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  1. Hopz

    Price of Lemons and Limes

    Thanks for the friendly replies... now... does anyone know why... a. There is a shortage of Lemons, or b. Why the price went up for Lemons but not Limes? I lived in Florida for 25 years and grew both in my yard. Each one behaved like the other... so I'm thinking if Lemons have gone up why...
  2. Hopz

    Pepper Problems

    Blossom End Rot is fairly common but not always easy to fix. My zucchini this year had a case but I think I have it on the run. Typically it is a byproduct of low phosphorus in your soil. There is a complicated process involved in fixing it, but the easy thing to try is adding Epsom Salts. Try...
  3. Hopz

    Price of Lemons and Limes

    Hi people, I have been away for a while, but back in the kitchen again. Good to see you. Questions... What is going on with the price of Lemons? Out here is Utah, which is not all that far from California by the way... Lemons are in the $0.79-to $0.89 range. 90 cents for a lemon... get real...
  4. Hopz

    Feta Marinade

    Looking for your favorite, tried and true Feta cheese Marinades... a little spicy is good. thanks
  5. Hopz

    ISO Braised Tri-Tip Recipe

    Hi Guys/Gals... I'm back... long time no post because I was considerably diverted, as they say, I was overtaken by events. Among my recent travels I ran across a braised tri-tip dish. I thought it was great. I have barbecued Tri-Tip frequently using a marinade and lots of garlic. It turns out...
  6. Hopz

    Tuna Steak

    I need some ideas for fantastic Tuna Steak... whats your best?
  7. Hopz

    Why is my rice always mushy?

    No peeky either.
  8. Hopz

    A flight of bourbon!

    I have enjoyed this thread and agree with all the recommendations for high end liquor. As a son of the South in general and of Tennessee in particular I enjoy sour mash whiskey as part of my heritage. I can throw-in the Evan Williams brand as a good, every-day drink... meaning not to have...
  9. Hopz

    OH - Cincinnati .. McCormick & Schmick's Seafood?

    Just to be accurate and fair... it is not really a chain. It is a corporate-owned group of restaurants. (Chain being a franchise operation, and thus independently owned) But lets not get caught up in semantics. The corporate owners go to great lengths to train their staff and to operate a fine...
  10. Hopz

    How to get Burnt Smell out of Microwave?

    Wife somehow got 20 seconds to be 20 minutes in the microwave, on a plastic tray of au gratin potatoes. Once the flames were out, and the smoke gone... we were left with a "smokey" smelling microwave. We have cleaned up the unit and all around the kitchen, but there remains a pretty powerful...
  11. Hopz

    ISO fish stock recipe

    I like a good toss of Thyme too.... You can also a cube or two of the commercial fish stock.
  12. Hopz


    My favorite is a pork dish called Carnitas... like beef pot roast, but with no veggies and lots of Cilantro. Or go for the pot roast, or Do a pork sholder- pulled pork BBQ etc.
  13. Hopz

    Eating with your Nose :(

    Sorry to barge back in, but YT there is a remedy... keep a small tin of fresh coffee grounds handy. When you sense olfactory fatuige take a deep whiff of the coffee. Perk the old nose right up. And for the poster who thinks Zicam does not impact the nose... i disagree.
  14. Hopz

    Eating with your Nose :(

    I do not want to hijack your thread but since you are on to something here, let me mention it. My son loves to cook too, but he is not active on this site. About two years ago he had a bad cold. He took Zicam to shorten his symptoms, just as advertised. He took another dose, then another. (no...
  15. Hopz

    Who Owns a Garlic Peeler?

    I have one and recommend it. I use it when I have to peel a lot of garlic. If I have to do only one or two cloves it is not worth it, and frankly it works better when there are 4-5-6 cloves in the roll any way. For me it leaves the cloves clean and skin free with just a few back and forth...
  16. Hopz

    Who is your favorite chef?

    My favorite chef is the lady I have been married to for 42 years... Other than her, I'd vote for Alton Brown, followed by Sara Molton, by the guy in Memphis at Interstate BBQ.
  17. Hopz

    Jim Beam and "Shine" (split)

    Born and raised in Tenessee, but more importantly went to college there too... so please let me introduce you to a better burbon, less costly too. Try Evan Williams, Black Label. It is a touch sweeter then Beam, and comes from the same parent company, but with a longer history and tradition...
  18. Hopz

    Super Bowl Half-Time - Your Opinion

    Would rather have seen a good college marching band...
  19. Hopz

    Cooking with Garlic question

    Just for a moment I would like to go back to the original posters question... The answer to the question of which is better... sautee the garlic in oil first, or when you add the other things... the answer for me is "yes"! You get different results with different methods. It depends on what...
  20. Hopz

    Can I be Gourmet if I do not eat ...

    I like to think of myself as a good, adventuresome, creative cook, maybe even gourmet/gourmand, at least my friends call me that. But... I do not like Offal, Sweetbreads, Haggis, Organ Meat, Game, Small birds like pigeon and quail, Sushi, Sashimi, or even Caviar... does this disqualify me a a...
  21. Hopz

    Knife Sharpening (Not Honing)

    May I suggest you use a professional service. Get the knife blade in shape and from then on use the "steel", and if really needed use the diamond or ceramic sticks. OBTW the best way to keep a knife sharp includes, at least, wipe after every use, if not clean w/ soap and water. Never put a good...
  22. Hopz

    Flavor of Trout

    Original Poster here... I live in the mountain west. Love to fly fish. Catch nice Rainbows and Browns all the time. They are certainly not endangered or threatened here at all. I am mostly catch and release, but some streams and rivers here are so productive the Dept of Natural Resources asks...
  23. Hopz

    Flavor of Trout

    I have a confession, of sorts. I have never tasted Rainbow or German Brown Trout. I would appreciate someone's attempt to profile the flavor. Since they are both salmonids I was wondering if they bear a resemblence to the Salmon we are familiar with? I realize it would be easy to just buy some...
  24. Hopz

    BBQ Sauce

    As an authentic Southerner born and raised in Memphis, amd as one who has devoted a large portion of my life exploring BBQ in all reigons, I feel qualified to help you determine if you are on the right path. Share some recipes and I will be glad to let you know.
  25. Hopz

    Mold on cheese - Do you cut it out or trash the whole thing?

    Cut it out... I am totally surprised that it took all the way to 4 pages for someone to get to the cheese cutting.
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