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  1. Andy R

    Good Bye My Darling

    I haven't been to DC in a while. I heard about your loss and just wanted to send my condolences. :sad:
  2. Andy R

    Facebook Like Button????

    I just wanted to chime in and explain a couple things. 1) I am sorry we didn't give you all a better heads up and explain this before it went live. It's just a beta feature we are testing to see how it works. Tech Admin (Jeff) was working on this last week and was excited to roll it out to get...
  3. Andy R

    Fried chicken

    Man, that looks delicious! One of the things I don't like about frying indoors is cleaning the mess from the grease splattering. Frying on the pit would make cleanup easier and the smell would remain outside too. Do you have any tricks or advice on how to make sure the oil is the right temp...
  4. Andy R

    WTH. Happened to the blue room?

    DollarBill, You can find more info on how to access it here:
  5. Andy R

    2012 NFL Season - Super Bowl XLVII Winner?

    Alright, there are a couple weeks before the regular NFL season kicks in. Who do you think is going to with Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans this year and why? Would anyone be interested in BBQ Central Forum Fantasy Football League?
  6. Andy R

    BBQ Music - What's your favorite?

    Long jam songs would be my flavor: Allman Brothers --> Ramblin Man Little Feat --> Dixie Chicken Willie Nelson --> Whiskey River Steve Miller --> The Joker Jack Johnson --> Better Together Jimmy Buffet --> Volcano Hank Williams Jr. --> Family Tradition Johnny Cash --> Ring of Fire By the end...
  7. Where we live...

    Where we live...

    Post pictures from around your home to let others see your perspective...
  8. Andy R

    Happy Birthday FrankZ!!!

    Sorry, I am a day late! Happy Belated Birthday Frank!
  9. Andy R

    Problems viewing threads - Error message comes up

    Sorry for the issues. This issue looks like a broken ad that is inside of Google AdSense. I think these things happen more on the weekends when they light on staff. I will let them know and they should have it pulled shortly.
  10. Andy R

    Complaint about the new ad campaigns

    GrillingFool, We should not have any floaters but they did mention running one ad per 24 hours that would be expanded when the page loads and then a few seconds later it automatically contracts. That expanded view is supposed to be just once per day. Can you take some screen shots of the ads...
  11. Andy R

    I bought a cow!

    Holy Cow! Keep us posted on how everything goes. We would love to hear about the economics, the quality, how you had it butchered, etc!
  12. Andy R

    Happy Birthday Uncle Bob

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Andy R

    Why are Taco Bells tacos so good?

    Fair enough, topic closed.
  14. Andy R

    Notice: Site Maintenance Tonight

    We will be doing some work on the servers tonight started around 9:00 pm CST (GMT -6 hours). We will be closing the site down during this work so you will see a site down message while it's going on. The downtime could up to 4-6 hours but we hope it will be much shorter. We apologize in advance...
  15. Andy R

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    I agree. I have done this and the cheese/milk coagulates. You need a binding agent (starch) for it work out well. A tiny bit of flour works nicely...
  16. Andy R

    Bah Humbug - Site Downtime

    Sorry for the downtime today. It appears we had some technical issues that caused some improper page redirecting. It was a bit harder to line up the resources to find and fix the problem as it's the Saturday before Christmas. By mid-day we had our team in place and they worked as fast as...
  17. Andy R

    DENMARK - Copenhagen ... need ideas quick!

    I was there a few years ago but did not have a big enough budget to do much fine dining. I was on the end of a 4 month backpacking trip and really craving some American food so I recall eating a fat hamburger at the Hard Rock Cafe near Tivoli. I don't have any personal recommendations for good...
  18. Andy R

    Forum from smart phone

    That is strange. FYI - I am planning to install a mobile optimized skin soon.
  19. Andy R

    Forum from smart phone

    Try setting it to v1. You can use this link: Or are you unable to see any pages at all?
  20. Andy R

    Forum from smart phone

    Are you using v1 or v2 skin?
  21. Andy R

    Strange Survey Popup from here???

    GrillingFood, that's an excellent idea and I will pass it on.
  22. Andy R

    Strange Survey Popup from here???

    I got confirmation for the ad network that the survey is a brand awareness campaign by Centrum who is sponsoring our community this month (thus all the Centrum ads). I have asked them to not show the survey request as often. If you take the survey it should go away for good.
  23. Andy R

    Strange Survey Popup from here???

    I believe this is being served from one of our ad network partners. I have emails out to them and will get back to you once I can confirm this.
  24. Andy R

    Discuss Cooking Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009

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