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    What knives are the best?

    I have Wustof knives but equally adore my $8 knife from the Asian grocery store. Just keep them sharp.
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    Re-inventing my cooking

    Thanks everyone! I'm looking into the things you all listed. Boiling water when you walk in the door is an awesome idea! So obvious but I hadn't ever thought of it. I'd love to pick up some more tips like this.
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    What do you think is the most challenging thing in cooking?

    Me too. When I'm rolling it's fine and I'll come up with fun things to do while I wait for something to heat - like make a sauce or toast this or that. But getting started is hard for me lately.
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    Re-inventing my cooking

    New member, I love discussion forums, and I hope to spend some regular time here instead of my usual spots! I'm here because I find that I'm kind of losing my verve for cooking. I've long loved cooking all kinds of cuisines and "traveling the world" through cooking and using nutrition to...
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    Will a batter stick to tofu?

    Came here to say all this! Definitely on the spices in with the cornstarch. The cornstarch taste by itself is a little off putting. You don't taste it though when you add in the spices! I picked up a $25 tofu press and it works great. No more worrying about dropping plates, lol
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