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  1. Smokey_Joe


    Inch and a half stainless rod
  2. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with ideas on smoker trailer problems

    That pin should hammer up from the bottom to a point where it sticks out the top of the spring pack. Your shackles are already pretty long as is.. I personally would not go the route of longer shackles then what you already have. I tried that once on a trailer.... While turning a corner with...
  3. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with ideas on smoker trailer problems

    Put your axle under you springs and your shackle plate on the top... It is commonly done and called a "spring over" If you are looking for even more height, you could flip your axle completely over also. The spring over will get you approximately 4 inches in height gain The spring over and axle...
  4. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with Grill for my comp rig

    The only good way to cover the top seam is a whole new doors cut larger then the openings
  5. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with Grill for my comp rig

    With no over-lap or bracing on those door seams, me thinks that thing is going to leak smoke and heat like a submarine with screen doors, not to mention most likely warp the doors and edges.
  6. Smokey_Joe

    Southern smothered pork chops collard n mashed tators w corn

    That's SUM FINE boy.... SUMMMM FINEEEEE Shhhhhhh..... quiet while I close my eyes and imagine me eatin them collards and soppin some juice with my cornbread.... mmmmMMMMMMMM :mrgreen: :tonqe:
  7. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with Grill for my comp rig

    It is a hoot to watch this thread... you keep asking questions for peoples advice, ... Ole Bigwheel is kind enough to give out some killer ideas (especially the side opening doors) and yet it seems you have the work you ask about completed a different way almost before you ask. I think that...
  8. Smokey_Joe

    You talkin to me ??

    CROSS-EYED at that age... Yikes!... I sure hope that was photoshop!
  9. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with Grill for my comp rig

    I do not understand why the two rear legs are in completely different locations from each each end? I wouldn't want to clean ashes from that either... I guess I would cut a door on the end that lifts up and then make myself a curved scraper to match the shape of bottom. Either way... that...
  10. Smokey_Joe

    Happy fat Tuesday!

    I'll take a few with a tall glass of ice cold milk please!
  11. Smokey_Joe

    Happy Birthday Cappy

    Huh?...Cappy invented Sundays too!?! Happy Birthday ya crusty old codger! :partyman: :supz:
  12. Smokey_Joe

    Lend a hand

    Blah... I ain't one of those uptight internet junkies :roll: Thread-jacking to me is only a term some lonely computer nerd arrived at when someone stole his "internet thunder" somewhere. Future reference... anyone can do what they want in any of my threads/posts.... life is too short to take...
  13. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with Grill for my comp rig

    I would go with at least 3 inch pipe, possibly as big as 6 inch. At least 1/3 larger then whatever you have for available air inlet. Either way you should incorporate a way to be able to regulate/adjust the flow. Be sure to put exhaust on opposite end of firebox, or in center if building it...
  14. Smokey_Joe

    Lend a hand

    Excellent!.... The quality of work on yours has mine beat hands down! :prayer: hahaha... hands down.... I made a funny :roll:
  15. Smokey_Joe

    Who Dat Dog!!!

    What are they yelling?
  16. Smokey_Joe

    Lend a hand

    Wife asked me to lend a hand and make supper tonight I was too lazy to go cook outside in the snow so I made a trusty old meatloaf and did EXACTLY what she asked me to do... I lent a hand :mrgreen: :lol:
  17. Smokey_Joe

    Need help with Grill for my comp rig

    "Outwards"... as in oven door style on a regular kitchen stove?
  18. Smokey_Joe

    Primer from old paint on my build?

    A good thick heavy coat of this... ... Id=1276736 will get it off also if you do not have access to a sandblaster. I myself own a blaster and prefer sandblasting, but I have used Zip Strip before and it works very well.
  19. Smokey_Joe

    Collard Greens w Ham Hock

    A few good sized scoops of bacon grease is a must have also.... 1lb. of greens is only gonna piss your taste buds off
  20. Smokey_Joe

    Christmas Prime Rib

    Fine lookin' chunk-o-beef GH!
  21. Smokey_Joe

    Larry's gumbo..

    Ate 30 minutes ago and hungry again just looking at the pics Looked delicious!!!
  22. Smokey_Joe

    Christmas Day Pork Shoulder and Most Excellent Prime Rib

    Thanks all for the kind words... Took the pork to 195. Was scared it was going to be dry, but it was actually very tender and fairly moist. My Paw-in-Law was over for dinner and he's a major stickler about his Pork being WELL done hence the reason for the 195. I did shred some left over today...
  23. Smokey_Joe

    A new addition to my family

    Petco sells them pee pads if you look to try them out... maybe he did something wrong using them.... I guess they have some natural scent on them that encourages the puppy to use them or something? Forgot to ask.... what kind of puppy? Looks a lot like a Golden Retriever? Larry... you say...
  24. Smokey_Joe

    Christmas Day Pork Shoulder and Most Excellent Prime Rib

    Sorry for the late pictures Christmas Day I did a fresh Pork Shoulder (5.6 lbs.) and a Prime Rib Roast (6.7lbs.) They seemed almost the same size, but the beef was heavier.... Pork going on.... A couple hours later... The Beef going on... Pork done Prime Rib Done A little of...
  25. Smokey_Joe

    Wolfe's Christmas Rib Roast

    Looks delicious! Cooked to perfection Which came first... the chicken, the egg, the Finney, the Rempe or the Wolfe?
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