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  1. RCJoe

    A question on rice.

    Most of us here who are talking about rice are people who can eat it. But what if you have a diabetic who will be eating with you ? Rice and orange juice are two of the first things they take them off when they are discovered to be diabetic. Recently I was watching AgDay (the national farm...
  2. RCJoe

    What's your weather right now? 2021

    We've had a nice long Indian Summer up until now. It's been cold, overcast and rainy the past couple of days as our first real fall weather. Leaves are just now really beginning to drop. Supposed to be like this all week here where Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia all come together. I've...
  3. RCJoe

    3.6% alcohol beer, how many cans I can consume every week

    I grew up on the boarder of Ohio and West Virginia. Beer in West Virginia was 3.2 % alcohol by weight. In Ohio it was 6 % by volume of alcohol. Two different measures but in truth they are quite close. Ohio advertised "High Powered Beer" and people in West Virginia would drive some distance...
  4. RCJoe

    Stray Thoughts 2.0

    Chief, at my Kroger store they cut up the Lebanon Bologna and put it out in one pound bags pre sliced. It is partly a convenience for the customers who may buy it on an impulse faster and then it's marked down 1/2 price fairly quickly after that. It keeps the stock rotating quickly and people...
  5. RCJoe

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    CJ, I think you will like the first. His mantra seems to be, "protect your liver & feed your gut". But he opens a whole different way of viewing nutrition as prevention to achieve good health and avoid diseases. As a Doctor he points out how important it is to avoid diseases with good...
  6. RCJoe

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    I'm reading "Metabolical, the lure and lies of processed food, nutrition, and Modern Medicine" by Robert H. Lustig (this author is very well qualified) Some time back I read a book titled, "The Chemical...
  7. RCJoe

    Stray Thoughts 2.0

    In my region of the USA Bologna is common and used in many ways. As a sandwich it may be on toasted bread dressed with a bit of mayo mixed with yellow mustard and accompanied by a slice of yellow cheese. If the bologna is thick sliced it may have a cut on four sides so it will lay flat in the...
  8. RCJoe

    Stray Thoughts 2.0

    Will fried Bologna become the "new Bacon" ? Anyone else seeing news reports regarding future rising in prices of Bacon ? Anyone here like fried bologna as breakfast meat or on sandwiches ? Here in Appalachia a lot of restaurants serve it on the buffet along with Bacon & Sausage (patties...
  9. RCJoe

    Any Juneteenth Recipes?

    Mentioned to me to add this. If you use the Vanilla bean to flavor the Junket mixture, pour it thru a strainer before adding the flavored Junket mixture to the egg, sugar, half & half, milk, mixture. OK. But good quality real Vanilla extract will make a fine ice cream.
  10. RCJoe

    Any Juneteenth Recipes?

    I'll throw in this old vintage Vanilla Ice Cream Mix recipe that dates back to the later 1800's. It is quite good and I make it from time to time at cook outs. You will need a pack of Junket Tablets...
  11. RCJoe

    Any Juneteenth Recipes?

    Well, there will be a whole year to post favorite Juneteenth recipes now in order to prepare for the next one. It was only announced as a Federal holiday a few days prior to the event and I would imagine those cooking for it were either gathering supplies or processing the early stages of...
  12. RCJoe

    Any Juneteenth Recipes?

    Anyone here have any Juneteenth recipes to offer ? What would be on your table Saturday ?
  13. RCJoe

    Types and Uses for Woods for Smoking

    I'd offer this from one of my many other culinary websites:
  14. RCJoe

    Taking your Fudge Recipe to your Grave

    The aircraft on the tombstone is a B 24, 4 engine heavy bomber. The WASP pilots delivered up to 80% of light single engine and numerous medium twin engine aircraft as I've read. It freed a lot of men in that duty to go fight in the war. I've even heard of them training to fly B 17's. The 4...
  15. RCJoe

    Taking your Fudge Recipe to your Grave

    Do you have a recipe you would share from the "great beyond" ? Well, this lady had her Fudge recipe engraved on her tombstone. Perhaps every Chef/Cook should leave a recipe behind for posterity. Notice the Army Air Corp B-24 Bomber ? She was probably a "Rosie the Riveter" during her young...
  16. RCJoe

    The Most Horrible Wine You've Ever Had?

    My personal "worst" 1) Scuppernong 2) Rhine 3) Sauterne
  17. RCJoe

    Frying Chicken

    I'm lucky to live where people still raise Chickens free ranged. Pork & Beef similarly. When I want good Chicken I go out there and buy one from them already dressed. I double coat them (using milk & egg mixture...but have used butter milk also) using a large cast iron skillet to fry with...
  18. RCJoe

    What Else Do You Make Besides Food Stuffs?

    I haven't done it so much recently, but I've enjoyed brewing beer, (homebrew) wine, and carbonating my own soft drinks. Also making my own vinegar. (apple cider as well as herbal) I've also enjoyed making sausage of various types and smoking it and other meats & cheese too.
  19. RCJoe

    Beyond Pancakes

    We grow some great Peaches down here in the southern tip of Ohio. I've made crapes and used the peaches in a thick syrup to roll the crapes around. When served (a couple of these side by side) I would add a small scoop of butter on the top and a shot of canned whipped cream down the center...
  20. RCJoe

    Baking powder--how does it lose strength?

    I keep a small jar of cream of tartar in a zip lock bag. When I need baking powder I mix it : 1 tsp cream of tarter 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp corn starch (corn flour as some call it) Yields 1 TB. This makes a double acting baking powder that is reliable. The cream of tarter responds to...
  21. RCJoe

    Peppermint Extract Vodka Substitutes

    Back when I was doing more home brewing of beer & wine, I got my glycerine at the Pharmacy. Just tell the Pharmacist what you are doing and they will find a solution for you. Home brewed wines often have a bit of glycerine added to soften them to the taste. Called a "glycerine finish"...
  22. RCJoe

    How much anchovy paste?

    One of the best threads I've read here in awhile. Really in my interest. My folks always kept a tube of AP on hand and used it often when I was growing up. I've always seen it as an intuitive action where within a couple or three additions would yield the flavor desired. And thumbs up to...
  23. RCJoe

    How do you toast nuts?

    This old nut cookbook may be of some benefit here. Published in 1898 by Almeda Lambert "Guide to Nut Cookery"
  24. RCJoe

    What is your favorite alcoholic beverage to relax and unwind?

    I used to make my own Home brew but some of the supplies I used and loved are no longer available. (Munton & Fison Dark Special LME) I added 3 lbs of dark dry malt powder in the 5 gallon batch using my hard filtered water. Just water, malt, hops, and Vierka Munich yeast. When I poured a...
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