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  1. Kevin.Zepeda

    Fresh turmeric rhizomes

    I am uncomfortable working with loose structures. I found a convenient seasoning for myself - turmeric extract, a couple of drops and there is already a taste with aroma
  2. Kevin.Zepeda

    Is there a way to bake pizza at low temperatures?

    The best oven temperature for pizza is between 450 and 500 degrees F
  3. Kevin.Zepeda

    Roasting/Baking - Baking/Roasting

    baked apple with cottage cheese and sprinkled with vanilla sugar:love::love:
  4. Kevin.Zepeda

    Food & Beverages as Gifts

    I needed to buy a dozen small gifts before the holidays and found this great selection of health gifts. I bought them from an online store. Christmas sale, and I happened to be there the day it was 15% off. Gifting with vitamin supplements is a healthy way to show your love, affection, and...
  5. Kevin.Zepeda

    Tofu falling apart

    Yeah, really. Easy to use and to clean. Excess water is removed from the tofu. Does not fit a family sized block of Tofu so you need to buy two smaller blocks. Container doubles as storage for unused portions of tofu. Happy with this purchase.
  6. Kevin.Zepeda

    High Iron Foods?

    My suggestion is to eat one iron-rich meal a day... And nothing else for two hours before and after the meal. Liver and onions are the most traditional dishes with high iron content. Sulfur compounds in onions help absorb iron. It would help to cook it in a cast iron pan without seasoning and...
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