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  1. GrillingFool

    How do you brown potatoes?

    When browning potatoes, patience is a virtue. Definitely pat them dry, generous amount of bacon fat or oil, nice and hot. Dump the potatoes in and, as Alton Brown says, walk away. Give them time to get nice and crispy before you stir them.
  2. GrillingFool

    Getting a Salsa texture thick?

    Potato masher the tomatoes after cutting them up. Blend some of them into a puree.
  3. GrillingFool

    Giblets ... How do you do yours?

    YOu can roast them too.
  4. GrillingFool

    HELP: How to cook an artichoke from scratch!!

    I melt butter, add garlic, lemon pepper, a bit of lemon juice and more garlic for the dipping sauce. Expect 20 to 30 minutes of steaming for big ones.
  5. GrillingFool

    Kitchen cleanup etiquette Question

    If the existing agreement was that C didn't have to help keep kitchen clean, then A's response was inappropriate. That said, all three do need to sit down and hash out some new rules pronto. And cover the stove reflectors with tin foil for easy clean up.
  6. GrillingFool

    Chicken gizzards and hearts

    Fried, baby, fried! Livers get a milk bath, then are breaded and fried. Gizzards get a little simmer in garlic and poultry seasoning infused chicken broth, then they get breaded and fried too. Once they are done, I bread and fry some half inch thick pickle slices and just feel my arteries clog...
  7. GrillingFool

    Soaking potatoes

    Great information, thanks! Something I've always wondered about.
  8. GrillingFool

    Muscle Cramp Relief

    Cool! For me, a good slug of pickle juice, if I can hobble to the fridge, releases a leg cramp almost immediately.
  9. GrillingFool

    Shepard's Pie question

    Be sure to add a half teaspoon of Thyme to your Cottage or Shepherd's Pie. It's really good, plus it's one of the traditional recipe ingredients. I like the idea of a bit of horseradish in the taters!
  10. GrillingFool

    Ruffles Max Flame Grilled Steak Potato Chips Review

    I was also surprised that the things had a definite grilled steak flavor. It was very subtle, not overwhelming, which is good. Also was surprised that the flavor maintained throughout the handful of chips. I find that often the advertised flavor can be tasted for a chip or two, then they just...
  11. GrillingFool


    Johnny Quest! Sea Lab 2020!
  12. GrillingFool

    Cooking at 300°

    That's a nifty little cooking device! Here's the results for a google search on Trucker Slow Cooker Recipes, they might give you some ideas and tips...
  13. GrillingFool

    17 year cicadas, would you eat 'em?

    At the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh NC, they have an annual Bugfest. One of the attractions is a tasting buffet of a few dishes made with bugs. We used to go every year and give them a taste. The problem was that the dishes the bugs were in generally were not very tasty, just mediocre...
  14. GrillingFool

    Asian Market Faves?

    Don't forget the fresh veggies. Around here, super cheap. 99 cent a pound nappa cabbage, vs 2.88 in the supermarket. If you like cookies and such, be sure to check those out too. Noodles. Rice, wheat, bean... all cheaper. Kepac Manin... its a thick sweet soy sauce, very good. Frozen dumplings...
  15. GrillingFool

    Hey Guys- Any and all help thanks

    Here's a few things that will really help you build some cooking skills: Watch lots of How To Cook This Youtube videos. Do some searches on "basic cooking skills", follow links and search on results to read up on them. Also on cooking terms and words. It is hard to saute something if you don't...
  16. GrillingFool

    Gas grill tips?

    A side burner is lovely to use when you want to fry something and dont want your house to smell like it for the next 3 days!
  17. GrillingFool

    Selling Recipes on Marketplace

    Personally, I think that there are too many free recipes on the internet for a website like that to succeed.
  18. GrillingFool

    ISO Grill Pan Advice

    I use mine on the grill every now and then. Get it nice and hot, oil it before cooking, clean it just like a cast iron skillet.
  19. GrillingFool

    ISO a source for good Asian mustard?

    I also use the dry. I add a little rice vinegar and a bit of sesame oil when I hydrate it with water. the hotter the better!
  20. GrillingFool

    Oyster Shooters with hot Sauce Caviar

    Hoot, it is the 316 Oyster Bar, on Owen Drive. Fairly easy to get to from I-95. If you do road trip there, expect a long wait on Friday or Saturday, because every soldier on Ft Bragg seems to go out to eat on the weekends... Welcome to
  21. GrillingFool

    ISO help finding flat bed pillows

    They make non-allergenic feather pillows... look for hypoallergenic feather pillows online! Down Etc 75-Percent White Goose Feathers Hypoallergenic Standard Pillow, White: Home & Kitchen
  22. GrillingFool

    Oyster Shooters with hot Sauce Caviar

    There's a restaurant in Fayetteville NC that serves a Screaming Rooster... eat 3 and get a free T-shirt. Saltine cracker, thick layer of very hot horseradish, raw oyster, slice of jalapeno, liberal dousing of Texas Pete and lots of cracked black pepper. The worst part is the horseradish, but...
  23. GrillingFool

    ISO help finding flat bed pillows

    Get a feather pillow. Because its essentially just a bag of feathers, they compress nicely. And can be smushed around to create a really flat area on the pillow. I've been using one for years to create the same thing.. a very very thin pillow!
  24. GrillingFool

    Vegetarian alternative to fish sauce

    The most recent issue of Cook's Illustrated magazine addressed this very issue! Here is their recipe: 3 cups water 1/4 ounce dried shiitake mushrooms 3 TBSP Salt 2 TBSP Soy Sauce. Combine, simmer over medium heat until reduced by half. Strain, cool, store in fridge up to 3 weeks. Use in same...
  25. GrillingFool

    Best way to cook Gizzards?

    Give them a simmer for 20 minutes in a nicely flavored stock... My mom always used wine, water, garlic and pepper. Take them out, let them cool long enough to handle. Bread in seasoned flour, I like garlic, cayenne, onion and a bit of poultry seasoning. Fry them just long enough to crisp the...
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