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    ISO German recipes

    Rouladen yammm! But I would make Serviettenknoedel to go with those .
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    ISO Bulgarian Recipes

    Here you go Traditional Bulgarian Recipes
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    I love the stuff! And (well, maybe because we are from Hungary...) my kids ate hot stuff all their lives. Not to say you should feed this to your kids , if they are not used to hot things. I use it as a condiment on/with EVERYTHING! Do not like Tabasco (too acidy to my taste), but this is more...
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    The Continuing Saga of the Neighborhood Dogs

    Geeeeez Barbara, I did not mean to make you (or anybody!) to feel bad!!! And I feel what you feel! I just tried to .... oh whatever. Haven't had a paycheck since 2002 if it means anything, but I survive. Now things will change soon, my mom (83) is moving here in a few weeks from EU. Her meds are...
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    A Question of Fat

    The only thing I have to say (and I just KNOW I will be the evil here), I seriously DO NOT believe in the whole fat free etc thing. In my opinion I live only once. I will die, no matter what I do. So, as long as I live I will enjoy every food, however "bad" it might be, because what in the heck...
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    The Continuing Saga of the Neighborhood Dogs

    Well, well, can I say something. I do not know those people, but I know my situation. I don't know how else to say this, I'm dirt poor. I live with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 birds though. So here it's how it usually goes. I cook for my animals, because I do not believe in ANY commercial food (they...
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    Brilliant new TV show

    The preview here said it was a "birth control" show! Love it! Will watch for sure.
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    What to do with pulp after juicing?

    Thank you all! kitch22 yes, I got that book for my daughter. It is a great one, but for veggie and fruit pures. The basic idea is like that though. I was thinking maybe mixing into cakes, meatloaf, something like that.Just not sure how that would alter the texture, or should other ingredients...
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    What to do with pulp after juicing?

    I hope someone will help me with ideas. Just got a Cadillac of a juicer. My 83 years old mom is moving here from EU and I she will drink a lot of juice. What can I do with the pulp? Some I think can be mixed into food, but I'm not sure. It just feels like a waste to just dump it. Thanks for any...
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    Free Masons

    Gosh, it is amazing what you find on the Internet ! Spent some time yesterday looking up "stuff". You can even find the "secrets" or at least that's what some sites claim. It is very interesting.
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    Free Masons

    Thank you very much for your answer! Especially for the book, I will read it. This is all fascinating to me.
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    Free Masons

    Ok, criniit, I will ask you. Because I am totally ignorant in the subject. We, and I mean the general public here, are totally ignorant. We heard, watched stuff, we think this society is something "weird" or " no good". Have to admit, I am VERY curious myself! Ok, questions. Can you tell us...
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    What will you do for New Year's Eve? Any Resolutions?

    Michael??????????????? Good to see you here!! You poor thing you! I remember those days (even if they were only for 2 years) I'm not much better off, even if it's not food related. Should go to the theatre tomorrow evening to check on the ppl who are doing a rock and roll tribute concert (it IS...
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    Happy Christmas

    Very Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
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    What to do with lots of fresh figs?

    Hello all, someone gave me a huge amount of fresh figs from their tree. I have to do something with them fast, they don't last long on room temp. Other than fig jam any ideas? Thank you!:smile:
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    "Happy Birthday, ChefJune!"

    Happy happy birthday June!! Or "boldog szuletesnapot!! (This would be the same in Hungarian)
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    Heirloom (Holiday) Recipes to Share?

    On Christmas eve it has to be wine "soup", fried fish and poppy seed and walnut rolls.
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    TNT - Grandma's Buttered Noodles & Cheese

    If you liked this guys (yummm), next time try to crisp some bacon and mix the pasta with the bacon fat. Add a good amount of the farmers cheese , then sour cream, finally the crispy bacon bits. This is usually put into the oven to make it piping hot.
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    Favorite Turkey Brand

    Used to buy whatever was cheap at the the time. Until I tasted one I got from my friend who raises them ! Oh boy! Not only free range, she puts them on a special diet for a few weeks, corn, chestnuts (if I remember correctly) and some protein rich something that I do not remember. Well! These...
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    Build your own smoker

    What I remember from a long time ago, wet sawdust was used and the process took several days. We used to take the meat/sausages to the smokehouse, which was a small shad really.We could choose what type of wood we wanted, but if we didn't have enough stuff to fill the place, it would cost more...
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    What does Pâté de Foie Gras taste like?

    Very well said, couldn't agree more! I can only add, that for someone who never had foie before, I would probably have them taste it in their pure form first. Nothing like any other livers! I absolutely prefer goose liver, which is almost impossible to find. But duck is nice, very nice too. Pate...
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    Neufchatel Cheese

    Anything and everything that calls for cream cheese. Even cheesecake.
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    Hungarian Recipes

    Can I add my 2 cents to that? You should blanche the whole cabbage in vinegar water (since you would use whole pickled cabbage originally) The rice should be halfway cooked before you add it to the mixture. You would use pork only. Maybe even add some finely chopped bacon, if the meat is too...
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