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  1. PA Baker

    Today, June 22, along with Katie, we celebrate Buck's Birthday

    Happy birthday, Buck. We love you and Katie so very much!
  2. PA Baker

    Broccoli with Ricotta Over Pasta

    That sounds easy and delicious! Thanks for posting! :smile:
  3. PA Baker

    Lemon-Coconut Zucchini Muffins TNT

    DH doesn't like anything w/ zucchini but even he liked these! If you're not into whole wheat flour and flax, you could easily omit the flax and use all AP flour. But these turned out very nice and light even w/ the wheat flour. 3/4 c AP flour 3/4 c wheat flour ¾ c sugar 2 heaping TBSP...
  4. PA Baker

    What's for Dinner, Friday, June 20, 2008?

    Beth, that sounds delicious--could you post the recipe? Thanks! Sofie's still sick and we're all exhausted from being up pretty much all night so I think it's a good night for take-out pizza here. Her fever's down and she's had more energy, though, so I think that she's on the mend.
  5. PA Baker

    What are you baking today?

    I was up really early today so I decided to bake before the house got too hot. I wanted to use up some of the zucchini I got in our weekly CSA box so made a double batch of coconut-lemon zucchini muffins. I'll try to post the recipe later.
  6. PA Baker

    Dinner, Thursday June 19th

    Not sure. DD got really sick late this morning. It was like a switch flipped, fine one minute and a 102 degree temp and really tired and achy the next. She's sleeping right now, which is really unusual, and I'm pacing (I dont' do well when she's sick, after she had such a rough start as a...
  7. PA Baker

    Lily Lily Queen of Cats....

    PDS, I'm so sorry. I know how much she's meant to you over the years, and I know you've given her a wonderful life. Will Paul be there with you? {{big hugs}}
  8. PA Baker

    In Remembrance of Our Dear Friend Buck

    Oh, dear, sweet, Katie. I haven't been able to get on to DC for a few days and was just horrified when I found this. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I'll be keeping you all close in my heart and prayers. As everyone has said, it was truly an honor to have had the chance to get to know...
  9. PA Baker

    Strawberry Jam w/out Lemon Juice?

    I made a batch of strawberry jam today and it turned out really well. I was so excited to package it up, that I forgot to add the fresh lemon juice. My recipe only calls for 2 tsp for every 2 c of jam, so it's not much. I know that it adds a brightness to the flavor, but will not having it in...
  10. PA Baker

    Swiss Chard and Potatoes Recipe TNT

    I think it would work fine. Mine ended up getting pretty mixed together when we served it. But baked this way, it reminded me a lot of potatoes au gratin. You could probably even used those fresh diced or shredded refrigerated potatoes that you find in the coolers at the grocery store.
  11. PA Baker

    Swiss Chard and Potatoes Recipe TNT

    We're members of a CSA again this year so I'm being forced (in a really good way!) to cook with some veggies that I normally wouldn't buy. This past week's box included a large bunch of swiss chard, something I haven't worked with much at all. This turned out wonderfully! Swiss Chard and...
  12. PA Baker

    I'm Back!

    And "hi" back to all of you! Thanks for all of the warm welcomes!:smile::smile::smile: Fisher's Mom, I posted a new picture. She's grown SO much since the last one!
  13. PA Baker

    I'm Back!

    Hi, friends! I've been MIA for 2 months and finally have made it back "home" to DC! I've missed you all so much! Life just got way too hectic (still is!) and I needed to scale back on some extras. Between DH's busy work schedule and DD giving up naps, there's been a lot keeping my hands...
  14. PA Baker

    Great-granny Fanny's blackberry

    I have recipes that call for either powder or soda, but not both, so I think that part of the recipe is fine. Just make sure your baking powder is a double acting (it'll cause a reaction for rise when you mix the ingredients and again when the cake is baked). I'd fold it in at the end. That...
  15. PA Baker

    ISO bundtlette recipes

    Elf's right--just use whatever recipe you'd use in a regular sized bundt pan, but reduce baking time accordingly (like when you make cup cakes rather than a full-sized cake). I've been tempted to get one of those bundtlette pans but it'd be too dangerous around here--anything that little and...
  16. PA Baker

    Happy Birthday Vera Blue!

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and year ahead!
  17. PA Baker

    Possible Job? Could use some prayer

    Barbara, I've been MIA for several days, but I'm so glad to find this thread! Congratulations on the new job! I hope it only brings you happiness and fulfillment--you sure deserve it! And thank heavens it didn't conflict with your CA trip!!!!!:smile:
  18. PA Baker

    Cast-Iron Lamb Cake Mold?

    Wow homecook!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! the mold you described sounds just like the one we have (I believe it was DH's grandma's or great-grandma's originally). I'll definately be using your cake recipe. Does it turn out to be a dense cake? Thank you again, so much!:chef:
  19. PA Baker

    Dinner, Friday, Feb. 22

    Grilled chicken parm with angel hair pasta, and broccoli sauteed with red pepper flakes and garlic.
  20. PA Baker

    What are you baking today?

    Chopstix, those brownies sound divine! Sofie's swim class was canceled because of all of the snow and ice we're getting, so after being outside to play in the snow at 7 AM (Sofie was up really early, excited about the snow!:rolleyes:) we came in and made some oatmeal-cranberry bars together.
  21. PA Baker

    Cast-Iron Lamb Cake Mold?

    We have a cast-iron cake mold/pan that dh's mom used to use every Easter when dh was a kid. I'd like to use it for Easter this year (w/ specific decorating instructions from dh so it's just like the labs he had growing up!:rolleyes:). I've never baked in one of these before and am wondering if...
  22. PA Baker

    Dinner plans for Tuesday, February 19th?

    I had meant to pull leftover chili out of the freezer but didn't realized unilt just now that I'd grabbed a container of beef stroganoff instead. So it looks like it'll be leftover beef stroganoff over rice, steamed broccoli, a basic green salad with balsamic dressing and some homemade...
  23. PA Baker

    What's for dinner? Feb 18

    Corazon, that pasta sounds wonderful! We had homemade pizza with sausage, sundried tomatoes and grilled eggplant. We'll end the evening with hot fudge sundaes as soon as I get off the computer and make them!:smile:
  24. PA Baker

    Urgent! Top Sirloin Marinade, please

    When I'm in a hurry, I just use Italian salad dressing. I've done if for as little as an hour or as much as 24.
  25. PA Baker

    Happy Valentines Day to you, 2/14/08, Dinner plans

    Flourgirl, I hope your family's feeling better soon! It was a non-celebration day here, too. I'm getting over the flu and can still only keep down dry cereal or oatmeal and DH is out of town. So dd and I celebrated by cracking open a new package of Imaginetrics (like Colorforms but thin...
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