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    Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

    I freeze mine in small plastic tubs, but I like the ice-cube tray idea better! I also freeze leftover roasted bell peppers, as I never seem to need a whole jar of those either! Paint.
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    Are you a Bowl Freak?

    Hmmm - I've recently been attracted to buying quite a few hand painted ceramic serving bowls, but I don't have many mixing bowls - I generally use the 2 that came with my stand mixer, plus I have a huge cheap plastic (pink!) bowl that I use for a garbage bowl (Rachael Ray's idea) when I'm...
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    Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals...

    Hi Callie - I haven't posted for a loooooong time, but I finally graduated from nursing school in May and am taking the Summer off to have fun :) Paint.
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    Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals...

    I got this book about 6 weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it. Rachael gives you a whole shopping list of things you should keep in stock (and of course, I went out and bought EVERYTHING on the list, even clams, which I know I won't use as DH hates them - but maybe when he's away on business?)...
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    Cast Iron vs Stainless Steel dutch oven

    The cast-iron will be a wonderful investment - it will last several lifetimes, looks absolutely beautiful 'on the table' if you serve family-style and YES it will cook far, far better than your disc-bottom stainless. More tender, more moist, less burning on the bottom, more flavour.... Before...
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    Crockpot VS Pressure cooker

    I too have 2 pressure cookers and 2 crockpots. I prefer using the pressure cooker for chicken dishes and low-fat cuts of meat, as it retains its moistness in a pressure cooker, whereas slow-cooking (especially of skinless, boneless chicken breast meat) tends to dry out the meat a lot. It's...
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    What's for dinner, Wed. January 4?

    Chilli tonight - at hubby's request :) Paint
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    I'm back home again :)

    Hi everyone! We arrived back from our 3 weeks of vacation in England at 2am this morning. It was wonderful to be able to see all our relatives again - my little niece has grown so much!! LOL! It's also good to be back in my own kitchen again - I had taken a couple of my favourite recipe...
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    212 Stainless Steel 13-Pc Cookware Set??

    I did keep all my non-stick cookware though - I prefer non-stick pans for pancakes & eggs, and now I have a good choice between various types of cookware for whatever I'm cooking :) Paint.
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    ISO mince pies (British)

    :lol::rofl::lol: I guess you are right Ishbel :rofl: Paint.
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    Help with 'traditional' Thanksgiving Dinner items..

    I love Pecan pie - so that will definately be for dessert this year :) The only type of squash I've ever cooked as a side has been courgettes (green squash) sliced and either roasted or sauteed, so ideas for more squash/pumpkin (I've never cooked pumpkin) would be good. I just thought of...
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    Help with 'traditional' Thanksgiving Dinner items..

    Since moving over to the USA from England, we have celebrated Thanksgiving every year with a special meal...but our Thanksgiving Dinner has been more like a traditional English Christmas Dinner (Turkey, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, bacon-wrapped sausages, peas, brussel sprouts, carrots...
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    What is your favorite stuffing or dressing?

    'paxo' Sage and Onion stuffing (a British tradition). Bread sauce (thick white sauce made from bread, milk, onions, S&P then blended smooth - another British tradition). Small sausages made with pork & sage sausagemeat and wrapped in bacon before baking. Hubby likes mint sauce with turkey...
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    What wine to serve for Thanksgiving?

    Just the thread I needed! DH is the wine buff of the family - I'm strictly a cheapo boxed Sangria sort of person (much to DH's disgust - but good wine always gives me a hangover). Anyway, he's in Spain on business at the moment, and won't arrive home until late Wednesday night - so I guess...
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    ISO mince pies (British)

    :rofl: I am feeling very amused that this got put in the 'Ethnic Foods' section.....sorry, I have a weird sense of humour :mrgreen: Paint.
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    What will you do with your leftover turkey?

    Turkey sandwiches with crusty white farmhouse bread. I like mine with English stuffing and cranberry sauce, dh likes his with HP sauce on. After all the sandwiches, there's never a lot left to make much else with...but sometimes I will do a turkey stew. Paint.
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    212 Stainless Steel 13-Pc Cookware Set??

    That's funny - because I just went back to stainless steel because it was easier to clean than my non-stick - I can put my SS in the dishwasher, whereas non-stick you have to wash by hand. I still prefer either a seasoned cast iron or Calphalon One for frying/sauteeing/searing things in though...
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    How Do You Clean Your Oven Racks?

    I have a self-cleaning oven, and have only once used the self-clean feature in the past 6 years. The fumes were so awful that I never bothered using it again. Instead, I have a $1200 vapour steam cleaner that blasts it clean without having to use any nasty's still hard work, but...
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    Local Food Traditions, History and Myths...

    'Hock n Dough' is a traditional Northamptonshire dish that my Mum used to make back in England, You basically put the 'hock' (traditionally pig hock, but my Mum used pork chops) in a large roasting pan, you then put small peeled and halved potatoes around the meat, then you get strips of...
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    ISO mince pies (British)

    Vegetable shortening is usually used instead of suet over here - but it just doesn't give that ultra-light, fluffy, holey effect that we are used to with suet ('dumplings' over here are much smaller and more solid texture). You can buy a solid lump of beef suet at the butchers, then grate it...
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    ISO mince pies (British)

    Yes - you might try your local British store for jars of English mincemeat - but I have to say that even the imported stuff isn't as good as I used to get back home...they seem to have taken the suet out of it (FDA again, scared to death of Mad Cow Disease LOL!), and there often isn't any...
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    Tivoli pro-clad cookware

    Hmmm, exam tomorrow, clinicals on Tues and Weds....may get a chance to try them out on Thursday :mrgreen: LOL! I can't wait for nursing school to be over so I can COOK again!! Paint.
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    ISO mince pies (British)

    Well, first you need to make your mincemeat NOW, so that it has time to mature. American mincemeat is really horrible (sorry, but it is), but luckily, really good home-made mincemeat is very easy to make (no cooking involved): In a large, covered pot (a stockpot would be great), Mix together...
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    Tivoli pro-clad cookware

    I decided to buy some (more!) new cookware yesterday...I have loads of saute pans/frying pans of various makes and types (Lodge, Le Creuset, Calphalon One, Calphalon Commercial non-stick and Calphalon tri-ply stainless), but my set of saucepans was limited to just one type - Circulon non-stick...
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    Finesse Enameled Cast Iron?

    As far as I can tell from research on the net, Finesse is porcelain coated cast iron, which was manufactured by the General Housewares Corporation. I think this company went bankrupt and was bought by World Kitchen in 1999, (which makes Pyrex, Corningware, Revere, Corelle, Ekco and Magnalite)...
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