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  1. Pizzaguy

    Safe long-term garlic storage

    Thanks but I mentioned that I have tried that already and am not really happy with the way it comes out.
  2. Pizzaguy

    What is your favorite alcoholic beverage to relax and unwind?

    2 fingers of Lagavulin. Rinse. Repeat.
  3. Pizzaguy

    Can I Season My Pork Prior To Cooking Sous Vide?

    Absolutely! No need to defrost, just drop the vacuum sealed bag into the drink and go make yourself one. This is the only way we do all our steaks, chops, tenderloins, pretty much everything. So convenient, and they always taste terrific! Just s&p along with your other rub or herbs, seal...
  4. Pizzaguy

    Safe long-term garlic storage

    I love garlic but we don't love peeling or preparing it. I've gone through I don't know how many 3 pound bags of Costco peeled garlic but the last 1/3 or so gets tossed every time due to age. So I've been on a quest to locate a reasonable method of storing peeled garlic safely. I've read all...
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