Thursday's Dinner - 6/16

    I made a small batch of refried beans, using Peruano beans instead of pinto or black beans. So creamy that these will be repeated, often. Anyway, made taco meat, cut up some veggies and we had tostada's. With beer. Chocolate pudding was dessert. Ross
  23. Just Cooking

    Do air fryers brown all over?

    As you haven't decided upon an air fryer, may I suggest that you check out "Lana Under Pressure" I have used this brand (same people who make the "Instant Pot) for 3 years now and love it. Ross
  24. Just Cooking

    Tijuana Flats Shredded Chicken Recipe

    A quick Google brought up this and more. Not sure if this is what you are looking for. Welcome to DC. Ross
  25. Just Cooking

    Wednesday's Dinner 6/15

    We had roast beef and gravy on butter noodles, corn and dinner rolls. Chocolate pudding for dessert. Ross
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