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    Hello, from deep South Texas

    Okay, I guess I should actually share something. I recently cooked a 6 lb chuck coast what I call hot smoked, or cooked on an electric smoker at 275 degrees for about 4 hours. It was a simple cook. I just applied an even coating of kosher salt and coarse black pepper to the roast. I put it on...
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    Hello, from deep South Texas

    I have not. But, I will do some research on it now. Thank you.
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    Has anyone ever made their own hot sauce??

    I applaud you for giving it a shot. I, like you had the hot sauce bug a bit. But, I have finally decided that it was a lot of work for what I was getting. I pretty much have a few favorite store bought one’s I use now. Today, I mostly use hot sauce as an add in for making barbecue sauce, spicy...
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    Hello, from deep South Texas

    We come up your way a lot. Our grandson and kids live up in Plano and McKinney
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    Hello, from deep South Texas

    Yea, I know what you mean. I still have fairly big pellet grill that I use. I have really been thinking about getting a Weber kettle and doing some charcoal grilling again. I am still at the researching stage. Even they are a bit pricey. Really, I don’t need one, I just kind of have my “I want...
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    Regional Sauces

    I think most people prefer the ketchup based, because they mostly grew up eating the standard over sweet ketchup sauces bought at the supermarket. I have noticed that when it comes to the food people like, it largely comes down to what they grew up with.
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    Hello, from deep South Texas

    Hey, I’m Ken. Thanks for allowing me to be here. I am a longtime home cook and “bbq” home cook. Really, looking into methods to cook “hot and fast”. I just don’t have the time or need to cook very large pieces of meat like a whole packer brisket anymore. Also trying to cut down salt and sugar so...
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    Great Wing Sauce

    Okay, I love sweet sometimes too. But, I always wonder when someone lists “low sugar” ingredients and then dumps a bunch of sugar in anyway. I just don’t get it. What am I missing?
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    Need a Caribbean Jerk Rub

    Seems like good advice to me. I am new to making rubs, but if you pay attention to most of the recipes out there they tend to follow this. But, people try to over complicate them with long ingredient lists and altering too many amounts for different things. Almost all rubs use the same spices...
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