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  1. Diva Q


    looks delicious!
  2. Diva Q

    Knife for trimming spares, butts, and boning I like this boning knife and anther I got from Wittdog (sorry I can't find a picture of it)
  3. Diva Q

    Pics of new pit...

    great set up!!
  4. Diva Q

    PITMASTERS Yes or No?

    Just want to put this out there. This season of BBQ Pitmasters is doing better than last years. More people are watching. So um who do you think should be fired?????????
  5. Diva Q


    Looking forward to Oink again this year !
  6. Diva Q

    First cook on new pit....

    great looking foood!!
  7. Diva Q

    BBQ Pit Masters Season 2

    Hey all. Thanks for the nice comments. It was just so much fun to go and do this. :-)
  8. Diva Q

    Anyone got a good brownie recipe?

    My fav brownie recipe is from Ina Garten : ... index.html
  9. Diva Q

    Steak & Sweet Potato Fries

    Gorgeous!!! Wow what a feast!
  10. Diva Q

    Board dying out?

    now thats pretty funny. :lol:
  11. Diva Q

    Ferris wheel chickens

    Wow those look fantastic.
  12. Diva Q

    Breaking in the new Performer

    Looks super yummy!!
  13. Diva Q


    the poblanos need a lot more time to break them down but overall very tasty!!
  14. Diva Q

    Bubba chicken

    Great looking chicken.
  15. Diva Q

    Hey North Easterners

    Well we sure wish we could go. I am jam packed until abut October already.
  16. Diva Q

    What'chall Cookin' This Weekend 3/12/10?

    Smoking some salt (for Margaritas next week) and 1 or 2 briskets this weekend.
  17. Diva Q

    Roc City Rib Fest, May 29 – 30, 2010

    It is such an awesome event. I am really looking forward to it!
  18. Diva Q

    Griff Loaf

    WOw thats an amazing looking sammie.
  19. Diva Q

    Wintergrilling in the Netherlands

    Awesome pics. !!! What a great event. So Much fun!! Loved seeing Matthias kissing that pig. Somebody needs to put that on a shirt for him.
  20. Diva Q

    Fake pasta with smoked shrimp

    That looks delicious!!!
  21. Diva Q

    Last cook of 2009

    Great looking last cook!!
  22. Diva Q

    Happy New Years Everyone

    Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here a very Happy New Years. Heres to a wonderful 2010 full of good fortune, health and above all happiness!!!
  23. Diva Q

    I Got Out Of The Dog House!

    thats awesome.
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