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  1. amber

    Dinner Friday Sept. 26

    Think I'll do a pork tenderloin with a fresh orange and cranberry glaze. Not sure about sides yet.
  2. amber

    What's for dinner Tues. Sept. 23, 2008?

    Tonight is ziti and meatballs with garlic bread. I need something hearty on these cool evenings.
  3. amber

    What's for Dinner, Wed. September 17, 2008?

    Steak and something else with it lol...been in the garden all day an I am beat.
  4. amber

    Dinner, Friday September 12, 2008

    I made home-made pizza. Waiting for it to cool off. Toppings are fresh garden tomatoes, fried eggplant, and fresh baby spinach and plenty of mozzarella.
  5. amber

    Dinner - Thursday, September 11, 2008?

    I had soft tacos (whatever you call them, maybe fajita's?) chicken, red peppers, onions, salsa, cheddar, tomatoes. It Was yummy and now I'm stuffed.
  6. amber

    What's for Dinner, Tuesday, September 9, 2008?

    Tomato sauce is simmering right now, so dinner will be penne pasta with meatballs, and garlic bread. Good day for it, it's raining here.
  7. amber

    What's for Dinner, Sunday September 7

    Meatloaf for me, mashed potatoes, gravy, and either broccoli or asparagus.
  8. amber

    Refresh My Memory ~ Cooking with Gas

    You have the benefits, but one drawback I found was when I wanted to simmer things, sauce for example, the flame was not low enough, it would still boil. Someone on here gave me a suggestion to tame the flame, I believe it's called a flame tamer oddly enough lol, and cost about $2, works like a...
  9. amber

    Saturday dinner, 30 August....What's cooking?

    Off to work soon and was looking for some dinner ideas. Pasta sounds good to me too Vera.
  10. amber

    Dinner Aug. 22-08

    I have no idea. Everything is frozen, so my choices are chicken breasts or pork, some fresh veggies. Or, maybe take out!
  11. amber

    What's for Dinner, Wednesday, August 13, 2008?

    I don't know. I was suppose to have a date tonight and he canceled. Guess I'm having humble pie :( I'll cook something after I'm done fuming lol
  12. amber

    Dinner for Tuesday, August 12th

    Apricot chicken, leftover new red potatoes, and summer squash from my garden. Maybe one day if the sun comes out I'll have a crop of ripe tomatoes!
  13. amber

    Dinner for Monday August 11th

    Nothing special here, just pork chops, boiled new red potatoes, and corn on the cob. A bourbon sounds good UB, though I've never had it lol, but could definitely use one about now.
  14. amber

    Dinner, Saturday August 9th, 2008

    I'm going to Joe's house for dinner :chef:
  15. amber

    Dinner, Friday August 1st

    Dinner will be whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce (red sauce), and a garden salad.
  16. amber

    Pot luck

    That potato salad sounds great, I'm trying that. How about a pot of chili? There is also Italian macaroni salad. Whatever quantity of ingredients you want but the ingredients are elbows provolone cheese, sliced thin and cut up pepperoni, sliced thin sliced black olives roma tomatoes...
  17. amber

    Dinner, Thursday July 31st

    I'm going out on a dinner date tonight, so I'm not quite sure what I will be having, but probably seafood.
  18. amber

    <My Grandfather Passed Away

    I'm so sorry Luvs. Eventually you'll be able to think about the happy times. That will heal you. My condolences to you and your family. Take care sweetie.
  19. amber

    Pick a card...

    Darn, I have to download plugins to check it out and I'm not doing that, I'm on dial up now grrrrrrrrr.
  20. amber

    Dinner Sunday July 27

    I'm surprised no one started this thread yet. Tonight it's either going to be pot roast and roasted veggies, or Shrimp with veggies and spaghetti. So what's on your dinner plate this evening?
  21. amber

    Dinner Tues, July 22nd

    Yum, pasta putanesca sounds delicious, I've never had it. I picked up some sea bass, new red potatoes, and asparagus so thats what I'm having.
  22. amber

    Whatcha eatin', Saturday, July 19th, 2008?

    :lol:249 degrees, thats funny. I know how you feel! No idea what's for dinner yet :ohmy:
  23. amber

    Dinner, Friday July 18

    Think I'll make goulash tonight. What's on your menu?
  24. amber

    DirecTV Boycott!

    I'm with you! I hate Directv!!
  25. amber

    What's for dinner Tuesday July 15?

    Think I'll do something with shrimp and spaghetti.
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