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    Happy Thanksgiving old friends!

    hope you have a great one
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    Pickled Sausage

    have you tried any yet?
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    ABT Chicken Sandwiches

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    Burgers and Beanie Weinies

    why english muffins instead of buns?
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    Happy Thanksgiving, old friends

    have a great one
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    What's ya'll cookin?

    Griff, I think most of the youngsters out there today haven't had homemade ice cream. It might even be better than beer. well, no, but a damn close second.
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    What's ya'll cookin?

    I'll probably just grill some chicken unless it gets too hot.
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    Shooter's Sandwich

    I do not want to make that sandwich. but I sure do want to eat it.
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    Hey Cappy...

    nah, it didnt get warm till this week. did see my neighbor getting some sun in a teeny weeny bikini...put a little get up in my getalong.
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    Liver and Onions

    beef liver, huh? ya'll must have been rich. When I was growing up in NC in the 70's, all we got was chicken livers.
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    Fried Catfish & Shrimp and Stuffed Peppers

    the force is strong in this one
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    Pork Rind Nachos

    great idea, will be trying that soon
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    NC & Texas bbQ

    gotta get a new bullet after firing that warning shot over your bow. I'm hearing there is big ammunition shortages....not good news for a deputy with so much crime to deter.
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    NC & Texas bbQ

    the basic difference is NC makes the best bbq in the world, and Texas thinks they do.
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    People of Wal-Mart

    The People of Walmart website is in an office 4 doors down from my workplace. It originated from taking pictures of people in the Walmart in Myrtle Beach. :oops:
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    Tips for grilling large number of pork chops at a party?

    Re: Grilling Large Number...need help aside from the cooking method, brining will go a looooong way towards protecting them from dryness.
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    Zesty Grilled Parmasean Crusted Mussels

    now that looks good
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    We need a REVIEW

    btw, his second location will be opening soon near Charleston SC
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    Final meals today!

    I predict a monster blowout that will result in you losing 3 or 4 pounds in less than one minute.
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    Unique burger seasonings

    some years ago I did a ton of research and experimenting on making the best burger. after all that my favorite was the Kiss burger. Keep It Simple Stupid.
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    Foodie Father-in-law impressed

    looks like a chub of bologna
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