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    Perhaps you´ll find some ideas at the german version from discusscooking like the "" (chiefcook) :roll: :roll: There are so many categories for everyone. Also a Recipe-archive from now 29.000 recipes from all members and also sponsoring concerns
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    logged in but doesn't show me that i am and can't post.

    It's saying that i am logged in but, when i go to post it's telling me to log. When I go to log in it will not take my name or password. Anyone with same problem and what should i do?
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    Software Upgrade - Community Downtime (2/25 - 2/27)

    Sorry about the server issues the last few days. I am working on that right now. After those are resolved I will be back to moving our site to the new software. Also, I am have been working late every night at my job so not much time in the evenings to relax. I'll post another update soon...
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    Hard Time Logging on

    its been happening to me too :?
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    Software Upgrade - Community Downtime (2/25 - 2/27)

    Damp: LOL GB: LOL y'all din' tell me 'bout the tree sylla ruwell! Guess words like "pistachio" are banned huh? OOOOPPS!! That's another five. Guess I will just sit this game out.
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    I Know, I have suggested this previously, But, (at the risk of being "Redundant") I believe it would be very helpful to have the "Vote 5 Stars for DC" link on the "Main Page" :D Atomic Jed!
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    Software Upgrade - Community Downtime (2/25 - 2/27)

    Uh-Oh! (am I gonna get "Banned"? (I haven't "Posted" much lately, But I Vote Daily /or nightly, as the case may be. and read others Post's (Vote! 5 Stars! For DC!!!!!! :D Atomic Jed!
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    Posting problems

    Lock out I haven't tried to log on yet.
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    Posting problems

    This is what Im getting (its Deadly Sushi again) :arrow: The page cannot be found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the...
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    Posting problems

    Its ME......... -DEADLY SUSHI- Im having the same problem. :cry: I cant log in. Im getting the same thing as Wasabi. *knocking on door* LET ME IN! :(
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    Posting problems

    HELP....It's me Wasabi. I can't log in, post a new topic or go to my profile. I get this page: NOT FOUND The requested URL/login php was not found on this server. :x
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    I'm Confused! Help!!

    Thanks GB! I'll try it. crewsk
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    I'm Confused! Help!!

    Hey, this is crewsk at the bottom of the page it's showing me as being logged in but at the top of the page it says I need to login for messages & all. :? Can someone please help me? Hmmm...when I put my username in the box that says "username" it wouldn't post the message. It said "Sorry but...
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    Trail Mix

    Trail Mixed Up ! Have you ever tried peanut butter chips, dried peaches cut up, dried pairs cut up, dried apples cut up, Lucky Charms@,and dried bananas cut up?
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    Honey/Ginger Baked Apples

    You are welcome, Barbara L.
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    i need a fruit soup recipe....

    That is the great thing about these fruit soups, you can add what ever dried fruit you want to the mix. I always add a tablespoon of tapioca so that it thickens nicely. I like it warm over ice cream..
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    at what temp. would I toast coconut?
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    Can't recall what name & password used

    I finally have a new computer; but it's been awhile for sure. I can't remember which name I used, as everything I tried seemed to have already been even says MY email address is being used by someone...(maybe me...but don't recall the password I've used. If someone...
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    What's going on?

    You can also click on the "mark all topics read" in the dark blue bar at the top of each forum - right beside the word Topics above the thread titles ***forgot to login - this is kitchenelf****
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    Picture on your Posts?

    RE imagehack photo hosting The link to looks good - almost too good to be true. I'm thinking of using it. What is your experienc with it? Are there any down sides to registering on that site (will I get junk mail, unsolicited ads?, that kind of thing?) BTW, I did read their...
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    Anyone got a recipe for making fruit squash?

    Commercially prepared Fruit Squashes A specialty-foods import shop in my city sells 4-litre bottles of Robinson’s Special R Apple & Blackcurrant, Lemon-Barley, and Orange-Barley Squashes. These drinks are diluted with water and have no refined sugar added.
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    Delete a Post.

    Removing Post ( This is from HUNGRY I have not signed on) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= This is not what the HELP indicated. The HELP needs a little work for the "newbies" to understand. :? Would you please have one of the moderators remove the two post with the GIF skeleton I...
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    Picture on your Posts? it's been pointed out before on these boards htc - a mere warm-blooded prop :wink:
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    Traditional British marmalade made with Seville oranges

    Can you do it without sugar?
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    Delete a Post.

    No problem GB. Glad to help. :wink: :lol:
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