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  1. jminion1


    75% corporate gigs, have a number of construction companies that use us for safety meetings. Try to stay away from weddings way too many calls with plan changes. Private parties make up the balance.
  2. jminion1

    Cooking with wood

    Seasoned wood is better than green. Down for at least 6 mos. Green wood does not burn as clean putting dirty smoke on the meat.
  3. jminion1

    What's cookin' this weekend??

    Brisket, beans, potato salad and slaw for 200.
  4. jminion1

    Kingsford's new Competition Briquets

    Monty I have not burned any of it yet but the ingredient list is different. Wood char, veg starch as binder and a fraction of 1% of the weight of briquet is borax it is used as agent to easy the release of the briquet from the press. Until I cook on it I can't say any more.
  5. jminion1

    Kingsford's new Competition Briquets

    Hey Greg, Cappy is listening to your radio shows. LOL They are to hit most store this spring.
  6. jminion1

    Kingsford's new Competition Briquets

    I just recieved a bag of the new product, I will be doing a cook this weekend and let you know what I find.
  7. jminion1

    Standing Rib Roast

    Very very nice!
  8. jminion1


    Highly agree with Okie Joes and you may want to try Smokin Guns
  9. jminion1

    cleaning up

    A brass bristol brush or turn up the heat after the cook and carbonize the stuff on the grates and it will come off easier.
  10. jminion1

    off-set fire maintenance

    BW I thought those AC/DC pits were outlawed in Texas?
  11. jminion1

    The Downfall of Democracy

    Sounds good but what makes anyone think politicians would vote to eliminate their positions? What makes anyone think that those that manipulate want it to change and have everyone vote on everything?
  12. jminion1


    Bresaola is a cured solid muscle, the traditional way of doing it is what Whit is doing. He is using a cure and it will be aged. What I have posted no cure (tenderQuick)is used so you have to smoke it (cook it) to finish it off. This product will not keep like the traditional salami style would...
  13. jminion1


    Here is the recipe I have been using.. 1 whole beef tenderloin, trimmed 2.5 T brown sugar 1 T black peppercorns, toasted and ground 0.5 t thyme 0.5 t ground ginger 0.5 t ground allspice 0.5 t mace 0.5 t corriander seeds, toasted and ground 0.25 t cumin seeds, toasted and ground 0.25 t ground...
  14. jminion1


    Whit I have been doing bresaola for years but with more heat, looking forward to see how yours turns out.
  15. jminion1

    Heard any good jokes lately?

    Bobberqer Your numbers are way out it's more like we have 100 men the hundreth guy earns 50% of the income each year and controls 90% of the total money in cirulation. In the last 5 years year number 100's income has increased 300% while number 90 through 1 has increased 3%. While enjoying...
  16. jminion1

    Which of these roasts is good on the smoker or grill?

    Pikes Peak Roast Also called heel of round, the Pikes Peak roast is cut from low in the round, just above the hock. It contains many small muscles and lots of connective tissue. This is the least tender of the round roasts, but cooks up into a pot roast with excellent flavor. Cook low and slow
  17. jminion1

    Brisket Experiment

    Why has the fat cap been removed? Prime briskets like low pit temps 190 to 210, check for tender at least 10 degrees before you normally would.
  18. jminion1

    Worlds First Testicle Recipe collection

    Cappy What were you looking for when found that??? :? Second thought not sure I want to know. :lol:
  19. jminion1

    Tri Tip Ideas?

    Capt I suggest staying away from injections but play with rubs and marinades if you want. You don't want sugar in rub but salt, pepper and those spices that go well with beef like celery, what you like.
  20. jminion1

    Now that's a lot of chicken!

    A few years ago we were planning to cook the world's record bowl (vat) of chowder. To set the record the food has to safe to eat normally sold to the public with the cash going to a charity. Playing that game with chicken is work.
  21. jminion1

    Apple wood

    The sprays used on fruit trees has to dissipate or the fruit would not be usable.
  22. jminion1

    KCBS BoardNominations

    Passion for competition BBQ, ethics, business background and they must be a little crazy to want the job.
  23. jminion1

    Apple wood

    The same thing has been happening out here in Washington for a number of years. Apple orchards coming out and they are shipping apples in from out of the country.
  24. jminion1

    Eating veggies shrinks the brain

    Got to be brain damaged to eat vegan and now we see that the diet compounds the problem, got to love it.
  25. jminion1

    Rate my rib box please...

    If you are going to put a rib on it's side it needs smokering, well rendered fat and be very moist or don't do it. Not saying yours is some how wrong just make sure you are there if you do it. I think the box looks great, some minor adjustments it is over the top.
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