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  1. smoke king

    Country Music

    Well said Uncle Bob. What I knew as "Country Music" is almost non-existant today. Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Dave Dudley, The Louvin bros, The Carter Family and the list goes on. Most of those playing what is considered "Country" music are playing a homogenized version of whats...
  2. smoke king

    Dave Hutchins has passed

    That is sad news indeed FM. Its of some comfort to know that he passed peacefully. Thoughts and prayers going out to his family and friends. I wish I'd gotten to know him better. May he rest in peace.
  3. smoke king

    Phall curry

    Its OK, I like a challenge. Besides, I have a donut pillow.:lol:
  4. smoke king

    Phall curry

    Thanks for the Link Sketch!! If anyones interested, that particular episode of Man vs Food is airing a couple of times tonite(Wed, 1/29) on the Travel Channel-
  5. smoke king

    I Can Not Believe What I Am Seeing..........

    Can you post her recipe LS? :lol:
  6. smoke king

    Second verse same as the first

    Pleasure to meet you Emily! Welcome to the club!:chef:
  7. smoke king

    Hello all. I'd like to introduce myself.

    Welcome to DC Amy-nice to meet you!:chef:
  8. smoke king

    Hello Everyone

    Its a pleasure to meet you Stacy! Welcome to DC!:chef:
  9. smoke king

    Please keep my mom in your prayers

    Thoughts & prayers en route Susan. Best wishes....
  10. smoke king

    Phall curry

    Wow-great information one and all! How great it is to have access to such great folks-I am actually more knowledgable today regarding these dishes, and am confident enough to jump into the fray! I am so stoked to try this stuff! Thanks to all of you-I appreciate it so much!
  11. smoke king

    Somehow, my cats multiplied exponentially.

    Nothing wrong with being a "cat" lady Saph-anyone who cares for any animal that much is OK in my book!
  12. smoke king

    Phall curry

    Thanks Yakuta-I was kind of wondering about the "authenticity" of it. I also had to wonder if the gas mask wasn't something of a "gimmick". Are the chilis used in the vindiloo readily available, or are they a specialty item? I have plenty of habaneros and jalapenos on hand, but again, I'd like...
  13. smoke king

    Hello....i'm a "not-so-newbie"

    Nice to meet you Retoucher!! Welcome (back) to DC!! :chef:
  14. smoke king

    Hello there!

    Good to meet you Cat! Welcome to the club!!:chef:
  15. smoke king

    Name Any Movie, Show, Cartoon...

    Superjail :punk:
  16. smoke king

    What is your weather like right now?

    4 degrees and being gently pelted by the white stuff......
  17. smoke king

    What's on the Horizon?

    Happy Birthday Appletart!! I hope its the best one so far!!
  18. smoke king

    Phall curry

    :lol::rofl::lol:!! Too funny QS!!
  19. smoke king

    Phall curry

    I've never tried Indian, but I have to say I'm I love the endorphin rush!:lol:
  20. smoke king

    New From FL

    Welcome to DC AS11!! Good to meet you! :chef:
  21. smoke king

    Newbie here

    Nice to meet you Kevin-Welcome to DC!! :chef:
  22. smoke king

    Hello, Hello

    Nice to meet you Big Shot! Welcome to the club!:chef:
  23. smoke king

    "Happy Birthday, GB!"

    Hope its your Best birthday ever GB!!:chef:
  24. smoke king

    Puppy Pics!

    Try as I might, I can't think of anything different to say, so, Awwww, How cute AOK! :smile: Thanks for sharing!
  25. smoke king

    Phall curry

    Inspired by an episode of "Man vs Food", I am in search of an authentic recipe for Phall curry-can anyone help? I should mention that I have never made any kind of Indian food, so I am likely woefully short of the required spices, but I will get them. Any food that requires you to wear a gas...
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