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  1. Kayelle

    Oh, Boy! Monday Again! What's on the Table 7/5?

    Great pictures folks...sorry I don't have any but dinner was sure good. I made some changes to a One Pan Enchilada Bake recipe and it's sure a keeper. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to share. Damn favorite site.
  2. Kayelle

    Happy Birthday Just Cooking!

    What a great day for a birthday!! May your wishes come true Ross!!
  3. Kayelle

    Oven Shrimp...easy and delicious

    Interesting, and I just had to check. I don't want to do without Panko however, so I'll just continue to throw caution to the wind and live dangerously. :wink::lol:
  4. Kayelle

    New clothes?

    Kenny, I know that some people wash new clothes before wearing, but I don't and never have. Well, I take that back, I washed all the new clothes of my new born babies because I liked the baby fresh scent of Dreft detergent I always used for their baby clothes. Soaking new clothes only...
  5. Kayelle

    The "what are you listening to now" thread

    Zac Brown's Band has a new song I saw performed on the Today Show this morning. What a great post pandemic song of inspiration. LOVE IT.
  6. Kayelle

    My New Italian Mentor and Adopted Nonna

    I'm even lazier than you, because I do the no stir polenta in the oven. Never fails. Loved her, and the video!
  7. Kayelle

    Oven Shrimp...easy and delicious

    Hi there Bitser and welcome to D.C. Happy to meet you. I like your coconut idea, and I'll give it a try. I also served mine with a rice combo I get from Trader that stuff. That fruit salad looks great!!
  8. Kayelle

    Oven Shrimp...easy and delicious

    I made up this recipe several days ago, and didn't have a change to talk about it then. This will be a real keeper for us, so thought I'd share with you.:chef: Garlic Parmesan Shrimp (Serves two with leftovers) 1 pound large raw shrimp, peeled and deveined 1 tsp. baking soda 1 egg...
  9. Kayelle

    How Many Mix Spices?

    I have made my own combo mixes, but to be honest, I've been enjoying the combo mixes from Penzeys, and other spice houses. They seem to be experts at the art of mixing spices, so it's a great shortcut for me. Some combo mixed spices I really enjoy are: Arizona Dreaming...Penzey's Taco...
  10. Kayelle

    Happy Birthday Silversage!

    :flowers::sorcerer:Happy Birthday SS !! I can't wait for you to serve us your cake! Have a great year and celebrate. :chef:
  11. Kayelle

    Happy Birthday Cooking Goddess!

    Dear CG....:flowers::wub::heart:
  12. Kayelle

    We Finally Had To Bite the Bullet...

    I'm getting as bad as SC, with everything reminding me of a joke. :rolleyes: This dude thinks his wife is going deaf so he decides to test her. He comes in the front door, and says "honey, what's for dinner?" No response, so he goes to another room and asks again "what's for dinner?" Still no...
  13. Kayelle

    We Finally Had To Bite the Bullet...

    Andy, I'm so glad to hear about your new HA's for both of you. They sound like top of the line, and you deserve no less. Souschef bit the bullet a few years ago and both of us are so happy he did. He calls me Lassie, my hearing is so good, and it annoys him to no end. I'll get a look of alert...
  14. Kayelle

    Petty Vents

    [/B] The ultimate goal is "to feel good inside". Now that's great medicine to be sure. :wub:
  15. Kayelle

    Petty Vents

    :lol::rofl: "well maintained." If nothing else, we are that. :wacko::huh: We have had the same GP Dr. since 2009. He and his staff of three know us both very well, and we're never asked to come early. He has a single practice so there's never anyone else there in the small office. We always...
  16. Kayelle

    ISO gasless broccoli...

    Sincere thanks to {{all of you}} for all the interesting advice! :chef: Like many people, I have my share of digestive problems. After all is said and done, poop happens except when it doesn't, and it's impossible to make my daily deposits to the Bank of Porcelain. :blink:
  17. Kayelle

    Saturday's Kitchen 5/22

    We had Costco roasted chicken and a loaded green salad. :yum:
  18. Kayelle

    Hello from South Texas

    Your pickles are hollow? Did you find the answer here? Inquiring minds need to know! Welcome to the DC kitchen, by the way.:chef:
  19. Kayelle

    Going MIA

    You guys are just the best. :angel::blush::flowers: We've really missed all of you too. The pandemic along with the USA problems really knocked me out of the emotional ball park with clinical depression/anxiety. My Dr. changed my meds and now I'm good to go, or at least, lots better...
  20. Kayelle

    Official Dinner Thread for Wednesday the 19th ©

    Hope you're feeling better today:flowers: Taxi..
  21. Kayelle

    ISO gasless broccoli...

    dragan, his rolling method looks easier to me...? :cool: GG, whoops, kambu..thanks. However the second video calls it "Easy Pork Konbumaki"........hmmm, beats me. I can't spell English either..:smartass:
  22. Kayelle

    ISO gasless broccoli...

    Thanks so much for this post and by the way, it's good to meet you.:chef: The word "konbu" was new to me, and here I am in the wee hours of the morning lost in a konbu rabbit hole. I sure know more than I did, and I'll try it when cooking broccoli next time. I was turned on to a chef in Hawaii...
  23. Kayelle

    Happy Birthday Katie H

    Oh I just love that Katie..that's sure the truth of the matter. :rofl: Here's a toast to many more Happy Birthdays for you. :flowers:
  24. Kayelle

    Official Dinner Thread for Wednesday the 19th ©

    Med, please tell more about that chicken! It turned into a busy day, so we ordered take-out from Hozy's... and shared. Delicious, food as always. Seared Wasabi nut crusted Ahi Big Eye Tuna, with Jasmine rice and mushrooms with red onions. and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Thin, boneless chicken...
  25. Kayelle

    ISO gasless broccoli...

    We really like crisp tender steamed broccoli, and always have. However, lately I have had extreme "flufferdoodles" and head for the door. :blush::w00t2: I've been steaming broccolini without any problems, but I miss plain 'ole broccoli. Broccolini is actually a cross-breed of broccoli and...
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