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  1. CosyCarol1985

    Dinnertime, 30/5/23!!

    Hey guys! Since I've just been sick, I have decided to make something simple tonight! Just meatloaf, mash and veggies!
  2. CosyCarol1985

    Sausage Stew!

    Hi Linda! I actually used beef sausages and they worked just fine! Good luck!
  3. CosyCarol1985

    Sausage Stew!

    I would highly recommend Jamie Oliver's Southern Sausage Stew recipe! I just made it for dinner tonight and everyone loved it, even my fussy 5 year-old Jackson liked it! #winning! Heres the link! Let me know if you like it...
  4. CosyCarol1985

    Hi I'm Carol! ;)

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I am just loving this website! My 3 year-old Diana is very excited about what recipes I will find! She wants me to find a recipe for her sprinkle birthday cake! Does anyone have any suggestions about how many sprinkles to add into a standard vanilla cake batter? This...
  5. CosyCarol1985

    Amish dietary requirements? (carrot cake)

    Hi! I actually grew up in an Amish home. (Im not Amish anymore) Most of the food that they eat is pretty normal. I would try to not used highly processed ingredients but apart from that there are no dietry restrictions in the Amish faith. I hope this helps!
  6. CosyCarol1985

    How to clean non-enamel cast iron without using soap after greasy foods being cooked?

    Hi! I reccomend soaking it in water overnight and using an ecofriendly soap the next day, as it tends to be less powerful than normal washing-up liquid! Your Welcome! :)
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