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    R.I.P. Richard Wright

    Founding member/keyboardist for Pink Floyd passed away to cancer today at the age of 65. Bummer. Gone to that Great Gig in the Sky. My favorite all time band.
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    How many smokers and grills do you own?

    1 Chargriller 1 Weber Kettle 2 old Mecco grills 1 Traeger Lil Tex
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    Updated Traeger controller and some ribs

    Have my Lil Tex for over 3 years now and the digital temp controller was the first thing I ordered after I got it. I've got the 180 model. It really is great.
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    still having trouble with my ribs (from below)

    Buy yourself the digital thermostat kit. You can dial in the tempatures better. I've been cooking all weekend and did 7lbs of country ribs yesterday at 225 for 6 hours.
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    need a little help with my ribs

    Here's a link to a yahoo group for pellet heads I've got a traeger and also use the 3-2-1 method as a guideline but like others make adjustments as I cook.
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    Passing of an icon

    You think he's already planning on jumping over the pearly gates of heaven? RIP
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    Pork Loin with Apple Stuffing

    I like to use the Cracker Barrel brand of fried apples along with some brown sugar.
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    BBQ joints in Memphis

    Anyone know of good BBQ joints in Memphis? Suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Once in a lifetime

    My wife is being ever so kind as to fund (within reason) a brick barbecue island for our backyard. So this being a once in a lifetime opportunity I figured I'd come to you folks for suggestions/ideas. Here's my idea: Having a brick island built with two drop in grills. 1 charcoal and 1...
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    Drag racing loss

    Don't know how many people on this board are into drag racing but yesterday one of the sports rising star succumbed to injuries from a testing accident. Eric Medlen of John Force racing passed away. He was only 33. May he rest in peace.
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    Playoff Predictions!!

    True meaning of COLTS Count On Losing The Superbowl [smilie=a_takethatfoo.gif] Go Bears!
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    Sticker shock

    Will have to keep that place in mind to try at least once.
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    Got This From Bigwheel

    Toddler is why I will never move back to Cook County. Don't you just love all the people he's been hiring that are connected in some way to his family.
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    Sticker shock

    Try going to Gilmart on Archer just west of Pulaski. Old lady bought some BB last week for 2.99 a lb and they're great. We buy most of our meat from there. It's a polish store way better than Bobak's for meat selection. Try the luncheon meat also.
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    Got This From Bigwheel

    In Cook County, Illinois they have a take out tax. You buy fast food to go and you get taxed. I've also seen a dine in tax. They get you coming and going. Most people don't even realize till you look at the receipt.
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    I must be on a permenant vacation. I live just south of I-80
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    What are the dogs up to today?

    Where do you buy the casings? My brain is already thinking way to far ahead (and that's dangerous).
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    local TrueValue flags

    I'm over it. Thanks for the words and weighing in on it.
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    local TrueValue flags

    Puff wrote: What the hell are you talking about? I made a comment to be aware of where the flags are made and you're making statements about me not knowing how to treat a flag? I'm interested in knowing how you came about your statement? I will give you the opportunity to explain yourself...
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    Hey Pigs by the Moon (Chris)

    :faint: Forgive him father for he knows not what he says.
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    local TrueValue flags

    Remember folks to look where they're made in. Local hardware store here are selling ones that are made in China! [-X
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    Hey Pigs by the Moon (Chris)

    Saw that movie as part of a double feature at the drive-in about 26 years ago. Also saw David Gilmour back in April here and he played that song. And the crowd went crazy! Only a few more days until the release of Pulse. Another great Floyd concert. Saw that tour at Soldier's Field.
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    Bruce Bandwagon

    [-X Have to admit they are playing good ball but can they last till the end? Still alot of time left. Go Sox!!
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    Boo Hoo!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
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    Boo Hoo!

    If they can get 3 days in a row right, then I'll believe them. What happened to the rain we were supposed to get yesterday? Sounds like John Coleman is doing the weather again.
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