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    ISO Tips for Indoor Herb Gardens

    THE CRONE'S GARDEN I love herbal terrariums.
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    Need to take a dish to a family...

    I made up some hoagies and wrapped them in plastic. I put each one in a gallon ziploc and added a baggie of crackers and a baggie of green grapes. (The hoagies were deli ham or turkey, slice of swiss or provolone and lettuce.) It was easy for people to take something home to eat. I forgot...
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    Melt In Your Mouth Meat Loaf Recipe

    No one mentioned cornbread stuffing mix so it is the other one that looks more like croutons. A lot of the boxes of stuffing no longer have the flavor packet; the herbs are in the stuffing package. Went back to look at the OP and there is no topping on it. Looks like the cheese was enough...
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    Have You Ever?

    Have you ever followed a menu in a fictional novel? I have come across a few food selections from novels. They are used as filler in a lot of cookbooks. Who came first the cook or the writer?
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    Corn Chowder, 6 days old

    I made a ham & potato chowder and we ate most of it. I noticed that it was going bad after 3-4 days because there was liquid starting to form on top of the leftovers. That is not good.
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    Happy Birthday GB

    Ditto! and more Ditto! Best Wishes.
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    Where are the new posts going?

    This has been going on with my post for a couple of days. It's as they are being reorganized as they are posted but not to new topics.
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    What is your weather like right now?

    For what we have been through lately -2F feels HOT! oops make that -3F. Tomorrow 25F. I am going to lather on some Heat, suit up in insulated hooded snowsuit and facial scarf , and sun for 30 seconds. :lol::rofl::lol: After all that dressing, if the sun does not come out...:sad::mad::sad...
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    Dipping Sauces for Breaded Eggplant

    I think it would be good with Bruschetta. There certainly are a lot of variations for making it.
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    New Product Idea - Interactive Cookbook - Feedback needed please!

    Make a book where you can create a weekly/biweekly menu. For instance you turn to the page for fried chicken. It gives you several choices of sides. You point to the pictures of things that you want. You go on to roast beef and wind up with ground beef and chicken. When you are done making...
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    Size of sugar grain (powder vs granulated): does it really matter?

    I have made cookies & biscuits on my pizza oven and it works okay. I have made cookies in the microwave but it is just a plain microwave and you have to adjust the fat in the recipes. (I don't use my stove oven at all during the summer) Let us know how they turn out. My DS has made a...
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    Peanut butter

    We rec'd a #10 can of almonds for Christmas. I'll add almond butter to the list of things to do with the almonds. Hmmm almond brittle??? It's too soon to start thinking about veggies and green beans. List of things to do in July: Open #10 can of almonds. All done.
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    Size of sugar grain (powder vs granulated): does it really matter?

    What type of grill are you going to use? I have used honey roasted PB for these cookies so you can add some honey if you don't have vanilla. If you have cereal like cinnamon crunch or even frosted cornflakes you can crush them and add it as though it were nuts or raisins. World Famous Cookie...
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    50 Things to Eat Before You Die

    :lol::lol::lol: Recipes-Kwakuitl How to cook a dead whale if you find one...........:chef: Know that you cannot eat a whole whale by yourself.........:pig:
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    Peanut butter

    Where were you and your peanut butter in 2004 and what were you doing? Peanut Butter Soup kinda doesn't taste so good. I gotta jar to finish off so I'm making candy. (Mix PB, Powdered Sugar, etc, form balls or logs and dip in bark) etc. is like cinnamon, cloves, type spices. *You...
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    The Continuing Saga of the Neighborhood Dogs

    While this thread seems to be going to the dogs :lol:, I might as well tell you the upcoming news about a clinic where you can get dogs/cats spayed/neuter at a reduced fee. They have mobile units and one of the companies sponsoring them and giving them parking space is Hooter's Restaurants...
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    Started any herbs yet?

    Fluorescent lights are great for indoor plants. Grow Lights put out a lot of heat and have to be turned off and on frequently. You can cause a lot of damage with them. I had some on a timer switch at one time turning them on and off every 45 min. Those make-up mirrors with fluorescent lights...
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    ISO Sweet cake without sugar?

    So that you have a few more variations and choices for desert, you can use sugar-free puddings for pies and add them to cakes and dairy topping...etc. You can also use sugar-free instant oatmeal for making cookies. I have used the instant oatmeal for making bars with marshmallows (like rice...
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    Pizza Dough

    Like traditional Chicago Pizza, I have sub'd cornmeal for white flour and used the other part wheat. It is really good. I generally make my pizza dough in the bread machine on the dough cycle. Pizza has fewer calories than most foods and because the toppings are so flexible, it's also...
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    101 Uses For Everyday Things!

    Some of those velcro ideas will come in handy especially the one about keeping cords where you want them. My car needs a vinegar rinse. It has so much street salt on it. We took it through the car wash last year when it was cold and came out with a sheet of ice. Do you think that...
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    Rapini (broccoli rabe)

    When do you add it to soups & stews? Most peppers will become bitter the longer they cook. I generally add broccoli to soups like cheddar just before serving. (I peel, chop and steam the stems till tender and use them to round out some soups that don't have much texture.)
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    ISO Black Bean Soup

    Being a vegetarian how do you accumulate the needed fats & oils into your diet? We had a lot of trouble finding foods & recipes rich in these nutritional values.
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    ISO Black Bean Soup

    I like the idea of using liquid smoke. I add black beans to a lot of stuff. Black Bean sandwiches are good too.
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    National Pie Day

    National Pie Day--January 23 ARE YOU READY??? I have been waiting all year long for the best pie ever. Hmmm creamy/crunchy/cherries/chocolate...oh yeah and old fashion crust...but very thin to have extra room for the filling. PIE DAY ROCKS!!!
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