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  1. DrThunder88

    Cooking with Lettuce

    Bump. I tried a little experiment based on a few AB recipes I could barely remember. I started by quartering two romaine hearts lengthwise and placing the ribs on a broiler tray, cut side up. I sprinkled each with a little bit of kosher salt. Next, I mixed a teaspoon of bacon drippings with...
  2. DrThunder88

    Calphalon vs Anolon vs Norpro...opinions?

    Good choice. I doubt you will be disappointed!
  3. DrThunder88

    Calphalon vs Anolon vs Norpro...opinions?

    Are they the Calphalon Katana-series knives? I've seen a few of those laying around my local TJX stores. The VG-1 is reputed to be a pretty good steel. Not as good as VG-10, but it's supposed to have a fairly high carbon content.
  4. DrThunder88

    Santoku knife help wanted!

    It is indeed!
  5. DrThunder88

    Santoku knife help wanted!

    I've been happy with this santoku.
  6. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    I meant the traditional bolsters. I agree the differences in blade profiles are pretty well-documented.
  7. DrThunder88

    Global 8 inch or 10 inch Chef's Knife

    How big is your best cutting board? Alton Brown has a good rule of thumb: Measure your favorite board diagonally and subtract four inches (I'd say subtract two, but I'm not Alton Brown). The difference is your knife's ideal overall length. If you don't have room on your counter top for a...
  8. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    Interesting. I didn't know that was a tradition!
  9. DrThunder88

    trivia 1/27

    I've never heard "shallots" and "scallions" used interchangeably. Interesting.
  10. DrThunder88

    The Evil Genie Game

    Granted, but today you found out you should have had eye surgery in the past. I wish this snow would let up.
  11. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    I thought the difference between French and German knives was the blade profile where the former is narrower and more angular and the latter broader, thicker, and with a more pronounced belly.
  12. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    That's why they call it a "French knife"? Are the French two inches wide and susceptible to damaging their knuckles when they mistake their cutting board for a punching bag? Also, that guy must be huge. He makes a 10-inch knife look like an 8-inch knife that he only claims is a 10-inch knife...
  13. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    Good eye! I hadn't noticed that.
  14. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    Speaking of YouTube "experts," Penn Says: you're a big enough star... The first 20 second of that link are the relevant part. The rest is a bit of a rant you may want to ignore!
  15. DrThunder88

    Nesmuk Janus

    Now now, let's not stereotype. I'm sure there are plenty of Goose-steppers who don't speak German. ;) The knife actually looks like a narrow santoku. Most nessmuks I've seen are stout bushcraft knives, like the nessmuks in the "outdoor knives" section. So, while they are pretty good at...
  16. DrThunder88

    How not to do it

    Oh gosh, that nakiri has got to be wrecked! I thought the "instructor" was going to lose a finger herself at about 2:13. Chef Rick has the same crummy knives my mom has.
  17. DrThunder88

    Need your help choosing knives

    Rob gives solid advice as do the rest of the responses so far. I can't speak to Mundial knives (though I have a nail clipper made by them that works fairly well). You'd be safe to assume that a lack of discussion on the brand is a decent indication that they don't have a strong following among...
  18. DrThunder88

    Knife brand names

    I have a cheap yanagiba I used for slicing semi-frozen apricot pinwheels, but my chef's knife is the trick for most other slicing and chopping needs.
  19. DrThunder88

    Wusthof Knifes

    I have one Wusthof, a cheap, stamped, bolsterless 5-inch chef's knife that came with a cutting board. It's become my mom's favorite knife. She uses it for almost everything in the kitchen, and it's still pretty sharp. I say "pretty sharp," because she abuses the heck out of it so often...
  20. DrThunder88

    Question about Stainless cookware?

    Don't immerse your hot pans in water or run water through them, and they should be fine.
  21. DrThunder88

    Nonstick grillpan

    I think that's more for foods cooked over open flames or coals. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it unless I ate grilled foods five meals a day, seven days a week. I saw round Lodge grill pans at a TJ Maxx once. I remember being disappointed because I was looking for a regular, round cast...
  22. DrThunder88

    What "sharp" means to me

    The nicking problem is kind of odd. Unless the knife is being put into a dishwasher or loose in a cabinet, that's usually that's a sign of over-hardening or being ground too thin. The only way to get rid of the nicks is to grind them out. To set the bevel and get rid of the nicks, I recommend...
  23. DrThunder88

    What "sharp" means to me

    My goal: Tilted stone and strop results Spooky!
  24. DrThunder88

    Stropping on chromium oxide charged leather

    Stropping polishes out the finest grind marks from the sharpening process. This makes for the keenest edge possible. Leather also adds a bit of convexness to the final bevel, making it arguably stronger. Some guys who are really into chasing the perfect edge have built strops that use...
  25. DrThunder88

    Awesome "Chef's Knife"!!

    Not to be a total fanboy, but that knife is actually a Himalayan Imports WWII-model. I remember that video on a thread (requires registration, sorry) at HI khukuris run the gamut from heavy duty choppers to slick, lightweight choppers, leaving the WWII model right in the...
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