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    Freezing heavy cream

    We always have heavy cream in the fridge, but we travel a lot. What I do if we're going to be gone more than a week or two is freeze it in ice cube trays and bag the cubes in zip-locks. If you need some for a sauce or gravy, just throw in a cube, or two, near the end of cooking, and stir it in...
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    Growing parsley, how to?

    Parsley I planted 2 weeks ago (In cold Minnesota). not up yet. Fortunately, parsley is a biennial here, and I have last years up and adequate for the next week or two. Also, chives up and almost blooming. Tarragon, mint, etc. available. Even sage made it through the winter! Unusual. Warmest...
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    Meat grinder question

    Don't forget. Meat grinds much better if everything is cold. I throw the grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid in the freezer for a while and grind the meat partially frozen.
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    What is the point of a garlic press?

    I have a Zyliss aluminum press. Fast and effective. Don't peel the garlic. Press, slice off the extruded garlic, retract the handle, and the excess usually comes out in one piece. Try it!!!
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    Kitchen Aid or Cuisinart Food Processor?

    I'm still using an old (like 40 years old) belt drive GE. It won't break! I'd love to get one of the new fancy ones, but alas, I think it will outlive me:chef:
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    Oven barbecued ribs

    See Alton's "Back yard baby-backs", on the food channel recipe site. I use the rub, modified by substituting splenda for the sugar (Low carber) and adding celery salt.I call it love potion #9. Rub and refrigernate over night in foil. Cut the rack in half before rubbing/foiling to make the weight...
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    Canned Tuna...packed in Veg Oil or Water?

    Just once, spend the big bucks ($2/can) and buy Genova brand in olive oil (Trader Joe's house brand is the same thing). Better than any other U.S. brands, and about half way to the $8 Italian ventresca! We go through about 8 cans a month. We also save the oil for the vinaigrette.
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    ISO ideas for dried Juniper Berries

    sauerbraaten You could use them in a sauerbraten marinade. (and use up the excess gingersnaps in your freezer in the gravy!!!:rolleyes:)
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    What's for Dinner, Saturday, April 25th?

    Moroccan chicken with lemons and olives over couscous, with a side of green beans.
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    Anchovies/anchovy paste

    Try fish sauce I used to have the same problem. Now I just buy a quart oforiental fish sauce (Nuc mam, nam pla, etc - 3 Crabs is a good brand) Use a teaspoon, or so, in your dish-- you won't know it's there, but you'll know when it isn't. Lasts for years without refrigeration. Just...
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    Garlic Press

    Try not peeling the clove. Very fast, and usually the skin comes out in one piece, at least in a Zyliss.
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    Plane Crash in NYC

    I am amazed that I get breaking news on DC. Flipped over to the link on Drudge (CBS) Hard to believe how dumb some reporters are: "Temperatures at the time of the crash in the city were just about 20 degrees, with the water temperature likely much colder" Sheesh!
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    What is for dinner, Wednesday, Jan 14th?

    We went to town today, shopping. It was -10 degrees all day, so wanted something hearty for supper. Had chili in the freezer, so we were lazy, and just heated it up. Did whip up some corn bread to go with it.
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    Can I fry meatballs?

    I usually make a bunch (3 or more pounds of mixture). I brown in the frying pan, then transfer to a baking pan and finish in the oven. Makes at least 8 meals, so I vacuum pack and freeze the excess.
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    Very good meal I made last night

    Had that. Taylor's Refresher drive in, in the Napa Valley. Awesome, but oh, the calories!
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    AP: Premium tuna fetches $100,000 at auction

    No wonder the good stuff is up to $2.19/can!:lol:
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    Baker's Secret

    Me too, but I got some exopat silicon sheets that fit. DW is a cookie bakin' machine, with these!
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    Not so happy start 2009

    If you have an electric oven, you can run that with the door open. electric stovetop too.
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    Mac & Cheese help please!

    It's not fussy. Just easier than mixing it all up. It pretty much melts together, when it's done, but with bites of cheese, here and there.
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    Ham & Swiss Quiche

    Even easier: Skip the crust! Just be sure the pie pan (mine is Pyrex) is well greased. You can even do it on top of the stove in a non stick frying pan, like a Spanish tortilla. I fry bacon and potatoes with a little onion, add 4 beaten eggs and cook for a while. If I'm feeling brave, I make...
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    Winter Meals?

    Europeany things: Beef bourguignon Choucroute garnie (pork, sauerkraut, wine, sausage,potatoes, etc.)I use a recipe from Anthony Bourdain. Casssoulet (similar, but with beans instead of kraut)Same guy. Fabada (Spanish version of cassoulet) Paella Espania ( I cheat and use arborio rice)...
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    Mac & Cheese help please!

    My family likes the old fashioned style of macaroni and cheese. Betty Crocker has an easy recipe: Family-Favorite Macaroni and Cheese from Betty Crocker I adapt the Betty Crocker recipe by sauteeing a couple Tbs of grated onion in the butter for the bechamel, then making the bechamel with 1...
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    Sparkling Wines w/o Breaking the Bank

    I like Dom Perignon '96, especially if someone els brings it!
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    Fried spinach question..

    I'm with Bob. We do this every few days, in season. Just pick 4x what you think you'll need, dump into a sink filled with cold water, shake to dislodge the dirt and spiders. spin dry in the salad spinner, and dump into a big pot that has butter and garlic cooking. Fire up the heat, stir a few...
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    What is your weather like right now?

    -4 below, but sunny and no wind. I think I'll walk outside (hate treadmills)
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