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    I was robbed.

    Some thief came on my apartment porch and stoled my charcoal and lid section of my weber smokey mountion. I called to see what it would cost to replace those two items it's cheaper to buy a new one. :( I steel have the center section the charcoal ring and one crate. I was wondering if I could...
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    burnt ends

    Lol.. I new it. Lol
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    burnt ends

    I cant find it so may be a dream it. I ask it anyway has anyone tried to make burnt end from a chuck roast?
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    Reheating turkey

    I was thinking of cooking my turkey Wednesday night. Can I do this and reheated it without it being dried out. I was wanting to take my kids to the prade on Thursday. Also how long will a 14 pound bird take to cook on a wsm.
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    I got me a wsm today from home depot.

    thanks.. I want a guru. I got it at home depot for 224.00 good price i thought... And the send i believe would worked better because of the apartment.. what does the foil do and how do you do it? by the way this is my divorce gift to my self. lol
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    I got me a wsm today from home depot.

    I got a few question for the user of this smoker. 1 to season are not? 2 water pans is it better with water are send?
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    dose anyone in houston need a somker are grill.

    I gave them all away.. This divorce is killing me.. :(
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    dose anyone in houston need a somker are grill.

    I have a char-griller smoker, a very nice Weber performer, and a masterbuilt smoker setup for charcoal and gas. if anyone need some more equipment let me know we can work something out for them.. :( I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this.
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    question apartment related.

    I'm about to go threw a divorce. I'm not happy about it but its happen. I don;t want to have to give up my Weber performer!So I'm trying to find out if i can put it inside my apartment to use outside when i want to cook on it.. I will have the closed space but I'm afraid that the smell will...
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    slim jim.

    I need some recipes and the how to.. help!!!!
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    55 gollen barrels..

    thanks for all the welcome back and place to look for a barrel
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    55 gollen barrels..

    work kids and baseball.... I have no free time anymore. :( I miss this Webb site and barbecuing... My Pitts look so sad because i can't play with them.. lol
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    55 gollen barrels..

    Dose anyone know of a place in Houston TX where i can buy a food grade metal barrel.
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    Summer Sausage

    I;m looking forward to see how these turn out.. I love summer sausage send me some my way..
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    Want to Buy all 3 Wolfe Rub Recipes? Here's how!

    thanks Larry.. I hope to make good use of this new rub I got. :D
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    Hillbilly Drum Build

    I can;t wait to see it cooking.. Thanks for sharing.
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    Something to read over the weekend

    Looking forword to you review about the book.. By the way what is the name of the book..
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    Dry curing.

    Wittdog I would like to try my hand at dry curing sausage are a ham. How can I make the environment. I live in Houston and the Humidity would not be right for it here I think. What I like to know is there was to build a dry curing box are sometime I can do.
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    I;m scared to let this meat cutting get a hold of my brisket

    Its in the first 5 mins of the video.. but I can understand... the rest is of s old man cooking a brisket..
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    I;m scared to let this meat cutting get a hold of my brisket It a little long but fun to watch,, you will cry when you see him hurt that brisket. LOL
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    I bought a New Smoker!!

    I would like to see and maybe read about this smoker your getting.. What is the web site?
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    New Big WSM cooking info

    it nice to be has been hell over the last year.
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    New Big WSM cooking info

    Were can I buy one of the 22 in SWM? A part number are a link would be great.
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    OK I made it.

    Thanks Guys.
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