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    SAY GOODBYE HERSHEY (say it aint so)

    i get my chocolate right up the road from me at Munson's chocolates, Bolton, Ct. good stuff Hershey's to me is kinda like eating candle wax.... didn't chocolate originally come from Mexico, or somewhere in Latin America? Rob
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    Horrible news

    the good thing about the dwi checks here is that they have to post them in the paper a couple of days before.... at least all you guys can BUY beer on a sunday....still have an ancient blue law in ct. i had a miller lite the other day....used it to wash down some home made shine....for that...
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    man, that's rough.... i wanted some ribs, but it's only me, so i fired up the smoker and only cooked a half rack....oh, i wanted some kielbasa too, so i put a 3" piece in there..... :roll: if 1 portion of ribs was 3 racks, there wouldn't be a problem.... :shock: sometimes you end up with...
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    glad your stiches are being removed....unfortunately, all i can think of right now is the scene in Young Frankenstein..... Rob
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    What'dya get ???

    got a couple of tel-tru therms for the girls, "La Technique" by Jacques Pepin (the greatest (besides Julia) tv chef ever), a new dustbuster, some other odds and ends....first year in a while that i didn't get any socks or underwear....oh well, guess i'll have to go around commando :shock: Rob
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    Less then 2 hours

    we ended up with about a foot of snow in about 9.5 hours....fortunately i can walk to the bar.... due for another big storm sat. nite-sunday, :cry: .....don't like it when they start coming in back to back.... gonna get the bbq running late tonite or very early sat. morning to hopefully...
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    Now this is CATERING!

    great looking spread! love the little whole peppers placed on the table, nice touch... Rob
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    My Frozen Few Practice Cook

    butts look good,, that's quite a blizzard you had there! Almost looks like a potential snow drift, they cancelled school for that? maybe there was too much snow for the one plow to handle.... 16 degrees here this morning.... 2 butts going on tomorrow morning for...
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    oh man!! have you heard??

    darn it! i should have read this before lunch.....i'd love to have one of those forms they use to make it look like a rack of ribs.... Rob
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    How to maximize the rib count in my WSM???

    you could do 8 racks without even cutting them in half if you spindle them and stand them on edge...4 racks for each rack....if you laid one on top of that, you may be able to get 5, but the one on the top rack would cook a lot quicker... Rob
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    You have to use your imagination

    yummy, those look tasty.... works really well with pork cutlets and boneless chicken thighs too....go crazy and add a slice of a hard cheese, something that isn't prone to fast melting.... sometimes we'll make some that are a slice of jalapeno wrapped in a strip of chicken breast wrapped in a...
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    Frozen Few

    i'm also looking for some this gonna just end up being who can take the prettiest food pic, or the overall package of braving the elements with some nice lookin' grub? Rob
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    Another brisket question

    i separate it before cooking and trim it really good...that way i can get rub on the parts i normally can't if i leave it intact...then i just rest the point back on kinda where it normally goes...sometimes i have to move the point more on the flat 'cause it doesn't fit in the wsm..... Rob
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    My Holiday Menu

    i would charge more for the turkey (i think the maket might bear that, especially for good quality)....i did a 14-pounder last year for a friend of mine's parents and charged him the "friend" price of 40 bucks...he came back later in the evening with an xtra 20 dollars that his parents gave me...
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    For those of you with WSM's

    i used to use a fireplace shovel, but now i just put on the fireplace gloves and put coals in by hand....only adiing maybe 10 briquettes at a time, so it turns out to be a couple of handfuls....then i position them with a stick... Rob
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    Smoke Chicken Question

    i like the smoked chick salad also....quesidillas and burritos come to mind too... Rob
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    Looking for a Peri Peri recipe

    you could probably get yourself some dry african birds eye pepper and add your own liquids to it to make a pasty type of sauce....the dried stuff is wicked hot... emeril better know something about portagee food....he grew up in fall river, ma..... Rob
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    caja china

    i know a Jamaican guy that uses one fairly often...says that he would rather build his own - something a little more sturdier...but he makes jerk pork in the thing and it comes out really good...i've never seen one up close and in action though.... Rob
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    How do you clean your grill grate?

    most of the time i use my old propane bbq burner...put grates on, cover with foil, brush after 10 minutes or a pinch, i'll put the grate on the lit chimney starter and brush Rob
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    St. Louis style Ribs are on the WSM *FINAL PICS ADDED*

    nice job trimming those ribs, mine usually end up skinnier than that... Rob
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    Ribs in the heat...may not need charcoal

    i usually trim them down to a st. louis style....they fit a lot better on the wsm and seem to cook a little more even....i usually freeze all the xtra pieces and cook them for my labor day out well, i always end up with a ton of riblets, and i've already absorbed the cost of the...
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    The Hot Dog Thread!

    i have the mucke's factory on my inspection route (this inspection should be coming up in a week or three), if they let me, i'll take some pix for a little tour of the plant....usually at the end of my inspection, the guy snaps a dog or two for me fresh out of the steam/smoke hot...
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    The Hot Dog Thread!

    1) mucke's 2) cast iron skillet 3) mustard, raw onion, coney chili sauce, celery salt on a toasted new england style bun Rob i thought a salty dog was some kind of cocktail......
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