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    Thowing stones in glasses house, are ya ??? :shock: lol
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    Thanks all. .....Just got off the phone with JB... A rare treat, for anyone who has never talked to him in person... lol ...great guy, though... He did say all his contact info will change, as he is moving offices, or sumtin like that..and he will resurface shortly... not sure if that is a...
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    Thanks... I just can't find his phone number, or email address, both of which I've just misplaced..must be old age!!
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    Does anyone know how to get a hold of JB 007bond-jb? details, email, phone.. anything would help.. thanks
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    Mumbo Wings

    Hungarian is usually sweeter tasting than regular paprika
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    KitchenAid Mixer w/ Sausage Attachments?

    Nick, where do you get the casings? tanx
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    I saw some knucklehead crew pouring a stoop today.. didn't get the name of the company, but I think it's a bit too cold to be pouring a stoop on a day like today!!!! unless they filled it with anti freeze first!!!!
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    Laid off?? so THAT's why there's a the sign for Nicks Place down the street from your house :D
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    Laws of Physics 97, Drivers 0

    aint much else to do in Finland except wait for the Ruskies to roll in with a few tank battlions :shock:
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    Open back BBQ Concession Trailer

    lol I went easy on him, Nick... I just figured he was from South of the Mason Dixon Line, and, well, ya know.. oh never mind :?
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    Open back BBQ Concession Trailer

    you need to find out what " no food cooked outside" means... Outside could mean uncovered, it could mean you are cooking on "Terra Firma" ( a legal term in my county for dirt), it could mean an unenclosed area(no screening), it could mean a bunch of things, or combination of things.... Are...
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    How to bake a rainbow cake

    It's WILTON not Wilson, dyes!!! man you Cajun people talk funny!! ... B5D0EEE74A
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    $100,000 to the GC

    I know it's already up on the KCBS event board, but where are they going to come up with over $200,000 in prize money/prizes.. Interesting to see if it really comes off as advertised... And the entry fees... wondering what they will have to be to pull it off...
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    My head is spinning

    $5 a head from a buiness that charges upwards of $100 an hour for THEIR service..???? That is/was train wreck/ accident waiting to happen, material I did a car place once.... never again.. Cheap bastards, all of em!!! Told em to shove business right up their muffler.. The ONLY people I would...
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    PITMASTERS Yes or No?

    I say , give it time.. there were things I liked about the show, and some things just didn t sit with me, but not so much so that I turned the TV off.. I think, in the end I will like it.. Here's what the producer had to say, Via Clint's blog, at Smoke in da Eye...
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    Casting New BBQ Show!

    i'm too old, and Fugly for TV, but have a great radio face :shock:
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    How much do you think...........

    That sounds way too organized for your neighborhood!!!!
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    Moink Balls

    Can't imagine anyone making a valid, logical argument, that homemade meatballs, disqualify the appy as a Moink ball... But then again, there are those who thrive on being adament, argumentative, and anal :?
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    How much do you think...........

    How long does it last??? those numbers you put up are good for a few hour picnic, but if they are there for more than a few hours, people will start to get hungry again..Doesnt seem to be any appys on there, either..
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    A Particularly Heinous Offense

    Stop and Shop had em on sale a couple of weeks ago for $1.99 lb.... but, they were cut into individual bones... Was like having a sitdown with the Union boss trying to get them to leave em whole..... weren't bad.... they are now carrying them for $2.49 a pound...but you STILL have to make a...
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    Lambs breast

    there is a reason for the 85 cents a pound..... chewy .... high heat works the best for them.. make a plum sauce, goes well with em
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