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    What do you do in your kitchen?

    I just finished a job where they had a 40 grand stone pizza oven installed. Been there 5 years and never used.
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    What's on the Grill?

    It's our busy season. And I just installed dc on my new phone.
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    What's on the Grill?

    nice looking shrooms, pac ... im goijg to make some burgers and hot dogs today .. might try some beef ribs tomorrow ..
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    Dinner Friday 22nd February

    I could really go for some mexican food.. but will probably end up with grilled cheese sandwiches..
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    What's For Dinner, Wednesday 20th February?

    Hot dogs and baked beans.. now to decide if i want to grill them.. boil them.. or pan fry.. maybe a combonation of two...
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    Dinner Tuesday 19th February

    I have some inch thick pork chops grilling.. just your normal pork rub that im guessing has a fair amount of sugar in it by the way the first side looks after four mins.. also some corn and baked mashed taters..
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    Food Smells You Cannot Stand...

    Hmmm... I have nothing that comes to mind..
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    Dinner Tuesday, Feb 12!

    Pan frying some burgers.. think some baked beans to go with it..
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    What music are you listening to?

    I have bob seger on pandora rright now.. not feeling it.. maybe some mowtown next.. or elton john.. hmmm
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    Baked Potatoes with...

    normally just sour cream and cheese ... but if i have the stuff .. pulled pork, sour cream, bacon and cheese .. and maybe a smidgen of bbq sauce ..
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    Today's menu Sunday 10th February

    Ribs and some kind of sausage on the smoker.. probably some ABTs also... Some kind of potato.. and some tomatoes, cucumbers and onions marinated in olive garden italian dressing..
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    What are you doing?

    Going to clean the house.. do some organizing.. time to get ready for spring...
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    9th February, Saturday Night's Dinner

    Think i will smoke a whole chicken.. mashed taters and a veggie to go with it..
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    I think its more the dogs let me sleep wth them in the bed than the other way around...
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    What are you doing?

    Just got done with an hour long sparring/streching session with the boy... He is training with a special instructor from belgium.. who trains swat teams in hand to hand combat and small weapons ... Last year he was the only kid out of about 60 people and the instructors wife was so impressed...
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    Dinner Friday 8th February

    Burritoes.... Busy weekend ahead..
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    What are you baking today? | 2013

    That sounds great .. any recipes for that.. the pork and the muffins?
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    Tuesday, 5th February

    Going simple.. spaghetti with jarred sauce.. might bake it and use up some cheese..
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    Dinner Sunday 3rd February

    it doesnt really matter who wins to me .. i dont have a issue with ray lewis ... he gets a bit carried away at times .. but i tune out pretty easily .. or maybe im easily distracted and dont pay attention for that .. hey a squirrel ... anywho .. going to make deep dish pizza .. my way .. and...
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    Dinner Saturday 2nd February

    Baked potatoes and rib eye steaks.. maybe a salad or some kind of veggie..
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    Dinner Friday 1st February

    I made the boy a nice bone in rib eye.. he had a tough night of training for next weekend... I had a hot dog..
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    How often do you grocery shop?

    Far to often...
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    What are you doing?

    I shouldnt... The company is downsizing.. going back to covering just farms.. i work with a lot of ins. companies so it should be pretty easy..
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    Dinner Thursday 31st January

    I really need some red meat... Change of plans tuna melts instead of grilled cheese.. capers in tuna fish is amazing...wonder what took me so long to try them..
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    What are you doing?

    Looking for new homeowners ins.. just found out that we have been dropped .. 6 years.. no claims.. but they are dropping everyone who doesnt have life and auto and home.. also cant sign up now.. not real happy.. good thing i know a few people..
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