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  1. babetoo

    Going MIA

    thank you all for the kind messages. i will try to pop in, now and again.
  2. babetoo

    Going MIA

    bet you guys thought i was dead. nope, just many medical problems.seizures seem to be cause of falling. then came all the meds. and their side effects. some were really awful. my son has had some problems, bells palsy. still not recovered. then they thought a blockage in artery. thank goodness...
  3. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    waiting for cleaning lady. she is late. i am afraid she may not work out. though she came high praise.
  4. babetoo

    What is your weather like right now?

    a little sun for a change, overcast in a.m.
  5. babetoo

    Dinner Monday 28th January

    i have some wonderful left overs from round table pizza. wings, potato skins with bacon , garlic twists. and of course the pizza with white sauce with chicken
  6. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    knitting on gift for grand daughter. sure would like to finish it. waiting for small grocery order. nothing exciting at all.
  7. babetoo

    What is your weather like right now?

    still low temps. did see sun. supposed to go up to 70 the rest of the week.
  8. babetoo

    What Else Are You Making?

    not really making any thing. just getting supplies together so i can paint a book case. then some of teddie collection will have a new colorful home. covering a bench cushion soon. i made a bad choice and just need to cover it up
  9. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    starting to get ready for bed and reading. mostly today, i just enjoyed my clean house. got laundry caught up so felt very unencumbered by guilt over chores. carpet cleaning next thurs. night all!!
  10. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    waiting for cleaning people to finish up. then think i will have a cocktail and see what nancy is babbling about tonight
  11. babetoo

    Dinner Friday 11th January

    not a clue but will involve a spinach salad with heated dressing. i have left over pork ribs. but the two times i have eaten it and acid reflux really bad.
  12. babetoo

    What is your weather like right now?

    sunny and chilly
  13. babetoo

    Dinner Thursday 10th January

    an oriental salad with some shredded pork on top. need fast and quick. all this dr. stuff has worn me out.
  14. babetoo

    A Dog's Purpose from a 6-year-old

    wonderful wonderful! the falling down part is certainly where i am in my life.
  15. babetoo

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    worth more dead--------------ann rule
  16. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    getting ready to go once again to dr. removal of the 24 hour ekg.
  17. babetoo

    What is your weather like right now?

    cold and rainy, yep even in so,. calif.
  18. babetoo

    Mom's gone

    add me to the list. hard to handle, even if she was an elder. think of the many good memories. that helped me when mom and then my dad died.
  19. babetoo

    Today's Funny

    oh my gosh that is funny. i can certainly relate. good one tax lady.
  20. babetoo

    Petty Vents

    went to dr. today to have 24 hour ekg hooked up. i was about 15 min. early. however the patient before me was late. so i had to wait because she was tardy. grrrrrrrrr
  21. babetoo

    Today's Funny

    now you can tell us how it works, please!
  22. babetoo

    Dinner Tuesday 8th January

    country pork ribs in crockpot. asparagus and an oriental salad.
  23. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    doing wash, ready to bake something for my driver . got way laid going through recipes. got cleaning ladies lined up. made more drs. appointments.taking a coffee break for slight head ache .
  24. babetoo

    Dinner Sunday 6th January

    it is cold rainy night. actually had some hail. so tomato basil bisque. a grilled cheese using provolon cheese. gosh, i am a lousy speller.
  25. babetoo

    What are you doing?

    been trying to find a cleaning lady for every other week. my dear daughter offered to pay for it. hard to find someone honest . i don't speak spanish and a large number of cleaners in this area don't speak english. wish me luck.
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