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    ISO kitchenelf's "slices of sin" recipe

    Well, it's like this: back in 2005, my computer was highjacked by a virus riding on a worm . . . thanks to computer whiz descendants I'm in business again; of course my entire Web collection was wiped out, along with most of my recipe library. :censored: First order of said business...
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    This looks good. Thanks for posting it! One question: do you use raw or roasted peanuts?
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    Jerky Recipe

    A friend brought me some venison a couple of weeks ago. This is what I plan to do with part of it. If I can find some suet, I want to make some of the jerky into pemmican. FOOLPROOF JERKY -Jim Ramberg (Outdoor editor, Topeka Capital-Journal) Though I usually make jerky from venison, I’ve...
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    Thank you!! :D :D
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    Oh, YUM! Do you by any chance have recipes for those scrumptious-looking side dishes, too? **crossing fingers** And if so, would you PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, post them? Thanks!! :D Well, rats, I was going to post you a flower, but can't find one . . . Rudimentary Computerist, thy name is...
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    I have stopped eating pork

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I know what! Let's go find us an open-mike joint and ham it up!
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    What are your favorite cooking words?

    Fresh Organic Local Champagne Ghiardelli Icy Smoky Fizz Fragrant Herbs I'll no doubt add to my list, too. Thanks, GB - this is fun!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Has anyone made their own butter with a KA or other mixer?

    With the paddle. Use it to get the butter together into some sort of ball and then press the butter against the side of the bowl, again using the paddle. To get out even more water, break the ball into pieces and work the pieces around a bit, turning them over etc., then re-form the ball and...
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    Flourless Chocolate Cake

    Also, do not miss kitchenelf's Slices of Sin (posted a year or so ago; find it through the search function on our site)! It is exactly what its name says. I make it with the Ghiardelli Double Chocolate Chocolate Chunks and extra-strong coffee. Oh, my . . . !!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Baking with soy flour

    I've used soy flour for years, but never as the only flour in a recipe. I usually replace about 1/4 cup of wheat flour with 1/4 cup of soy flour. Also, 1 heaping tablespoon of soy flour will replace 1 egg in any baking recipe (well, almost any recipe--don't think it would work w/angel food...
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    Flaming a mold?

    According to "lebelage" on the Chef2Chef forum, flaming a mold means "to temper by heating with a thin coat of neutral oil at low heat, wiping and repeating until seasoned." Guess if we just think "cast iron skillet" we're in business! :D
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    Evaporated milk?

    Um, would you all mind posting the size can of the evaporated milk? The large can is now 12 ounces, but it started out at 16 ounces, shrinking an ounce or two at a time over a period of years, no doubt "so we don't have to raise the price" (!@#?!@ :evil: !!). Small can started out at 8 oz, is...
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    What to make with these left over cheeses???

    I've kept fresh Parmesan chunks practically forever in the fridge, first wrapping them tightly in Saran. Just take out the chunk, grate off what you need, re-wrap in fresh Saran, return to fridge. Seem to remember keeping Gorgonzola the same way. Goat cheese I don't know about, but I'll bet...
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    Has anyone made their own butter with a KA or other mixer?

    We (actually, my mom 97% of the time!) made our own butter when I was a kid. For a while we had a paddle churn; don't know what became of it, but by the time I was in high school we had "graduated" to a Sunbeam Mixmaster. It worked great as long as we remembered to cover the bowl with a piece...
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    I have stopped eating pork

    OWW, your poor cousin! Right you are about farmers not having it easy. But there's just something about it . . . and you're right, what you describe is the way everybody should eat--would that we could all be that fortunate! Not that we couldn't come a whole lot closer if we all put our...
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    I have stopped eating pork

    Wow, I never thought about that! It would take some heavy research to find that kind of job here in the middle of Nowhere that Thinks It's THE Where, but what an intriguing idea!! :D :D
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    I have stopped eating pork

    Chops, steaks, roasts, all cooked plain - chops and steaks simply laid in an ungreased cast iron frying pan and browned on both sides, slowly enough that the meat is cooked through by the time the second side is browned, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Roasts baked plain in a 325F oven...
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    Does anybody make cheese?

    Here are some of the cheese recipes I've found. There are many more plus a rather daunting tutorial, which I'll be glad to post if anybody would like them. Queso Blanco Recipe ... This is by far the easiest cheese to make. Called Queso Blanco in the Spanish speaking (it means "white...
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    Does anybody make cheese?

    Would anybody be interested in doing a group cheese making? We could pick a date or dates and all go at it at once. If the cheese doesn't come out right, we'll still have our war stories . . . I have I think three recipes that look pretty straightforward and easy. I'll post them if anybody's...
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    Improvising Bday Lunch, Need Recipe for Cold Lemon Souffle

    Congratulations yourself! I'm sure you deserve a lot more credit than I do, because I've been at this for something like ten years. At this rate, by the time I'm skinny enough to wear a swimsuit, I probablywon't be able to figure out which way it goes. :roll: Thanks again for the recipe -...
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    I have stopped eating pork

    It is hard to believe, Rainee, but it's true, cross my heart. Whatever is absorbed through the skin is circulated throughout the body and processed by the body, doesn't matter where that body happens to be on the food chain . . . this can be a very good thing at times; for example, medication...
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    I have stopped eating pork

    Of course there's no manure present during the butchering and hanging! That is not what I am talking about at all. Noxious--and beneficial--substances can be and are absorbed through the skin and then transported throughout the body--as witness the many medications for us humans in the form of...
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    I have stopped eating pork

    Lifter: Guess I didn't make myself very clear - I'm talking about fresh pork. I can't eat ham because of all the salt. Though if I ever get my mitts on a decent hunk of pork shoulder, I'll have a go at curing it. Andy: It isn't a smell, it's a very faint aftertaste, and I think is caused by...
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    This looks wonderful, Ishbel! I'd love to make it, but unfortunately finnan haddie is not available here in the middle of Nowhere That Thinks It's THE Where. Is there any sort of feasible substitute? There are 1.5 oz tins of smoked haddock @$1.15 on the supermarket fish shelves, but I don't...
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