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  1. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    Yea thats true but this ole dog got taught a whole new trick by watching , every organization has different rules of presentation I guess . In KCBS it Garnish , in the South Carolina BBQ Association its no garnish and a loaded plate of nothing but BBQ turn in. But I am more than willing to learn...
  2. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    Ok I went to a event this past weekend as a lookie loo , no cooking or judging. I got to watch a team do garnish using just parsley , and I think I got the general idea, thanks for every ones help on this , I can always count on great adivce from everyone here!!! They only put the parsley around...
  3. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    Thank you Thom !!!
  4. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    Laying down the smack already , cool I can handle that, LOL!! I didnt say I would not do it just have never done it , what kinda greens are best ?? Even a ole dog like me can still learn a thing or two. And I am more than willing to learn.
  5. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    Well then I better practice up then huh?? Guess that the difference between cooking with events that are judged by the South Carolina BBQ Association , its all about how good your product is without all that garnish, but in Rome you do what the Romans do and thats play artist with green stuff...
  6. WalterSC

    Wireless Thermoprobes...part X

    Got my Maverick from Finney works just fine , of course I use the reall good batteries I dont skimp!!!
  7. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    I thought garnish was optional in the KCBS now. I really dont see all the need to waste all that greenery just for a few mins of viewing. I would rather spend that time filling a nice full box of turn in for the judges , not worry about art work. Just my humble opinion. I mean what would you...
  8. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    WOW thanks Dave for the great replay , I am going to take the next 2 weekends to practice what you have handed me, get the team ready !! Will take pics and post em as we go for all to see.
  9. WalterSC

    Beaufort cook of scores

    Scores for Beaufort are: Pork: Palm Key Catering 14.858 No Pig Left Behind 14.692 Cookin Butt BBQ 14.675 Playing with Fire 14.642 Some-R Swine 14.583 Smokey Chef 14.572 Can't Quit Smokin' 14.550 Lowcountry Window Tinting 14.458 Cooking Just For Fun 14.383 Still Smokin' 14.182...
  10. WalterSC

    KCBS Comps

    Ok folks am thinking of trying my hand in the KCBS comps , I have a couple of questions if yall dont mind? 1. What amount of tings do yall usually prepair for comps as in how many butts, ribs,chicken,brisket?? 2. As my eam will be using 2 of the 22 1/2 inch WSMS how would ya stack it ?? Butts...
  11. WalterSC

    pics from Pig in the Park 2010

    Finished 9th out of 17 teams!!
  12. WalterSC

    pics from Pig in the Park 2010 ... lAppeal07/
  13. WalterSC

    Smoke on the Beach, Myrtle!

    Way to go Captain Jim nice showing. Hey here is a idea maybe next year sometime we can once again get the misfits together and kick some butt , I rather enjoied that??
  14. WalterSC

    Results Pig in The Park Williamton SC

    Man If I land even in the top 10 at events thats ok , I just enjoy going out to compete . Its like a family reunion of sorts for me. Ya get to see everyine welcome new friends amd make BBQ and have a great time doing it , I ask you what more do ya need. I admitt I wasnt on my A game due to...
  15. WalterSC

    Results Pig in The Park Williamton SC

    Pig in the Park Williamton SC 15 May 10 Rank Team Name Average Total Score 1 COOKERS UNLIMITED LLC 14.99000 2 BLIND SWINE BBQ 14.46667 3 THE SMOKIN' GRILL 14.39167 4 R & R BBQ 14.34000 5 FATBOYS BARBEQUE LLC 14.32000 6 FATT MATT'S 14.24167 7 JOYE'S BBQ 14.08333 8 SWIG-N-PIG 13.96667 9...
  16. WalterSC

    anybody going to memphis in may bbq contest

    WOW that would be less expensive indeed, thanks.
  17. WalterSC

    anybody going to memphis in may bbq contest

    I am thinking of going next year with that VIP Pass for 315.00 they are offereing . You get to hang with 6 different teams and enjoy good company and great BBQ, plus you can come inand out the park, they also have special parking with disability issues. Of course I would be just as happy to go...
  18. WalterSC

    Williamston SC Pig in the Park

    Well this will be Squeel Appeals only cook off for awhile. I have to have my complete left shoulder replaced due to a old injury that never healed properly in high school. This is a all boston Butt contest , each team gets 8 butts to cook for the comp , so far according to the emails I have...
  19. WalterSC

    Event cooking

    WOW thanks for the comback everyone , Chuckwagon ,my hats off to you. This will help loads for next year. And I am that 50 year old fat guy , LOL!! I have 2 young nephews and thiewr friends who would love to help , and I could give them some cash afterwards towards Gas money or for entertaiment...
  20. WalterSC

    Event cooking

    I am thinking of grilling chicken wings at our towns local Festivle next year. This year they had the same ole poilsh dogs, burgers , hot dogs. They did had a fella who was doing rib and chicken plates for 9 bucks and that inclided 2 sides . So I figure start with something easy and everyone...
  21. WalterSC

    For those who inject

    Plain ole Apple Juice nothing fancy but it works.
  22. WalterSC

    Spicewine Smoker

    I still have plans to upgrade to a Lang reverse flow smoker when the money is avaiable.
  23. WalterSC

    Ok here is one I have had my mind on lately

    Do you have to be a member of the KCBS to compete in thier sanctioned competitions????
  24. WalterSC

    Great American BBQ Showdown Airs Sunday at 8 PM

    Already got it recorded and hav watched it several times . Good show I must say and all did a great job as well.
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