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  1. Nick Prochilo

    Cobb Grilling

    I'd eat that!
  2. Nick Prochilo

    Any of the old guys still left out there?

    Greg & Larry were best buddies until Greg sold!
  3. Nick Prochilo

    Grill lights

    On my Weber gas grill, it had lights on the handle but I melted them. Then I bought one that clamps to the counter, it sucks. I found a small flashlight that I sometimes have to hold in my mouth works great.
  4. Nick Prochilo

    Fried Chicken Thighs

    I'd eat that!
  5. Nick Prochilo

    Pork loin Done Two Ways

    That don't suck!
  6. Nick Prochilo

    Pretzel Dogs and Sausages

    I'd eat that!
  7. Nick Prochilo

    Big Party with food.

    Thanks for the invite! :(
  8. Nick Prochilo

    1,000 Post's

    I'm still around, though not as much. I had a pretty rough winter with both my in-laws passing within 2 weeks of each other. Lots of pieces to pick up and sort out.
  9. Nick Prochilo

    Chicken Thighs, Red Beans and Rice

    Way to kick it off!
  10. Nick Prochilo

    Dr. Dr. gimme the news!

    That's good news Max! Keep up the good work!
  11. Nick Prochilo

    Cover for my Outdoor Kitchen

    Looks great! I'm thinking of just a slatted roof over mine.
  12. Nick Prochilo

    New food truck (and first thread here of the New Year?)

    Very Cool! Best of luck!
  13. Nick Prochilo

    Hanging Ribs

    I'd eat that!
  14. Nick Prochilo

    Fight the Fire or Set it and Forget It?

    I knock down the same drinks, probably more, but I still set it and forget it!
  15. Nick Prochilo

    Chicken Mole

    I'd eat that!
  16. Nick Prochilo

    Cold Smoking, Burgers and a New Camera

    What Griff said!
  17. Nick Prochilo

    Early bird

    Nice looking bird!
  18. Nick Prochilo

    Biscuits & Gravy Sandwiches. Bam!

    Now that don't suck!
  19. Nick Prochilo

    Ribs, salmon, and chili

    That last picture is the best!
  20. Nick Prochilo

    Smoked Picnics

    Nice job Toby!
  21. Nick Prochilo

    Happy Birthday Bigwheel

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
  22. Nick Prochilo

    I Love Brisket!

    I'd eat that!
  23. Nick Prochilo

    Herky Jerky

    Griff, do you need my address ?
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