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    Chantal enamel on steel roasting pan

    That's an idea. Thank you.
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    Chantal enamel on steel roasting pan

    Pretty much my experience. Thanks for the reply.
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    Chantal enamel on steel roasting pan

    I have a 9 x 15 Chantal enameled steel roasting/lasagne pan. I bought it years ago when a cooking store was closing up shop. It was a very good price. I thought it would work for something, but it wasn't better than what I had. As time went by the pan was only used to roast duck, which was...
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    On the search for a vintage cookbook!!

    Would this be it? From the New BH&G reprint of the 1953 book.
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    Difference btwn stove-top anodized aluminum and bakeware?

    Just a guess-- Bakeware often has a lighter color to moderate the browning process for a product that doesn't burn before it's completely baked. Stove top use most likely leans toward a faster browning response.
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    What knives are the best?

    I'm no expert on knives or sharpening, but I'm a long time home cook and I have some thoughts on the subject. You say you have an old dull set of Wusthof knives right now. How did you like those knives when they were sharp? Is there a reason that you didn't have them sharpened? If you get a...
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    ISO Almond Cookies?

    I can't comment on most almond cookies, but here is a very easy and tasty recipe. In a blender or processor blitz your slivered almonds to make almond flour. Ingredients: 2 cups almond flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/3 cup dark maple syrup 2 tsp vanilla preheat oven to 350 whisk together...
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    Breville Sous Chef question

    I don't know what kind of a toll slicing pepperoni would take on the edge, but I would guess that the edge isn't as sharp as it was the first time. I've never used my Sous Chef for any type of meat, but tried to use it for extremely thin shreds of cabbage-- maybe a total of 20 heads, and...
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    Miso paste

    I absolutely love miso. I usually use a white miso or chickpea miso because both are lower in sodium. I have used more robust types that have a deeper flavor and it's nice, but I buy in large quantities (15lb bucket) that usually last 10-11 months. I buy high quality brands and have to have...
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    Who Needs This? Seriously!

    It looks like the perfect gift to give to one of those seldom seen nieces for their baby shower.
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    Vitamix question

    I have an old vitamix( 35+ years old) with the stainless blender jar. I'd would guess the only two advantages would be that if you use it to grind spices like cumin seed it wouldn't scratch up like the plastic jar, the other being that would you want to use it to make a hot soup you aren't...
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    I've eaten a vegan diet about 3 1/2 years now. I do it for health reasons so my diet is more restrictive, whole food, low sodium, low added fat. I'd ask you what you like eating now, and then suggest you veganize a few of the recipes to start off with. If you really enjoy cooking it can be...
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    Cleaning a neglected All-Clad pan

    I would try oven cleaner or a product called Dawn Power Disolver, if it's still available. I would also advise patience and repeated applications avoiding highly abrasive products and urge caution exposing the pan to high temps. That pan will warp easier than you may think. I know from...
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    Pasta pot FAIL

    If you still have the pot and the underlying metal is stainless you can remove the teflon with spray oven cleaner. You may also have to use a fine abrasive to get some of the residual in hard to work areas, but if you really like the pot and can't find a ready replacement might be worth a try...
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    Hi Linda, My wife was diagnosed 5 years ago with type 2 diabetes. At the time her blood sugar was in the high 200's and A1c was over 9. She was put on a Gliperide/ Metformin combination, a blood pressure med, and a statin. She also had symptoms of neuropathy in one foot--something she had...
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    Do you rinse your Quinoa?

    The quinoa we have on hand was from a bulk bin, but I don't recall from where. I have no idea if it was prewashed or not. Usually I rinse the quinoa, but I really find it's a real pain because I'm getting those tiny seeds imbedded in the strainer, or the strainer rim, or into the...
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    One Hit Wonders

    When someone says meat slicer to me , my first thought is a rotary deli slicer. I guess I should have specified that was what I was asking about. A mandolin might work, but it still would be doing it manually so I don't see much of advantage for me. I have never seen a cabbage slicer that...
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    One Hit Wonders

    I have often wondered about using a meat slicer to thinly ( 1/32"-1/16") slice cabbage. Has anyone tried using a slicer to do this this??? I do 1-2 heads of red cabbage a week using a carbon steel Chinese vegetable cleaver, but sometimes I just feel lazy.
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    Pressure Cooking Vegetable Stock

    Has anyone made a vegetable stock in a pressure cooker, either stove top or electric? I know it improves poultry based stocks. What I'd like to know is if it makes a more flavorful or richer veggie stock than other methods or is it just a time saver? I mostly make my stock from scraps in...
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    BuckyTom, I don't have the recipe for Maid Rites. In fact, I have never have had one. With the way I'm now eating, seems doubtful I ever will. Good luck on your quest.
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    P.I.G. Oh, I wish you had, because it never occured to me. Seems appropirate, as I reside in Iowa. The name was just something I thought of, prior to signing up for the forum. I wanted something I'd remember and something that wasn't being used. What it refers to is pretty much my...
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    Whole oat groats in a rice cooker?

    Tenspeed, Thank you for the information. I thought brown rice setting might work, but since I've never used a rice cooker I had no real idea. I'll pass it along and see if he tries it. I'll make sure and mention the cautionary about milk.
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    Whole oat groats in a rice cooker?

    Thank you for the replies. The person for whom I'm asking makes steel cut oats all the time in their rice cooker on a porridge setting. Whole groats take usually take at least twice as long to cook, and more resemble barley or rice, and actually makes a great rice substitute. On my stove...
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    Whole oat groats in a rice cooker?

    Has anyone here used a rice cooker to prepare whole oat groats? If so, instructions would be helpful. I've looked online for some information, which is sketchy at best. I'm asksing the question for someone else, I don't have a rice cooker so I can 't experiment. The type of cooker uses fuzzy...
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    Hello everybody, I'm new here and have been enjoying myself the past few days reading posts from over the years. I'm 60 and have been cooking for about 50 years. I have always enjoyed learning about food and cooking. Past few years both my wife and I have had to adopt a restrictive plant...
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